Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm baaaacck.

Yes, i'm back! Did you miss me? :P

I wasn't busy or anything, my internet wasn't working so i couldn't actually come online for a couple days. :(

Oh, it was awful i tell you. I felt like i was missing out on something. I couldn't talk to my friends or check emails or read blogs or anything. I didn't realise the internet had such a grip over my life now. It kinda creeps up on you and then when you suddenly can't have it, you get all stressed.

It was pretty boring too, and i found myself wandering out here to the computer from my room, and then just turning around and heading back. I'm used to checking on things but now i had no purpose. It was truly lame. :P

Anyways, i'm all caught up now. It seems things will continue to go on around here when i'm not around anymore! :P



Jake said...

I always enjoy it when the internet goes out. I tend to go do other things. Which is awesome. I wish that I could somehow drop it entirely. But that would be impossible.

cant think of a cool one said...

Meh, recently i just use the internet even when i dont need to and its such a time waster lol :) So maybe i should just turn it of for a lil while and see what happens :P Glad ure back i guess ;)


Micky said...

Missed you? ? ?

Just a smidgeon

Tombi04 said...

Glad you're back, missed you.

cvn70 said...


life without the intertnet oh heavens

take care and be safe


Jeremy said...

No internet is like a nightmare D:

But we are glad you are back :)


naturgesetz said...

I agree, it can become an addiction or nearly so. Has done in my case.

Nice to have you back with us.

Mr McCabbage said...

Over here we have the worst and most expensive internet access in the world. On top of that the adsl cables are regularly stolen. The power cables as well, often ten hours without electricity. The water supply is sporadic too; at least we have a swimming pool. (Not to mention gang attacks - getting killed for a cellphone or laptop.) I keep to-do lists for every situation and quickly use facilities while they work.

Anonymous said...

was on last night..sorry I missed u...good to see that you're back....


Aek said...

Not having internet isn't so bad, if you have lots to do that don't require the internet.

When I was in China for a week, I was completely cut off. But surprisingly, I didn't miss it at all!

But I am glad you're back now. :)

J said...

Damned straight we missed you! Glad to find you feeling good again.

Seth said...

You'll always be "around" for us in our hearts and minds.


Deadwing said...

Welcome back! I missed you heaps! :p I am addicted to the internet. I now have the internet on my mobile phone, so i'm never with out it. I feel like a junkie getting a fix when i use it. lol