Monday, March 2, 2009

A Good Day!?

That's right, i had a good day, mostly because my gay youth group meeting thingy was on and was cool. :)

There were only a handful of us there today, and the 'meeting' wasn't really 'on' because the organiser had to take care of a shop downstairs, so we hung around in there with her just chatting. It was a lot more relaxed than last time, and i actually talked to someone this time too! *gasp*

So that was cool. :)

The group is working on making some stickers for the next few weeks that we're going to try to get businesses around town to put up on their windows to show that they're 'gay-friendly'. As well as a few other things.

I really like this group. I can't wait til i really get into it. I can be myself here more than anywhere else cos people around me are actually gay! How amazing! lol

I've got some things planned for my 150,000 views milestone - BIG things. The way i blog will be a lot different from then on. You'll see some different sides to me in different ways.

I'm really excited about it. I think it's gonna be a fun change. I can't wait.

Here's today's music link.



cvn70 said...


This is a great post to wake up to on a monday morning. I wish you the best with this youth group and making some irl friends, Just be yourself and you wil be leading that group soon

todays song was even good :P take care and be safe


AJCon89 said...

thats great!

I told you... lol

Planetx_123 said...
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Planetx_123 said...

Thats awesome- thats really cool about the stickers for businesses.

Music was good today-- I really like this site. I have two songs from The Cynic Project that you might like:

Grid II (calm, simple)

Full Tilt (this one makes my head explode- its like musical cocaine- not for the faint of heart!)

(reposting with links instead of just text)

Much Love,

Mr. HCI said...

Fantastic news! I'm ecstatic for you!

Your post makes me both very happy for you and all the more glad my husband and I started volunteering with YouthPride here a few months ago.

Peter said...

yay!! You sound hyper in this post. I hope that hyperness sticks around.

Now you have me excited for the 150,000 views post and what will come after.

*repeatedly hits refresh button to boost hit counter*

lol. I did that with the last milestone (100,000 views?) and I got bored after refreshing 100 times so I quit. :p

Verification word is: grand


Seth said...

*smile* for you


naturgesetz said...

Glad the group was good. The gay-friendly stickers sound like a good idea.

I hope the changes after 150K will keep the kitty pics coming.

And I hope it'll still be possible for tech challenged old codgers to navigate without too much trouble. lol

pinstripe said...

I'm glad you felt at ease around this group!

Don't get too flamboyant on us though :P

Love you! <3

Aek said...

I'm glad your day went so well! It's good to see you happy and all!!

Can't wait to read the different aspects of you post-150,000 views. :D

Poisoned Happiness said...

Are there any cuties in this group?

Deadwing said...

I'm glad to hear you had a good day! It's awesome that the support group is working out for you. Sounds like it's just what you needed. I love your music links, btw.