Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm happy? :O

So i haven't really been happy for a long time. I found it hard to even smile or laugh and mean it.

But i spoke to Landyn on msn tonight! And i was like :D!

I hadn't spoken to him for months and i was missing him so much. Then tonight i was sitting here at my computer with msn on and he signed in! I was beyond happy! He really means the world to me so to talk to him after so long was amazing. ^_^

I don't expect many of you to understand, but i just feel this huge connection with him. It's like a piece of my soul had returned.

Go check him out if you haven't already. He's the awesomest guy in the world. :)


Sethy said...

yay for Landy!

I also have a a couple of people that seem to pop up on msn or yahoo at the most opportune times to cheer away the dark days. Look after them, and remember they have dark days too....

Spread the love..


Deadwing said...

Yay!!!! I'm soooooooooo glad to hear you are happy again. That makes me happy. And i do understand how you feel. I just wish i could tell the guy who makes me feel that way how i feel about him. :p It's good to have happy Mirrorboy back. :D

cvn70 said...


happy is a word that i wished described you so much all the time. And for all nights not to be online i am so jealous you go to speak to him :D

take care and be safe


Jordan said...

glad to see you're feeling happy.

I just checked out his blog, i really liked reading it. I come from a similar situation as he does... anyways,

warm regards

Aek said...

I'm glad that you're happy. ^_^

(And annoyed that I wasn't able to stay up longer to see Landyn sign on.) :-/

Anonymous said...

good to see that you've been able to pull yourself out of the funk you were in

Jayson (Highwayman)

Mr McCabbage said...

See, one blessing you have is an ability to appreciate life, where it really does something for you. So many quite lack this - not having much against happiness but somehow not knowing how to experience it. Then what is the use even of an ideal body. One day you should write a book about this or work it into your novels - how precisely to go about being happy. (And not just listing motions to go through, as glossy magazines do.)

Some poems by Dorothy Parker (1893-1967) for you - especially the last one :)

James said...

I think Landyn's having the hardest time amongst all of us right now, so I think we all feel for him deeply. I know I do, anyways. It is just a relief for me to see him post!

Jeremy said...

Well I'm glad you are happy :D

naturgesetz said...

Nothing like contact with someone you like to improve your mood.


Jeremy said...

^ Oh dirty :P

Although I must agree ;)

PoisonedHappiness said...

Everybody should have someone like him