Thursday, February 26, 2009

Waitin for the cat to come home.

So i'm gonna post while i sit out here in the kitchen, waiting for my cat Jemima to show up so i can let her inside. :/

I feel like i'm fully past my writer's block. I was tapping away today, and i only got up about 750 words, but it's a lot more progress in a day than i've had in a long time. And i was truly smiling on the inside while i wrote. Writing really is my passion. It makes my heart beat. It gives me a purpose. It gives me goals and something to strive for, and it makes me happy.

And when you sit back and look at something you just created, and it looks good, well, that is a great feeling.

My story is up past 183,000 words now. :)

(Cat just got home. W00t.)

A big part of my struggle is probably the part i'm up to in my story. It takes a lot of specifics because i'm up to a full-on war now, and i have to look after characters who are at different places doing different things. Sometimes i'm minus my main characters and they're the ones who i have developed the most, so it's harder to write for secondary characters, but that's what i was doing today and i made some good progress. And i'm building up to a climax in this war, which will no doubt be a lot of fun to write, if not a bit stressful too. ;)

But it's moments like when a fighter is against a fully armoured strong foe and is losing the fight, who then grabs a plank of wood and starts bashing the crap out of him and turns the tables, that really make me smile and make all the stress worth it.

The cool battle scenes are one thing, but my favourite parts are the characters. I sometimes can't bring myself to kill someone because i'm so attached to them. -_-

Okay okay, i'll stop now. I could keep going and going and going about writing, but i won't. I'll save that for another day.

Does anyone else despise that new-look Followers thing? I think it's called Friend Connect now or something. It's plain ugly and takes heaps longer to load. Why the hell couldn't they give you a choice about whether you wanted to change or not?

'Blogs that are using the Following feature have automatically been migrated to Friend Connect, so you don't need to do a thing.'

Gee. Thanks.

, Landyn posted recently, so go have a look!

Here's today's music link. It's an unusual song, but it's still cool.

And here's a pic of Jemima who just got home. :)


pinstripe said...

:) Seeing your cat just lazing there in the sun makes me smile.. as I go to bed, to wake up for another day of work.

Ahh the life of a domestic pet! haha

I'm glad you're over writers block, as we all know it's not permanent.

ps i love you.


cvn70 said...


unlike pinstripe i get to wake up to your posts and they normally put me in a good mood to out and deal with the world

I am happy to hear you have time and solace to continue your writing.

Be very careful where you are when you finally get to that climax and release all this stress you have :)

today's song seemed like it was in a hurry, take care and be safe


Tee said...

Oh my, I didn't know you were writing a book. I definately should read your blog more often, I feel like I'm missing out. I'm gonna dig through your archives sometime. :)

Is there some kind of preview somewhere?

Anyway, I invite you to read my blog from time to time. I love writing, too. Although I'm not (yet) writing entire books, my posts contain small stories. They could be interesting for you. Especially if you're interested in someone else's writing.

Take care,

naturgesetz said...

I hadn't even noticed the Friends Connect business until you mentioned it. It doesn't look very different so far, but I'm wondering what this "Sign in" option is all about. I also didn't notice a longer loading time. But then you've got way more followers than I do. lol

Glad you're past the writer's block.

And thanks for the picture of Jim. Any day you can't think of something to post, just give us a kitty pic. But don't limit it to that.

Tee said...

By the way, I totally agree with you on that Following thing. I actually want to remove it now, it's too damn ugly.

Planetx_123 said...

Im in love with your cats.

Your book sounds good. Im looking forward to reading it!


Tim said...

Your cat is lovely. I'm glad that your progressing with your story. I used to love writing. It's very rewarding and you obviously have a passion for it.

Seth said...

she is SO cute. is she supposed to be outside? I got nervous and thought you were "waiting for her to come home" as if she disappeared.

Oh, FFS the stupid follower thing. I mentioned it the other day, and didn't even think to check my own blog.

It now doesn't work on my page so I have to reinstall it or whatever. grr.

Col said...

Good news on getting past the writers block, and yeah... I don't like the new "followers" thing either!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I wish I could sleep like that...and on concrete. o.O

Aek said...

I <3 your cat pics.

And I literally scratched my head after getting on internet in a week and seeing the Follower function thing change suddenly. Made me go "Wtf."