Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Heh so i've kinda taken up cooking and baking.

Cooking etc is actually quite enjoyable. And when you make your own food, the result is usually a lot healthier than something you pick up at a fast-food place, or something frozen.

Anyways, this ain't very healthy lol, but i made scones yesterday, and today. Yes, you heard me, SCONES!!!

They're yummy though. :)

Unfortunately cos i'm obsessive compulsive, i had to go through half a box of tissues wiping everything as i made them. :(

And my least favourite bit is when you have to rub the butter into the flour. I can't stand the feeling of anything under my fingernails. *spine chills*

Still fun though, and yummy. Anyone wanna share with me? :D

butt-scone lol

Moving on. :)

Bob finally started a blog. You all know who Bob is don't you?

He comments on pretty much everyone's blogs as cvn70. Me and him go way back i guess. Known each other for months and talk on msn and everything.

Anyways, he's really nice and always willing to help, and he has time for everyone. Go have a look and show him some love. He just made his first post.

Okay, that's it. :)



Aek said...

Omg, I <3 scones!! I want some (though I'll settle for the recipe)!

I must say though, the scones in your pics look more like biscuits. But I'm sure they're still delicious! :P

Kevin Wilson said...

I made scones a few weeks back just to see if I could do it from scratch rather than out of a packet - didn't turn out like yours though but I ate 'em anyways.

I prefer them with raisins or mixed fruit.

S said...

Yum, look delicious. Use a pastry cutter! I'm the same way with butter, I can't stand touching the stuff. You can use a food processor like I do but it doesn't seem as "homemade" as doing it by hand.

James said...

I'll only share if you call them "biscuits" (which they are, btw). :P

And yay for Bob making a blog!

Steevo said...

u can use 2 dinner forks kinda one on top of the other.. mash bits o butter into the flour
u want pea size lumps
how gay is this ffs?
scone talk...

kinderfield said...

cup of tea and a scone thankyou guvna

Tim said...

Cooking and baking is great fun. I love it. The scones look fabulous and I bet they taste it too, especially with that jam!

I'm not keen on the things under my nails thing either so I tend to use a food processor. You could also try wearing some disposable gloves which is what I do if I'm making meatballs.

JustK said...

Scones totally for the win!
I can't cook D=
My mother is ashamed of me
she's a chef lol

Tombi04 said...

The scones look totally yummy.

And they do not look like biscuits!

Deadwing said...

OMG...those look sooooo good!!! mmm...

Jeremy said...

I want to share with you :D

Seth said...

Scone Biscuits FTW.

You've probably won extra points with the Brit crowd *grin*

(ok, for some strange reason I originally typed the word boys instead of "points" when I just typed that.

Anyway - package those nummies up and ship them to us all!!

ps: lol at the "tissues" - did you mean actualy tissues, or paper-towels?

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

They do indeed look yummy. Next, try making bread - more rubbing, I am afraid, but kneading the dough is SO stress-relieving, and the results can be shared with everyone in the family - unlike some other stress-relief techniques =]

cvn70 said...


i will have mine with jam that looks so good :)

hey thanks for mentioning the blog you are the best

take care and be safe, my friend


goleftatthefork said...

so mad that I skipped breakfast today now I'm hungry

naturgesetz said...

If I were in Melbourne, I'd hop a train and be there in three hours for some of those scones. They look great.

I enjoy cooking too. My problem is I'm too fussy — got to chop things just so, measure (most) things carefully, etc. (But I don't usually wipe the things as I go — if the onion juice gets on the peppers and the combination gets on the mushrooms, well, they're all going into the same pan anyway.) So it takes me twice as long as it should to do anything. Still, the results are pretty good, though I say it myself. And when I have enough spaghetti sauce for three meals or enough baked chicken in cream soup sauce for two meals, it isn't quite so bad.

So enjoy!

And if you don't want butter under your fingernails, clip your nails. :p LOL

Col said...

I'm with Tombi04 and Deadwing!

If they look like biscuits, then what are scones supposed to look like?

James said...

At the risk of embroiling myself in international terminology for breadstuffs, a "scone" in America can refer to either a very dry American biscuit, or a breadstuff that is biscuit-like in texture, but which is generally flavored and topped with something sweet (but not flaky like a pastry).

Steevo said...

Starbucks sells great scones and they look like this:

The dough is formed into rectangles and then wedges are alternately cut off until you have the shape you see in the pic.

It is CRUCIAL to not OVER mix the dough.

And I did NOT take the picture so that is just icing!!! Pervs!


steevo [home w/ cold NOT pig flu. But we got a memo begging us to stay home if sick at all. OK!! F I N E then...]

xthecouragex said...

so those look really really really good. You can bake those for me whenever you feel like haha

And sorry I havent commented much lately.

I loves you still

Col said...

Thanks James and Steevo!

Dean Grey said...


Baking is so fun, isn't it?

Great job on the scones. They look golden brown and just right.

Now I want one!