Thursday, March 12, 2009

Storm! :O

We had a huge storm today, about an hour ago.

Rain was gushing
down and the gutters were overflowing. The path to my backyard was underwater. The driveway was flooded. The roof over the pergola apparently is NOT waterproof, and i had to run out and move the chairs. And there was really loud thunder and a bit of flash lightning. Silly cats were outside too, and had to sit through it all. -_-

Of course, me being me, the first thing i did was grab my camera and run outside.

I risked my life to bring you these shots, but that's the sort of guy i am - always working for the betterment of others. :)

Flooded Driveway.

Then it got worse.

Of course, that was above the chairs, so i had to move them.

Underwater. -_-

Although, it ended so quickly, and in the space of a few minutes, the rain had stopped, the clouds had disappeared and the Sun was shining again.

I only took these about 20 mins after the first photos.

The cats got home AFTER the storm, and i had to dry them with a towel. :P

Anyways, i feel a bit better than yesterday, but i'm still pretty sore and stuff. -_-

I'm surviving though, as always. :P



cant think of a cool one said...

nice pics

Deadwing said...

Awesome pics! I love extreme weather. Storms like that were almost a daily occurrence in the summer where i used to live. But where i am now, i only get to see a few storms like that a year. :(

I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little better. Keep those cats inside when the weather goes crazy. :p lol

Ha! word verification: *rainjug

Planetx_123 said...

thats crazy...20 minutes~! Sorry for the cats, I bet they were really unhappy. Certainly I would be if I were stuck in a storm and covered in hair!

Much Love,

~kiwi said...

damn, that means we over here will get your shitty weather in about 2 days time. bah. screw you aussies.

so you're back at school now? or going back tomorrow you reckon? hope you continue to feel better.

Tim said...

Sounds like it was a great storm, well certainly to watch, not to be stuck in!

Glad you're feeling a bit better.

Anonymous said...

Cats often enjoy getting wet as they will be towelled dry afterwards :) especially Pisces cats.
Ja we had weird flash flooding around Pretoria / Johannesburg all summer, in spite of serious precautions. Funny it stopped this week. Highways turned into rivers, homes ruined etc. Huge clouds, fast moving and not normal looking, never seen before. We now call it "fax & modem weather" due to lightning.
Nice neighbourhood there, I see no razor wire or electric fences. Me & mine have been shot at many times, once in our own home. And every week the power and/or water is down, for up to ten hours. That's why all (those who can) emigrate. But we are staying put, other countries just mean more sophisticated trouble.

naturgesetz said...

Good pics. You get a 20% bonus — hazardous duty pay! (Too bad you didn't get any wet kitty photos, though. lol)

The cat Tigger used to hide when he heard thunder. If he had been outside in something like that, he'd have been terrified. Fortunately he was an indoor cat.

Seth said...
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Seth said...

Poor kitties.

I sometimes give Pinky a sponge bath, she loves it, but loves even more to get a nice fluffy towel-drying. If I attempted that with Tyler, I'd be in hospital for days being stitched up from the severe clawing.

That rose picture is so cool.

ps: what are those beige boxy equipment units on the side of your house?

Aek said...

Gotta do something about that roof thing one of these days.

Silly cats, you should've taken a pic of them after being all wet (and then after being towel-dried). :P

G said...

Hey there,
Awesome photos man, makes for a different kind of post today - Thanks.

Would've loved a pic or two of the cats. Shame that they were outside, but at least you helped them get dry afterwards!

Gotta say Hi to Anon from SA - WooHoo, there's someone else alive in this place! Yup, got follded recently myself...

I know - leave comments on the other blog, I will, but I HAVE to say you have an awesome tallent in writing. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Glad to hear you're feeling better.

G said...

Oh Darn...
Shoulda used spell check -

I meant that I got FLOODED recently, not follded (whatever that is) MyBad...

Mirrorboy said...

@Seth - Gas and water heater. lol

@Others - As for the cat pics, it would be pretty cruel of me to let them sit there wet and cold while i took snaps of them. :P

cvn70 said...


man fires and now floods are the locust coming next lol

Glad yo stayed dry and you remind me of the news camera guys in the hurricanes you are so brave to risk the storm to take those pictures :P

hope things are going better for you dwon there and get well soon

take care and be safe


Seth said...

re: outdoor objects

that's so odd

here in the USA you never see the water heater or gas furnace or anything, OUTSIDE. always on the inside, usually in a basement, or if no basement, in a closet somewhere in the house. The only thing you'll see outside is the compressor and cooling unit for the airconditioning.

I wonder if its some sort of building code thing, or just a standard practice in Australia?

Although, it almost does make sense, sice if it leaks or catches on fire or blows up, its already outside the house LOL.

bostonboy13 said...

wow nice pics! I love taking pictures after a fresh rainstorm!