Friday, February 27, 2009

Mirrorboy's creepy blog facts. :D

You know how at the end of a post i put a bunch of labels or tags. Like, a post about writing, i will label 'writing'.

Well here are my most searched labels. Creepy much? Yes.

1. Videos.

2. Young.

3. Wanking.

4. Cute boy pics.

5. Sex.

And my most viewed post is 'I don't do teddies. :P'


Moving on...

From what i've heard, most people hate that new Followers thing as much as i do. (I checked out a Blogger forum today.)

I hope those Blogger peoples revert it back to the old type, cos i'm just gonna delete it if they don't. It's so fricken hideous! I hate it so much! So much!! Aaaaaaaaarrghhh!!!! AAAAAAAAAAARHH!!!!!!!!! *head explodes*

Speaking of it though, i put up a poll. :)

It's funny how depending on the times we listened to particular music tracks, we will associate that music with that time and/or activity. I used to play tracks like this while i played Unreal Tournament (04 i think?) against my friends. Good times...



Tee said...

I still think it's ridiculous that they didn't let us choose between the old and the new look.


~kiwi said...

Hehe, good poll. I voted 'HATE!'

You're sounding pretty chipper at the mo. Really good to hear. :)

cvn70 said...


cats out on the hunt together :)

Aren't all your vids clips of comedy shows and hatis your number one. your voice does sound happier in this post.

today music was just ok with me still no lyrics though :P

take care and be safe


Mr. HCI said...

Creepy, indeed! How do you tell which labels are searched the most and which post viewed the most?

I voted HATE, as opposed to hate.


Jake Annonymous said...

lol, they look like there looking for you "Wheres food man?" "I want food man" "mmmm foood, man" "fooooooooooood" "Wheres food man?"

Seth said...

I love your democratic polling process. Try and give us less choices to pick so we don't get confused. :P

<-- refrains from teddybear comments :)

Planetx_123 said...

love back

Davey said...

1. Videos.
2. Young.
3. Wanking.
4. Cute boy pics.
5. Sex.

Oh God MB... i guess I'm a creep too?

PS you left out "action" lol

naturgesetz said...

I just don't understand the new followers/friends thingie. I mean, what's the point? Why do people have to keep tweaking things that we're used to? I can't say I hate it. I'm just baffled.

Can anybody explain it?

Thanks for the kitty pic.

James said...

I know exactly what you mean about songs and associations. I downloaded Going Nowhere by Cut Copy before I went to Mongolia, so it was there at the top of my list and I listened to it a lot. Now when I hear the song, I can smell Mongolia, smell the food, hear Mongolian, it's like I'm right back in that apartment.

Anonymous said...

Glorious cats :)
See what officially insane Christopher Smart (1722-1770) wrote about his cat:

billy said...

That teddies thing was the best! I still laugh when I'm reminded of it.

You'll never live that one down.

The Vice Buddha said...

OMG! yeah.... that box looks ugly.. and it effin doesnt even show me ll my followers at once :(


Btw, the word verification which I had to type in says 'youcunt'


Aek said...

I hope they revert the Follower thing back too, though I'm a bit too lazy to just remove it. Maybe if I decide to change my blog layout in the future.

Your cats look monstrously huge as they prowl. Kind of reminds me of dinosaurs somehow.