Saturday, February 21, 2009

Random posts are always good. :)

I haven't got anything specific to post about. So instead i'll post a few small and big things that together equal a whole post.

- I got 'caught' by my Mum yesterday night... To quote Seinfeld: "You know... I was alone..." Ugh. Yeah. That was no fun. Nothing kills it faster than your Mum walking in. And she saw 'it'. Epic cringe... :/!

- I feel the need to plug Landyn's blog every time he posts. So i'm plugging it now. Go look. Read. Comment. Add to favourites. I command you. If anyone deserves some love right now it's him.

- For those of you who keep asking, the gay group in my city meets on Mondays, and yes, i am going again this Monday. lol. People also keep asking me if there were any cute boys. My my my, you are such pervs. lol

- On Friday i had an awful moment. See, i have a USB (for those of you who don't know, a USB is used to store files for computers) and i keep lots of stuff on it. I keep my big story on it and it's always the most updated version. I also keep all my plans for that story, and for the next story i'm planning. The plans alone are the result of dozens of hours of work. I also use it to transfer music and school work between computers (and also certain pics before i learnt better), and it also has all the keys to my house on its keyring.

As you can tell, it's one of the most important things i have.

I was convinced that i'd put it in my pocket that morning before i left for school, because i always do. And i remembered seeing it on my desk and slipping it in my pocket then heading out to the car cos my Nan was dropping me off at school.

Well at school, i had Creative Writing then an assembly down at the Auditorium. (We're getting ready for work experience, and people from the army came to talk to us *cough recruit cough*. Apparently you get payed a shitload of money for very little and easy work. Sure...) Anyways, after that at recess, i was heading from my locker when i felt down to my pocket. And all i felt was a couple of tissues.

No USB. No keys. Nothing. Just tissues. My heart absolutely sank. I felt so sick. I knew i hadn't saved a copy of my story in weeks, and the plans hadn't been backed up at all recently. I checked my bag, checked my pocket a hundred times and went down and checked under the seats at the Auditorium. And nothing. It wasn't there. So i felt sick to my stomach all day. I was praying that it had fallen out of my pocket onto the seat of my Nan's car that morning. Cos i was sure i'd put it in my pocket that morning.

So i was so terrified when Nan picked me up after school for an optometrist appointment, and there was nothing on the seat, beside the seat or under the seat. I checked under Nan's seat and the floor behind my seat. I even checked the glovebox. Actually, i was beyond terrified. I was distraught. So so so much work. Gone.

I went to my appointment, then after that sat with my head in my hands all the way home. If it wasn't on my desk at home, i knew i would never get it back.

As soon as we got home, i bounded out of the car and up my steps and opened the door. I ran down to my room, hoping and praying so hard.

I opened my door and looked around and... nothing. No USB.

I felt so sick. I was shoving things around and throwing them off the desk. Still nothing. Oh God.

And then... there was a little glint from under a packet of biscuits. It was my keys... and they were attached to my USB. Literally, i came out to tell my Mum, but just fell to the floor in the corridor - relief washing over me. My head on the carpet. Clutching my USB and keys so hard they were digging into my skin. I haven't been that relieved since i told my Mum i was gay, i tell you.

Why was i so convinced i'd put them in my pocket though? I distinctly remember doing so... Was it because i was so used to the repetition of doing it every day? Or was something else at work here? o.O

So the moral of the story is... Well, from now on i'm always going to zip up my pocket. lol

Oh, and back everything up straight away. :)

- Also, a really cute boy who i talk to online wanted me to mention him in my blog. I literally call him 'Cutie'. You sweet boy Dan. ^_^

He has a thing for feet. lol

I'm sure he'll appreciate me mentioning that. :)

Aye. That's it.

Stay safe and try to be positive.

Weekends are so boring. lol



cvn70 said...


well i am sure your mum has seen it before :P, well maybe not in that state of fullness i guess lol. ever thought of locking the door haha

ok so we are pervs are you going to answer the question? i hate having days like the one you had. yor mind can play tricks on you thatis for sure and i am glad you found that usb stick.

let me save you some time and some advice, stay the F out of the military they pay like shit and they hate homos like us.

take care and be safe, enjoy the youth group


Jake Annonymous said...


im right here. lol

as to the wanking;
I love that "What are you doing?".... " NOTHING GO AWAY" moment lol

Jake Annonymous said...

Also, I have a cousin that got discharged from the army reserves for turning up at their recruitment centre and asking them why they didn't get to go absailing of cliffs in Hawaii like in the promos.

Mr. HCI said...

USB is an acronym for Universal Serial Bus. A USB is simply a connector that allows a peripheral to attach to a computer and information to flow back-and-forth. What you've got is a USB Flash Drive: a memory chip attached to a USB. When you plug it in to your computer, it acts as though it was a hard drive.


So . . . get a second memory stick and always make two backups! You can keep one at home and one with you.

AJCon89 said...

just think about how your mom felt when she caught you... lol

she is probably talking about it with all her friends at work... just like you are here...

"you will never believe what i caught my son doing last night... cringe"


Col said...

LOl. "Epic cringe" is an understatement, and thank God you found your USB too!

Good luck on Monday Mboy.

Take care,

Seth said...

Someone definitely needs some backup strategies. and yes, MrHCI is correct - you've got a "thumb drive", "flash drive" or "memory stick" (which is technically Sony brand, but also a generic term). Not that we're being OCD or anything :)

Gosh, I still have my (at the time huge) 64mb thumb drive LOL.

As for backup:

1) do you have a cd-burner or dvd-burner drive? or use someone who does, and Burn one or two discs of your absolutely irreplaceable stuff (porn does not count LOL) - and if possible keep them "off-site" - maybe at a family members house? Call me paranoid but...

1a) there are also "free" online backup services for critical data, but i would recommend using #5 first. heck, even Google offers 1 gig + of space to store critical documents.

2) backup important stuff on your hard drive onto your thumb drive (create a special folder or even better a partition) for the data.

3) backup important stuff on your thumb drive, onto your hard drive (reverse #2)

4) sync the changed data every couple weeks, so in case you lose one or the other, you've got a backup and only lose your last few weeks of work (businesses do this daily but they have critical data) - leave the rest of the data as it is. Ie: make a folder for things you are working on like your story, etc and only need to back those up, the older date (stuff you want to keep but don't change) you don't need to backup

5) find a (free) encryption program for some basic file encryption - in case you lose that thumb drive - it will keep your average person from reading the data.

6) there are backup software programs out there as well, not sure whats free, i do my backups manually being anal-retentive, but you can get one to "automate" the process by syching only whats change.

Anyway - have triple redundancy is good. I actually gave in to my paranoia and bought a SECOND external hard dribe. One i use daily to extend my capacity and store everything, the second one contains a full backup of the first one, and is stored in a safe deposit box. May be a bit extreme, but i've worked...err.. hard.... on my collection :)

oh yes and stay out of the military. :)

Jake said...

@ Seth, I beg to differ on your porn not being important ;) :P. I don't think you are obsessive. I do the same thing. I have everything saved on my comp in a 'safe' place, a backup hard drive that is on my desk and use regularly. And I also have a hard drive in a safety deposit box at the bank ;)

On it I have, most importantly, my porn, old school documents, old emails and anything else that I think i would ever need, music, and a few non porn related videos.

@Aj : Yea i was thinking the same thing about how his mom is now at work or somewhere with all her female motherly colleagues saying "You'll never guess what my son was doing last night!"

@MirrorBoy : yea, they are right about the thumb drive terms, but hey, who's keeping track :P There have been many occasions where I thought that I had lost things, and actually did and I know the feeling of eternal loss such as you had.

Anonymous said...

Your instructions re. Landyn's blog have been obeyed - altho I generally head over to checkup on him anyway... but now he's marked as a favourite.

I SO relate about the flash drive (or whatever u'r supposed to call it) I lost one a while ago and it had a lot of 'personal' stuff on it. I eventually found it, much to my relief, and now I also do the backup thing.

Real glad you've found the group on Mon. Wish I'd had something like that at your age. I just got beat up by anyone I mentioned my sexuality to :-(

Thanks for always staying positive and for keeping up such an entertaining blog.

Peace, Take care, have fun,
Oh and .... lock the door :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you've found a gay support group and plan on attending.

I wonder if the repeated question, "Are there any cute guys?" doesn't have more to it than you might first think... During college and immediately after, I inched out of the closet by joining several different gay groups - a political action group, a businesspeople's group, and two social groups. I found that the memberships of the groups were largely made up of people who (I believed) had worked long and hard to look, act, talk and think as if they were beyond the fringe, and that they needed these groups to have some place to fit in. The business group was the mildest, but it still served as a forum for showing off wealth and exchanging 'trophy' partners. While I gave each group the benefit of the doubt, and went to at least three gatherings each, and also forced myself to be open to people; I never managed to connect with anyone and was quite disappointed by the entire experience.

Of course I want to know about 'cute guys' but, what I really want to know is what kind of people attend, do you think you'll be able to relate to them on a personal level, are there others close to your age, etc.

mirrorboy said...

Must you all be such geeks? lol

I just wanted to make it simple enough for those who didn't know what a 'USB flash drive' was to remember. USB is easier.

And if I call it my USB, then that's frickin good enough for you too!


Cutie Dan said...

aw come on now. U didnt have to tell everyone!
haha i still love u tho.

Kevin Wilson said...

Well, looks like your mum has a story to to dine out on for a while and if Gay marriage is ever approved here, it'll bring the house down.

Have 3 USB key things - they NEVER leave the house unless I desperately need them. I know I'll lose them - I'm terrible with small things.

Good luck with the Gay youth group - I hope they just don't sit around talking and they organise social activities as well.

Kim said...

And the moral of that story is, PUT THE BISCUITS AWAY! ;)

Steevo said...

I guess I ask if there are any cuties at the meeting cuz I hope you might like one and make friends! Of course if there are some not so cute ones they may really need and appreciate some attention.

Aek said...

Aww, epic cringe indeed.

I have 3 USBs. Each has a different purpose (because each can hold different amounts of data).

Now I need to get more than one SD card, because apparently one is prone to corruption or something.