Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well this has to be the first morning post i've done in ages. Rejoice! :D

Well i've got not much else to do. I'll be writing, playing games (Super Smash Bros for the win) and watching TV to relax.

Although i'm a teensy bit stuck in my story. It's my own fault of course. The parts where i get stuck are always problems of my own creation. Right now i've got dozens of soldiers inside an outpost, and i need to get them outside somehow. There's a wooden wall keeping them in, and the enemy have the entrance. I have to figure out an escape plan and write that, and at the same time write the battle sequence between them and their enemies as they hold them off. -_-

Luckily this chapter is almost over though and i can soon switch to different peoples. :)

Anyways, I'm a few thousand off 150,000 views. It would feel a bit weird celebrating it as most of my viewers are pedos and leave once they realise they can't get off over me (at least i hope not o.O), but i do like celebrations. :D

So any ideas? I can't do the random facts thingy cos i save that for the number of posts. 200 random me facts for 200th post coming up maybe?

For 100,000 views i did a post where i thanked everyone who helped me, so we've all heard that before. Can't do that again. :/

I dunno. Any ideas?

Music. Guitar vs. piano. :)



Col said...

Good morning! Well I don't know about anybody else, but I would love to read another excerpt from Universes.

Have a great weekend (and week) and I hope that your youth group isn't cancelled again on Monday!

Take care,

Tee said...

I agree with Col.

But if that doesn't work out, how about 150.000 kitty pictures? Hehe. :P


Seth said...

Ok... I have to ask.... WTF does "ZOMG" stand for? I get the "omg" part (and I recently figured out "wtf" also).... but...

*clooless look*

perhaps a secret disguised panel in the wall? or something like that scene in (nevermind I can't remember the movie) with the invisible entrance across the bridge. grr. i'll never remember it now and will spend days looking for it.

anyway - good morning, btw.


Seth said...

damnit by the way... i was FIRST to comment but then i got distracted before i posted. *sigh*


Jack said...

Yes we all love u 2

Keep writing and bloging

Planetx_123 said...

Yep 150,000 kitty pictures... no less! :-) I also vote for more of the story!


mirrorboy said...

I've never actually posted anything directly from my story. All i've done is talked about it. I could post a direct excerpt, but i dunno if that would be to everyone's liking, and which part would i post? o.O

Duncan said...

You could post the first paragraph or something like that, for a little intro. Or do a little synopsis with some choice sentences or w/e. That would actually take work tho lol.

It'd be fun to see tho.

JRC said...

the first paragraph is also cool.

and the i like the picture of the cat, makes it seem big .

cvn70 said...


what you need is an open backdoor -to your fort, that is :p fo rthe soldiers to escpae

Does the story have a preface maybe you could post that. The song seems like it is in a rush to get somewhere

take care and be safe


victor the unhizati said...

hey. glad the story is back in writing. i have no doubt that you will figure a way to rescue the soldiers. btw, you make wicked cat pictures.

naturgesetz said...

Maybe go back and include something in your description of the fort that will enable them to escape?

Aahsazyl said...

best pic of the cat

Cutie Dan said...

you could always talk about how awesome I am. hahaha

Anonymous said...

You understand cats, kind sir.
How about some pics of the surrounds where you live? Most interesting for those in other climes.
Write about love not war - then post it here :)

Randy said...

I dont know where in the arc of your story this outpost battle takes place, but the outcome has many possibilities. Without context its hard to help (post more excerpts) but I'll give it shot. If your near the climax of the story, an 'Alamo' needs to take place (a massive 'whites of their eyes' battle) and you need to kill off one or two important characters, while putting your protagonist on a pedestal. If your working t'words your apex, the antagonists (the enemies at the entrance) need to make a mistake and provide the opportunity for escape, for instance the enemy sends in small 'tactical' squads into the outpost who in turn get picked off leading to a protagonist advantage (like the movie Predator, but in reverse). If its the ebb of the story, bring in a 'forgotten' character to rescue the soldiers, like Han Solo from Empire Strikes Back. Those are the logical choices, relative to context naturally. Personally, I would have a drawn out, suspenseful, waiting period from the point of view of the barricaded soldiers. Where they are hunkered down, scared, hungry, etc, and when they are at their wits end and decide to battle it out they discover the enemy has actually retreated days prior b/c of some unknown event.

Hope this helps. I read an awful lot... These seem to be the norm, go your own way obviously.

Good luck, writers block must suck, thats why I dont write! ;)