Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Yayyyyyyyy! That's right! 150,000 views.

We've come a long way together haven't we.

I love writing this blog. I still maintain that starting it was one of the best things i've ever done. To think that if i'd never started, i wouldn't have met so many amazing people and learnt so much about the rest of the world, well, i can't imagine where i'd be, and i don't want to know. Blogs are amazing and this one has changed my life for the better in many amazing ways. I also hope i provide you with some sort of amusement or interest. :)

Well, it's onto the surprises! :D

I'm announcing the launch of my new blog! Mirrorboy's Words.

Creative writing is a huge part of my life. But i always felt like the sorts of writing posts that i wanted to make didn't belong on this blog. So, i created a blog just for them! Where i can post about that huge part of my life that i don't mention on here much.

I won't explain any more, cos i posted on there explaining everything. Go check it out and tell me what you think.

BUT! That's not all!

I'm also announcing the launch of a third blog which i will co-own with Jake. We'll be posting the sorts of pics that we find 'appealing to the eye'. You'll see what i mean when you check out Secret Project.

It's a lot different than what you're used to seeing from me, but i think it will be a lot of fun.

As for this blog? Well, let's not fix what ain't broken. There will be no changes to this blog at all... for now. ;)

Check out the new blogs and tell me what you think, comment, and if you want links to either of them drop me an email. (Me thinks Secret Project might be good for the view count) lol - awesomeness.



pinstripe said...
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Poisoned Happiness said...

Yay! Oh, Secret Project looks awesome :) I like your taste in boys :P

Ryan said...

Wasn't awesomeness my word?
All good ;)
Good luck on your new blogs

Deadwing said...

Congrats on hitting 150k! The new blogs look great.

AJCon89 said...

congrats on hitting the big 150!

cvn70 said...


there is a strenght and happiness in your voice that i hope you keep with you through out the year. congrads on 150K

take care and be safe


Seth said...

yay, yay, and yay for all three blogs!! :-)

congrats on the viewership too.

We all {heart} mirrorboy.

naturgesetz said...

*Sigh of relief* that this blog is not changing for now.

Congrats on the 150K (even if it is a multiple of 5 — lol)

*Goes to check the new one*

Aek said...

I'm interested to read your new blog. *goes to check it out now*

G said...

YAY, YAY... oh damn... just read the other posts and Seth got my line... so I guess it's his line? :-)

Your new blogs are great.
Thanks for the surprise, and thanks also for keeping this blog as is (for now)

Don't stop with the kitty pics - they are great too.

enzo65 said...

Well Done and congratulations!!! Glad you seem to be coping with life's speedbumps a bit better lately, take care, Love, Enzo65

Landyn said...

haha damn you are popular ;)
I feel lucky to have you in my life man. you mean so so much to me and I wouldnt be the same person without your influence. I love you more than words can say.

talk to you soon, and can't wait to read the new stuff :)


Daily Dan said...

i miss you. sorry i was busy. tomorrow :)