Monday, March 9, 2009

Not every day.

I try to be positive, but that doesn't work every day.

It's nights like this - I'm home alone in my bedroom watching TV, Mum's at work for hours, the cats are asleep in other rooms, it's cold, dark, and the crickets are chirping.

It wears me down until i just feel so alone and lonely...

I'm all i've got. It's just me and me.

I don't want to be alone. I hate it.

I know i'm not alone in my loneliness. And that's awful. It's one of the worst things in the world, as far as i'm concerned. So many of us suffer from it. -_-

That's all.

Back to my room now...



Lindsay said...

Hi MirrorBoy,
Loneliness is one of the worst feelings in the world.
You can be lonely in a crowd, or be alone and not lonely.
But to be both can be crushing.

The night will pass.
The cats will wake up and seek you out.
And people will return to your life.

Where you are now will not last.
The sun will shine in your heart again.

Love and blessings,

PoisonedHappiness said...

I totally know and understand your pain. And why you are not online so I can make you feel at least a little better?

Daily Dan said...

i know EXACTLY what you mean. i felt the same way last night. it sucks man. and if it means anything at all, you will always have cutie dan :)

AJCon89 said...


Sorry you had a rough night buddy...

I wish I could say or do something to make you feel better...

I love you...


Tombi04 said...

Awww, cheer up sweetie.


Love Ya.

Mr. HCI said...

Loneliness is soul crushing.

You know you've always got us out here in cyberspace but I know it's not the same as being with someone in person. You've started taking steps in real life to get relief from it and I'm proud of you for that. Hang in there!

Jake Annonymous said...

you have me :D
sorry about dissapearing tonight, I kinda had a break down about the amount of schoolwork I needed to complete and study for...

I love yo

xthecouragex said...


I know exactly how you feel. But keep your chin up kid, you'll get through this and out of it.

I love you buddy. I don't know where I'd be without you right now, you've become a major part of my support system.

If you need anything, I'm here...

Love ya...


Planetx_123 said...

I too had a very lonely night last night-- really depressed about school, etc. and had no one to talk to. I'm afraid its going to be like that forever.

I hope you (and I) feel better.


torchy! said...

i know this is a cop-out, but i ditto mr hci. hang in there buddy.

torchyyy! {}

Deadwing said...

I know exactly how you feel. There is nothing more horrible than being alone. Things will get better though. I have a hard time believing that sometimes. But when things look their worst, and hope is all we have, that is when believing is most important.


Love ya buddy.

naturgesetz said...

Everybody else already said it, but I agree: loneliness is an awful feeling, and if it helps at all remind yourself that we care about you and love you.

Just a couple of additional thoughts:

— friends. You've mentioned visiting, I think overnighting, with friends. How about getting in touch with a friend? I know school nights aren't ideal for getting together, and there may be some rules your mum has given about going out or having people over when she's not there. But is anything possible?

— physical activity. No, not that! lol. I mean maybe taking a walk (or a jog) around the neighbo(u)rhood, running in place in the garden or in the kitchen or doing a few push-ups. Anything to get yourself moving and maybe raise the heart rate and release some endorphins in your brain. with a change of scene if permitted.

By the time you read this, you'll doubtless be out of that mood and feeling better. Just some ideas for the next time you feel that way.

cvn70 said...


being alone in this world is how i felt a lot until i found all you bloggers and while it ain't perfect it is a lot better

Know that every day i think about the people i met here and especially you. So you may be alone physically but you are never really alone

take care and be safe, my friend


Landyn said...

i love you buddy. being alone sucks, yet we all go through it. not saying that to make your situation seem trivial or anything, but just letting you know a lot of people (including me) can relate.

I loveeeeeeeee you and miss you.


James said...

Just hold on, won't last forever. That's what I tell myself when I feel like that; just make it through another day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mboy, planet Venus has just gone retrograde. Now we have until about 18 April to re-evaluate what truly matters.
Khalil Gibran (1883-1931): "Man is two men - one is awake in darkness, the other is asleep in light."

Yelugab said...

Always good to get up on a cold english morning and read your blog. Makes me realise that I am alive that is until someone else decides to start moving around here. I love being in cyberspace. Why can't it be like that all day or have I got to start arguing with some wanker sooner or later?