Saturday, March 7, 2009

Garden Cats. :P

I slept in this morning. :(

I hate sleeping in. I just cut a few hours out of a day i should be enjoying. Sadness

Anyways, i've got Monday off from school cos it's a public holiday, so long weekend! :D

I just came
in from being out in my backyard with my cats. It was raining last night so everything was damp and dewy and had a nice smell. Thank God we're finally getting some rain. Victoria needs it.

Anyways, i of course had my camera with me. Here are some photos i just took. I took over a hundred so it was hard to pick just a 'few'. :P

Balancing cat. :)

It's pretty awesome how spiders can turn leaves into homes.

Eating grass. Mmm.

View from Jemima.

View from Tiger.

Looking wistfully into the distance. :P

Watching birds.

ZOMG. Whose hand is that? :O

Rolling in the dirt.



Detail. :)



Jake said...

What kind of Camera do you have?

xthecouragex said...

Awww... i love your cats! and I'm happy to see them again. And glad to hear you're getting the weather you want. It was really warm today here, all the snows gone and it was sunny. But I had classes, an exam, and then drove home so I got home half an hour before it got dark. Oh well, hopefully this week will be nice.

Oh and that's a smexy hand =Pbea

victor said...

cool pix. glad the psychiatrist went ok. happy long weekend.

AJCon89 said...

I wonder where that hand has been O.o


naturgesetz said...

Enjoy the holiday. Labour Day, is it?

Thanks for the kitty pics.

Aek said...

Gotta <3 the cat pics. Really good pics, in case you haven't heard that enough times already. :D

Davey said...

I like the pic of eating grass the best! You have no idea how much the kitty pics make me smile : )


Planetx_123 said...

If you decide to stop writing one day-- go into photography. And for gods sake man those spiders are SCARY! They are going to take over your home!!! Ruuuunnn nowww!

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Cat paradise! Nice grass for eating to get rid of hair balls. Dirt to roll in, for to get cleaned up afterwards. Narrow dangerous beams to balance on - and a hot climate.
Impressive spiders .. we have big ones here that build a suspended, spherical nest about the size of a tennis ball, using leaves to build its walls.
Thx much :)

cvn70 said...


a holiday that sounds nice and the cats are looking fine.

how big are those spiders btw and who is not cutting the grass in that yard :P

take care and be safe


Mr. HCI said...

Your cat pictures are always adorable. Except when you f' w/them and make them creepy . . . then they're even better!

Phil's allergic, so we can't have cats but our doggies are the best in the world, of course, so I'm OK with a lack of felines (we had a cat when I was in kindergarten then again when I was in high school, so don't think I dislike kitties).

Deadwing said...

I love to sleep in. If i am up before noon, it's too early. But then, i don't fall asleep until 7 or 8am sometimes...

I love the rain. It was snowing here earlier today, with more in the forecast. :( The snow is really nice to look at, but makes driving to work a pain in the butt.

Thanks for the awesome cat pics. :P I don't know how you get those...every time i try to photograph my cat, he starts to fidget, and my shot is gone...

Enjoy the long weekend!!