Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fixing, Adding, Changing, Look Bettering.

Lotsa blog stuff to get out. :P

Though first, the cat came home at about 9:45pm, so i could finally end catwatch. :)

Now, onto blog stuff.

I reposted my interview from Col's Blog so i can link to it in my sidebar for future readers to read if they wanna.

Also on links, i'm thinking i need to liven up my blog and some of my fav blog links a bit. Plain writing in the sidebar doesn't look very attractive so i'm trying to think of some suitable pics to act as links for my other 2 blogs, and maybe AJ's and Jake's blogs too.

I'm also gonna put up another poll soon. Polls are fun. :D

I think i'll look back through the blog and see if there are any important or cool posts i can link to in the sidebar. The 100th post 100 random facts about me was fun.

My 200th post will be in a few weeks, and i've decided i'll post 200 random facts about me. :D

Also, i've decided that i will put my msn address on my profile so people can add me if they wanna talk. :D

I said that i don't use icekeebyblu@hotmail.com for msn, but i still had people adding me as a contact for it. lol. No more confusion. :)

I think that's all.


Interesting fact: Although it has only been around for a short while, Secret Project is rapidly getting more hits than this blog. :O


Deadwing said...

Glad to hear the cat came home. 200 posts?! Wow...That's pretty awesome (just like you :p). Have fun writing 200 random facts about you. No cheating now...ya can't re-use the list of 100 from the 100th post. lol. :)

cvn70 said...


you sound very upbeat in this post which i like a lot. 200 hundred more original facts it should be very interesting :P

hope all is well, take care and be safe


naturgesetz said...

Well, I guess it may be what you're used to, but my feeling is that when a sidebar gets too busy, it becomes unattractive. Plain text is easier to follow, IMO.

And again JMO, but I think the pic of Jake is out of proportion. I know it's a great pic, and I like looking at it too, but if it were the size of Tig's pic, we could still see it and click on it to get to a larger version. And if you do decide to use pics for the links to the other most special blogs, my suggestion is that smaller ones would look better than larger ones.

Looking forward to the poll; hope it will be one I can answer.


naturgesetz said...

Or maybe it's just the lettering on Jake's picture that's out of proportion to the rest of the sidebar. Somehow, it becomes the focus of attention, rather than one of the things to notice.

Is there some way to reduce the size of the letters, and maybe "unbolden" them?

James said...

Any normal blog, even the best, can't compete hit-wise with a blog hosting pics of cute boys. lol!

Randy said...

Cant wait for the 200 facts...

I dont think I even have 50 facts about me let alone 200...

Jeremy said...

200 facts @.@ it would take me ages to come up with that many.

I think there was something else I wanted to say but I just lost my train of thought... so um... nevermind >.>


Mirrorboy said...

@Naturgesetz - It's still a work in progress. I'd just put that up last night when my Mum made me get off the computer. I didn't get any time to tweak it or anything.

Btw, if it was the size of Tig's pic you wouldn't be able to see what was in the picture, and you can't actually click it to see the larger version, because when you do click it, it takes you to Jake's blog.

I also actually think that once i'm done, the sidebar will be less uncluttered and look better. :)


Aek said...

1. How do you do that link with a picture thing? Inquiring non-super savvy readers (like me) want to know.

2. Is that 200 more facts, or just 100 more on top of the current 100?

Seth said...

Only 200? It seems like you've been with us for so long!! But congrats on that. Its always nice to have a little milestone celebration.

Anonymous said...

yeah like where are the pics we all gota
go to the good blog
with the hott guys
200 seems like 2000
boring i mean come on what ya got to talk
about just yak yak yak
where the dudes at
man ?

AJCon89 said...

i think all 200 thngs should be dirty... lol

and what is the anonymous idiot even talking about... :-P

Mirrorboy said...


Take your hand off your dick, put it on the mouse and scroll up. It's called Secret Project.

Alien Son said...

Dear Anonymous,

Perhaps English isn't your first language. If it is then your education (or maybe your attention span) has been sadly lacking.

Two points:

(1) If you find Mirrorboy's posts boring, why are you reading them?

(2) There have never been pics of "hott guys" in this blog and Mirrorboy has never said that there would be. Why did you come here looking for them?

If you can't appreciate an intelligent guy's thoughtful and thought-provoking blog, please, do us all a favour and go elsewhere to drop your irrelevant comments.

Sethy said...

hey mboy...

Okay, so I don't comment much - call me a follower :)

Just glad you sounding more upbeat though, and change is always good. Clean out the closet as such.

Methinks Anonymous is a wanker literally lol.

Anyways, there is a link on my blog to yours. Link me already will ya?

That other Sethy...

Mirrorboy said...

lol soz :)


Baz said...

Well it is April 1st.
Just wondering who the fool is?

Why not get "trigger happy" with the delete button?

Luv, Baz

Baz said...

Sorry, got called out before I'd finished.
re: Anon
Sure he's got a dick?
Hiding behind a cloak of anonimity, sure ain't got any balls.

Anonymous said...

when I posted a couple days ago so
everyone can cool their jets !
We most maintain our
hurmer level ya know ?

sorry mb forgot to do it last night