Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I feel so exhausted for some reason. Like it's an effort to even stand up. I also seem to be getting an annoying cough.

Maybe it's cos i was up til midnight last night doing homework/watching Dexter, Boston Legal and then 30 Rock. lol

And the night before, i didn't get to sleep til 1am. =_=

Anyways, i just thought i'd drop in, and ya know, say hi and stuff.

I'm also letting you know that it looks like my 150,000 views celebration will happen tomorrow. We've come a long way. So i thought it would be time for a change. Don't worry though - I promise it will be nothing bad. And i'll still be posting most of the same stuff.

You'll see what i mean tomorrow. :P

I hope you'll check out the celebrations.

K. I'm making a lot of typos. I should get to bed and rest. I just wanted to post so i could get some comments, because comments always make me happy. ;)


You should definitely click it to see more detail. ;)


Poisoned Happiness said...

I saw yesterday totally cute and adorable gray-blue cat. Fantastic color.

AJCon89 said...

a pre-emptive congrats on the 150K...

I am almost there but have no clue how to celebrate... i'll probably just break it and not even realize and then like a week later go... "crap i should have done something..."


12am? awwww poor baby... lol
Thats an early night for me.


Planetx_123 said...

oooh I can't wait- how exciting! Thats a scary lookin' kitty :-)

You and Jake are both working on a secret project...or the SAME SECRET PROJECT??? Oh my god! I feel like I just watched the end of the usual suspects

Much Love,

victor the late for work said...

dude. it's the last thing a mouse sees before it gets eaten. congrats on 150k. you've come a long ways dude. i'm looking forward to the new things. see us around then.

Seth said...

i was going to write something stuffy and motherly sounding about you not going to bed so late. but. meh.

waiting anxiously to see the special post!!

naturgesetz said...

I always worry about change, especially when I like what is there. This better be good. I suppose I should trust you.

*waits nervously to see what m-boy does to his blog*

Aek said...

Man, the last time I went to bed before midnight was . . . last week. But that doesn't count. I usually go to bed around 2am or so on a school night. And I have to be up early for class. -_-

cvn70 said...


you gotta to get some rest big guy for the big post tomorrow. I am on the edge of my seat in antcipation

take care and be safe


Aahsazyl said...

cat mouth
go to mirrorboy.blogspot.com
its scary

Deadwing said...

Congrats! I can't wait for your big celebration! Try to get some rest buddy.


~kiwi said...

*has nightmares about mboy's cat*

~kiwi said...

by the way, how do you see how many views you've had?

Mirrorboy said...

You should be able to see my view count above the blog links to the right.