Thursday, February 19, 2009

Man, i so love comments.

Yes. It's true. All bloggers are comment sluts. We love them. We can't get enough of them. It makes us high. :P

For some reason though, in the past few weeks, i've been called oh so many things in my comments.

I've been told in many comments recently that i'm depressing, i'm annoying, i'm ignorant, i upset people, i'm boring, i whinge and whine, i make people sad, i'm full of myself, i have a big ego and think i'm above everyone, i censor people's opinions, i overreact and i have no sense of humour.

Then there are comments on other blogs, about ME.

I'm brainwashing people and trying to force people to love me and i get my readers to abuse those who don't. A certain someone wanted to board the 'death2mirrorboy' train. Someone also said they wanted to punch me in the face, but, after i confronted them it turned out it was only a joke. I see.

Now, it's all well and good to just laugh at these comments and delete them, but no matter what i do, these FUCKWITS can't seem to get it through their thick heads that if you don't like my blog, i want you to NOT read it! I don't want you reading it! If you're reading my blog and getting depressed and upset and i'm annoying you, it's not my fucking problem. Grow some fucking balls!

If you're reading a blog that you don't like, and staying, and then leaving me comments about how much you hate it and me, you need to get a life.

I'm sick of biting my tongue. Next time one of you anonymous fucks leave a comment, leave me a link so i can come to YOU and abuse YOU.

I don't get it. Suddenly a bunch of these fuckwits decide to abuse me. I don't give a fuck, i just don't know why there are weirdos like this out there.

Anyways, it's your problem, not mine. I don't care, i just thought it would make an interesting post. lol :)


PS. I will whinge, whine, bore, overreact, censor and annoy as much as i want, cos it's my own fucking blog.

Suck on that. :)

PSS. Don't worry about reassuring me that these people are just weirdos. I already know that. Just after what i've been through, i've decided i'm the sort of person who confronts problems head-on. :)

love again.

That's right.



Mr. HCI said...

People are jerks and, like it or not, you're an internet celebrity.

Just be glad you don't have papparazzi driving you off the road into a retaining wall while they try to get your picture . . .

. . . yet


cvn70 said...


if only you knew how much you meant to some of us none of these a-holes comments would ever cause you a moments notice.

your voice and story are not comprised of whining, bitching, or ranting rather i have found you to be caring, sensitive and willing to share your love. you share with it with all who ask for it you are such a caring person.

there will always be confused people among us whose actions are simply not worth discussing but do not let them alter your path. Stay strong and stay well and btw stop brain washing me :P

take care and be safe, love and hugs


AJCon89 said...

Hey Mboy...

Stop being such a whiner... you and your big ego are really getting annoying already...

Yeah... I know you are just going to delete my comment cause you hate it when anyone disagrees with you... but whatever... we all know you overreact anyway.

Your blog is boring anyway... you ignorant and so full of yourself... you really need to stop depressing everyone.

Hugs and Kisses...

I love you babe... lol


Lindsay said...

Good to see that you have your fighting spirit back.

Head-butt them till it hurts... them, not you.

And then sic the felines on to them.

These "people" are cowards for hiding behind their "Anonymous".
Popping out to blow their little raspberries and poke out their little tongues... like the little children they are!

They are annoying and pesky brats.

You, on the other hand, are not.
You are a valued member of this blog community.
You demonstrate an intelligence, maturity and compassion that has impressed all of us.

Thank you for being yourself here and sharing your life with us.


billy said...

I don't often comment cos you get heaps already so anything I would has already been said.

Like all of us, you're just a guy dealing with what life serves up in your own way.
But you've put yourself out there for others in a way that's made a difference for people. You don't see it, but even at school your strength is an inspiration for other guys dealing with their sexuality.

Most of us admire you for these things, but some people are jealous. That's sad, jealousy is such a negative emotion.

Lach said...

Anyone who wants to fuck with mcake has to go through me first!

Anonymous said...

Hi m/b, I guess the un-loved envy the loved. And of course we all love you. Perhaps thats what they dont like.
Similar things have happened for example to cash lottery winners. All of a sudden their neighbours and so called friends turn on them because they dont have what they've got.
You've clearly got something that not everyone's got.

Keep spreading the love.

D. xx

Planetx_123 said...

People suck.

That second picture of your cat looks like A LION!!! Oh my good-- who could possibly fuck with someone who owns a scary cat like that!!


naturgesetz said...

deejohn has it right.

That's why God created delete buttons.

Thanks for the kitty pics.

Col said...

Lol!! Go Mboy! Go Mboy!

jay.osa said...

just be true to yourself and trust in the people that support you. the rest don't matter.


Anonymous said...

Just gotta say I LOVE your blog!!!
Been following it for a while now and I never know what to expect, but every one of your posts are GREAT.

(just re-read that and it kinda makes me sound like a stalker... oops :-)

Maybe I'm just stupid or something, but I've never noticed you doin any of that negative stuff those oddballs write about. You always come across as caring, honest, fun-loving, genuine and all round wonderful kinda guy.

And yes - Mr.HCI is correct, you are a true internet celebrity!

Gotta ask, are those pics of your cat? They're pretty awesome either way...

Anyways, thanks for sharing your life with us here, keep well and never give up.

Davey said...

If those kitty pics don't scare 'em off nothing will!


Cutie Dan said...

i think you're amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Of course you can always make it so that you have to approve comments before they're posted. That'll put a stop to the meanies.


Anonymous said...

I think it's ironic that I read this post less than 20 minutes after talking on the phone with my extremely long distance boyfriend about how his day went...

He had a panic attack this evening after several people verbally attacked him from their house windows for allowing his dog to bark at other dogs while walking after dinner!!! My only recourse was to remind him that the world is mostly populated by ASSHOLES and that he should try not to take any of it personally. He agreed to try. God, I love him...


I love you, mirrorboy! You make it so easy to love you (and conversely, to hate you) because you're always REAL. You never sugarcoat the truth and you always cut to the heart of the matter, without regard to the topic at hand. You have NEVER come across as a poser, and I've been following this blog since forever when back then... Believe it or not, people who dare to be real inspire others, it's just that some of those who are inspired can't get past their own negativity, so they lash out at you. Within me, you inspire HOPE, which I believe is one of the most precious commodities out there.

Please continue as you have before!

I love mboy's blog!

Anonymous said...

You make my day every time. I'm not English (uncool Afrikaans) so I plagiarise your phrases (and personality) for my own emails (and life). Often a situ says, what is needed here is to be Mirrorboy, and it works! You also help others here in South Africa, that's how I know about your - very old and very big soul, already doing so well what you came here for. But you may not quite do as a journalist. They have to write exactly as jerks tell them to. Working for one place is further less nice as you can get fired. Homophobia is at the office too. School is war against children and university is daylight robbery everywhere. I'd say don't waste time and get into debt for that, if you can help it. Instead I recommend learning about website design and reseller hosting. It makes great passive income, I do it here in SA. Not really difficult and much gets re-used. I'm not the sharpest tool so if I can, you can. One needs to be a natural perfectionist and above all, be willing to help people. The hard work is to hold the client's hand. Very concordious when this leads to major success for them. You then don't depend on a single employer, you can fire problem clients - in Victoria you have many people. You can also maintain several of your own sites on topics, for ad revenue. I don't yet but some over here make real money that way. I don't even have my own site up yet, no time with all the clients. Potentially very diverse work including hosting, design, writing, SEO, snapping and fixing photos, research, some scripting, mass mail, pdf files, some Flash, corporate identities, presentations, even PC help, and legal documents they didn't know they needed. All leading to grateful and loyal clients. In Melbourne you have one of the best resources, sitepoint dot com.

Jase said...

sometimes you sound like the James Frey of the young blogger world lol. Without the bullshit fakeness stuff but he is my favourite author so its a massive compliment :)

Landyn said...

I would just like to take this opportunity to say that I am not a fuckwit.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I had someone come out as bi in my year 10 Maths class on Wednesday. It meant I didn't get much maths taught, but that's nothing new with that class. The reaction from most people was curiosity - in class - it's only when he left that a couple of dickheads started up with the mocking camp talk and bums against the wall stuff. The rest of the class were fine with it.

It's kind of fortunate for him that he is big - like 188 cm, and solid. He got removed from the class by the co-ordinator half way through the class, I found out today it was to do anger management stuff. Turns out he thumped a kid who was giving him shit about it earlier in the day. It's good they didn't suspend him for it!

I had a good talk to him after class today (I had to give him a detention for being a total pain lol). He says he is copping verbal shit around school. I made it clear that anything said to him that he finds offensive wont be tolerated.
He doesn't know I'm gay, and he wont. No way am I coming out to a year 10 class. Sorry. Too many dickheads in Melbourne, just like your town.

After following your story over the months I couldn't believe it when this happened. Sorry about the long off-topic comment, but I just had to share it!


Anonymous said...

What on EARTH were you doing to your cat??

Seth said...

man i'm actually jealous LOL. at least you get SOME comments - even from fuckwits. j/k. I know how frustrating it is, and I love seeing you vent - its healthy way to release... errr. Right then.

So all you m-boy bashers - come over to my blog and start shit - leave our m-boy alone. :)

Randy said...

You bore me, your annoying, your lame, i dont like you, and you depress me. I want to punch you.

I am only kidding, it just took me three hours to read all your postings, and time flew. Even in your random rantings you are truly engaging, and a pleasure to read. You are extremely insightful, and thought provoking, at least to me.

I am not much of a writer but i am a reader, a proper book worm, I am excited that somebody out there has dealt with the same shit I have, not to mention competently illustrate it.

Please keep writing, you are going to save me a fortune on e-books. ;)