Monday, February 2, 2009

One day down...

First of all, my head hurts.

Second, i had a pretty shit day, but that was to be expected. No horrible tragedies occured thankfully. Nothing spirit-shattering. My form class is okay. There's a few not so nice people and a few nice people as well, which is obviously a good thing.

There was so much going on i guess people weren't interested in me today. heh

By the first 2 periods, we'd been told about the coordinators and locations, then sent to our form rooms (a form is like the class we're in for basic subjects like English, and a form room is where our class goes for meetings and stuff) where we found out who our teacher was and the roll was marked, then there was a senior school assembly with our principal. Then we went back to our form rooms and were given our planners (like student diaries), and then were shown to our lockers where we put our stuff. Then we went back to our form rooms where we discussed the rules and expectations etc.

So much info at once on the first day.

Periods 3 and 4 i had double French with our new teacher. She's pretty cool and it's a nice class. The only bad thing is that French is just... so... fucking... hard. Then we got homework.

Homework... on the first day from my first class.

For a test next week i have to remember the irregular past participles of...

étré, rire, sourire, suffire, suivre, acquérir, conquérir, mettre, prendre, apprendre, comprendre, surprendre, reprendre, dire, écrire, décrire, conduire, construire, cuire and détruire.

For every one of those words, there is an irregular past participle... étré becomes été, acquire becomes acquis, dire becomes dit etc.

Ugh. French is hard... Francais est très difficile... or something... :/

But then i had advanced maths for periods 5 and 6.

In those two periods, on the first day ffs, we were introduced to surds. At the start, we had no idea what they were, and by the end, we were doing problems like 'simplify 6√5 - √3 + √5 - 3√3'

And we did 3 pages of maths work. I has headache.

That was only 2 classes, and i already thought French and Maths would be the best classes. Tomorrow i'll find out about some of the others, like Architecture. From what i remember from orientation last year, Architecture is going to suck.

But i survived the day. I'm still alive. Unfortunately i feel sick and tired. I guess it wasn't a good idea staying up til 1am to watch the tennis last night... but i couldn't get to sleep because Rafael Nadal *sigh* was playing the men's single final against Roger Federer *shakes fist*. I couldn't sleep until i knew who won.

Rafael Nadal won. So i went to sleep a little bit happy.

Now, it's time to rest. Ugh.


James said...

I'm so sorry man, I know things will improve, though.

Gosh, I had a flashback to undergrad with French. And the nightmares before each course, where I couldn't find any of my rooms. O.o

Jake said...

What is a 'form room'? I'd be interested to see what your school looks like in comparison to the school I just graduated from.

mirrorboy said...

I just edited in what a form room is. Hope it helps.

naturgesetz said...

I'm glad that there was no trouble because of your orientation for this day anyway. Having to study in difficult courses is pretty much par for the course in school.

Even straight guys have to do that. lol

Seriously, I'm glad nobody gave you major trouble.

Good luck with the courses.

Steevo said... u realiZe THAT PISSIN N MOANIN ABOUT HOW hARD SCHOOL WILL BE academically IS A FRIGGIN GOOD SIGN ffs --- like a regular senior year? yer GLOBAL mates r here dood.

so get yer shit together--- study yer ass off and make us all proud! You're old news it seems. Mboy who? LOL



victor said...

i always hated the first day of school. and the last. and all the ones in between. oh wait...
sorry about the headache, sounds like brain overload. and french, ya, i know enough french to talk to a 6th grader. maybe. best wishes buddy.

Poisoned Happiness said...

I think non-native speakers feels same about learning english :P Be happy you don't have to learn japanese or chinese.

Lindsay said...

Apart from the tennis-induced sleep deprivation, it sounds like you had a typical first day of a senior year.

Information overload, schedule overload, and homework overload!

Hoping the nice teachers and nice students win out as things settle down into a routine.

Get some rest and stay strong.

Anonymous Blogger said...

god, i hate school too. BUt at least people are better now. It gets better as you get older.

Lets exchange links yea??

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Not wanting to trivialise any of your issues, but you hit the nail on the head when you said "i guess people weren't interested in me today. heh" Don't forget, they each have their own bits and pieces to sort out, and as you advance up the school, getting closer to the exams that matter, those people will have even less time or inclination to give you a hard time. Just work hard, keep your head down, get the grades, and get out! (Sounds so simple, but you know what I mean, I hope!)
Re: French - it's my 3rd language, so hit me up if you get stuck!
Re: French 2 - why are you learning French ffs?! Planning a trip to Papeete? Don't worry - they all speak English in Mahu!

Mr. HCI said...

Hmmmm . . . never heard the term "surd" before but those look like little square root symbols.

Classwork and homework on day one sucks but you're a big boy now and that'll likely be the case from now on.


I grew up in a former French colony so I had French in kindergarten then second through sixth grade. I can hardly remember a damn thing. I'm merde at foreign languages.

Sounds like not too horrible a first day, overall, though!


Seth said...

Damn! Double French followed by double math? Oy.

How many periods do you have in a full day?

What grade are you in now? freshman, sophomore, junior, senior? I should probably know this but my mind is not as sharp these days LOL.

Anyway - sounds like you've got your hands full with things - but perhaps your less-than-savory classmates might also be otherwise distracted too.

Hope tomorrow is better for you!!

ps: shame on you for staying up so late the night before school. heheheh j/k :)

Anonymous said...

1 year - 1 day at a time - and remember all those other pricks are just as scared and lonely as you are - except you have something they don't have - all of us!

Aahsazyl said...

lol ditto the learning english part from PH and french is complete shit thats why i learned it and speak it :P
but, if youre not so interested in masochism, i suggest you take something else like spanish thats more applicable...
oh, too late

Aek said...

I don't know what "surds" are, but if it's just square roots and simplifying algebra, I'd take that over biostatistics any day.

I've come to either like most of my classes, or tolerate them. Though the ones I do hate (*cough* biostat *cough*) I hate with the burning passion of 100 suns.

Good luck with school and all that. You survived the first day! Take things one day at a time, and get some sleep. :)

Razz said...

congratulations on getting through the first day. bit of advise for you... you've got to develop a thicker skin. you'll need it not just in school right now, but also when you finally leave that small town of yours. big cities are awesome, but they also have their bad points. anyway, good luck for the rest of the school year. cheers.


Tombi04 said...

Congratulations on surviving!
Good luck with the rest of the week.