Friday, March 13, 2009


The cutest cartoon in the world. And also funny as hell. I came across this show one day by accident, and have loved it ever since. :D

Here are a couple episodes. They both go for about 7:30. Enjoy. ^_^

Also, (blatant self-promotion but) please have a look at my other blog, MBWords! I've been posting excerpts from my story, and any feedback is greatly appreciated and means a lot, seriously. Thanks. And I respond to all comments too.



Deadwing said...

Those are cute cartoons. :p Thanks for sharing them. :) And i love your story blog. Anyone who hasn't seen it should go there right now.

What are you waiting for? GO!!

cvn70 said...


hope you are feeling better, sloppy sue does not sound like a nice name for a wife lol

and i will get there 1st and then everyone will know you are second best :P

take care and be safe