Sunday, March 15, 2009


A really good online friend of mine, going by the name of Deadwing, just started up his own blog - One False Move.

He has to face a lot of struggles in his life because of his sexuality, and isn't 'out'. In fact, i was the 1st person he came out to, online.

He's a really great guy, so go check out his blog and follow along, and offer him any help you can.

He's also new to the blogging world, so his blog looks funny (aka weird). :)

While i'm at it, i posted a small battle scene from my story on MBWords and any feedback would be really really helpful. :)



cvn70 said...


thanks for the reference to deadwing's blog. hope your day went well and that school tomorrow goes OK. be strong each day and keep that little head of yours upstraight (the one above your shoulders lol) cause you are good people my friend and deserve the best this life has to offer

no others comments so i thought i would take the oppurtunuity to say hi - hi

take care and be safe


Deadwing said...

Thanks for shameless plug. :p


James said...

Hey, I know this guy! Y'all should def head on over and read. Show Deadwing love!

Steevo said...

Yeah have a look. The goddess knows I badgered him enuf that he finally started his blog. *"swells" with pride*

He has met a few of us... and not run away. So either he is astute and intelligent. Or this is as good as it gets for now? LOL jk..............

Seth said...

Heh. You should start selling "ad" space on your blog. One mention and he'll get a zillion readers now.


my verification word is missing :(

~kiwi said...

Mboy, you seem like a real good bloke. Really good to people, people like Landyn, Deadwing, and everyone. I don't know how you find time for all the stuff you do online and offline, but I sure want to know how!

Keep it up, you're an awesome young man with an awesome heart.

Garfield said...

Hey Mboy! Mate, thank you sooooo much for your love and support of Landyn - I am soooo proud of you man! All this and what is going on at school with you must be really hard right now, but I can see your strength and you are like a lion with your courage so keep up the good work!

I too am a writer (occasionally) and when I get five minutes I'll check out your work - watch this space for a critique!!! LOL!

Love you buddy and take care down there in Vic ok?

BTW, got an email the other night - remember the pic of Sam the koala and the fireman giving him a drink? had to happen - someone has photoshopped a bottle of VB into the picture! hilarious!

Smile! Lots of love, Garfield (Brisbane - aka Brisvegas!) XXX

Randy said...


Start blogging more, type something every single day!

I dont care if you are busy, have friends or a life...what else am I supposed to do on this interweb machine?


Good job reciprocating the support you recieve on this blog, DW seems like a good cat, and I cant wait to chat with him on the msn machine folks keep talkin bout.

Keep ur head up at school m8

Jordan said...

I agree with what every one has said go check out Deadwing's blog, i've been following it the last little while.
I started my own too, feel free to check it out.

~kiwi said...


where are you???

Kevin Wilson said...

Hope things are okay with you Mirrorboy. Been almost a week since you spoke.

PoisonedHappiness said...

Good question - where in nine hells are you Mboy? I'm starting to worry....