Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not Around.

Another uneventful weekend in the blogging world...

Not for me, but from me! A friend's coming over so i won't be around today or tomorrow.

Click here for Awesomeness.

And here's a happy song.

Also if you haven't already, plz go and leave a comment on MBWords. Feedback really helps me out. I'll get around to replying to the comments there when i'm back online.


James said...


~kiwi said...


come back soon! oh, and have a good weekend I guess. hmph.

Peter said...

I see who's more important to you.



Have a good weekend!

P.S. It will be extra boring without you around


naturgesetz said...

Glad you'll be with a real life friend. Hope it's a good time.

Aek said...

I hope you have fun. :P

And I really like this song, it kinda mirrors how I feel today. ^_^

Jeremy said...

Have fun :)

That picture is funny, weird, and creepy all at the same time by the way >.>

Deadwing said...

Have a good time with your friend . Enjoy your weekend! :)

cvn70 said...


have a good weekend in the real world with your friend. He is so lucky to know you.

Did you get a shirt yet and i will make some comments on words when i get homw myself as i am travelling for a couple of days

take care and be safe