Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh Hai.

Weekends are so boring. Nobody updates their blogs cos they're all out of the house 'living their lives' or something. pffft! Losers :P

Back to school tomorrow after my week-long break. -_-

This house is warm and safe, and school is still so harsh and stressful for me. I really hate it. :(

I won't bore you with any more. I know how you hate whingers.

I had a really awful dream last night.

Someone hacked into my msn on my pc and abused my friends and then fucked up my blog. :/

The bad thing was, it was like, a really long dream too. It just went on and on...

That... sucked. -_-

on msn though
, i've started making my own smileys. woot

It's surprisingly easy. :)

As long as you know how to blend 19x19 pixels in MS Paint so they don't look funny. :P

Well, i'm out of things to say.

Please check
out my other blog and leave feedback. Thanks. I might post on it again later tonight or something, seeing as i'll be in for another night by myself. It's nice when you find a song that matches your mood.


Mr. HCI said...

The bloody face smilie rules! I'm gonna have to steal that one . . .

uh, borrow, I mean . . .


Anonymous said...

seriously buddy, whine all you want. I still love the fact that people come here to read what you have to say and then are critical of it.

I think someone people are jealous of how popular online you are =p

I know how much school sucks and I wish there was something I could do for you. Really I do. What about that group that meets tomorrow?

And I hate dreams that you can never wake up from. I have them all the time and usually end up with me being killed someway. So at least it was your blog that was destroyed and not you =)

Oh and like you told me last week, it's only dreams, they arent real =p

Hope you have a better week than you're thinking you are going to have. You never know what might happen...just try to stay positive =)


Love ya buddy


torchy! said...

* you say what you like - it's your blog
* cool smileys :)
* i know it's quiet round here, but i post to my blog every day, even weekends!
* bullet-point comments rock! lol


cvn70 said...


i really wish i could do something about your school or where you go to school but all i can really do is tell you i am here to support you. You know the year is a quarter over don't ya

Sorry abouthe dream but it never happened and most likely it won't plus everyone who has talked to you would know it wasn't you :P

Wish i could be there to hang out with you at night but the airfare would kill me :)

the music today was moody and depressing :(

take care and be safe, my friend


Peter said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm stuck in my house today too.

Not sure how that's supposed to make you feel better, but whatever. :D

Oh yeah, say what you want to say. It's your blog!

Love the smileys btw.

Verification word is "squirt."


Deadwing said...

Say what you want. It's your blog. If someone thinks you are whining, well, they don't have to read it. It's better to vent your frustrations than to let them build up inside. That only makes things worse. I would never think less of you for "whining". Everyone needs someplace where they can vent. This blog is your place. And we are your friends, and we will do our best to support you no matter what.

Sorry about school. School was a miserable place for me too. *HUGS

Bad dreams suck. A while back, I had a recurring dream i was in an airplane crash. I'd wake up in a cold sweat, trying to scream but couldn't. Really freaked me out...

I'm with Mr.HCI...the bloody smiley rules! :p And the song today really fit my mood too. Thanks. :)

Randy said...

Pffft! quit whining!!!! Be a man for god sakes!!!

j/k, thats what my dad always said to me...

Plus, whining is good for you...especially on a blog, very cathartic me thinks...

My whole life I have never been able to remember a dream, guess I'm a freak.... wish like hell I could, see what the fuss is about...

Life gets so much better after school so hang in there, and dont put much stock in ur peers while at school, 99.9% of the people there will forget about you when school is over, and you'll also forget about them...

keep writing, hope those ebooks are working out!

liek omg itz max said...

I've also noticed that thing about how nobody updates their blogs or anything on weekends... It's the same way for YouTube--I very rarely get any new videos from my subscriptions... I've always found that odd since for most people, weekends are the only days they have off, so I'd think they'd have a lot of time to make some fucking videos! >=(

Seth said...

*double hugs*

thanks fer the comments and creative material. you r0x. :)

Aek said...

<3 the smileys. ^_^

billy said...

just 3 weeks to go this term!

Planetx_123 said...

Sorry you are having a boring saturday night... :-( but I love the crazy smileys!

Unfortunately, I didn't have a quiet saturday night (but it wasnt fun either) Im going to bed

Much Love,

Mr. HCI said...

OK, I kept my word. Appropriated smilie here.