Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On shelves.

First, thanks for all the supportful comments and emails. It really does mean the world to me.

My new idea for a blog colour combination was... not that popular. Only a few votes for yes on it, so i didn't even bother to let the poll finish. lol

An another note althogether, we watched Pulp Fiction in Creative Writing at school today. Violence and blood, swearing, and unexpected anal rape. O_O

About a week ago, i borrowed a book i'd heard about, from the library... *ruffles through bag*

Hot Hits The Remix by an Aussie author (Bernie Monagle) who visited our school once. It's about a few closeted gay kids who at the start are in year 10 and it goes over a couple of years.

(A couple of months ago, i would have been too afraid or embarassed to even be seen looking at it. I guess there are a few small benefits to being 'out'. At least i don't have to pretend anymore.)

Anyways... This book has got me thinking...

Imagine my blog, on a much larger scale. I write about my life and my experiences on here all the time. Maybe one day, i could put these thoughts into a book.

If this blog is helping a few people online, imagine what i could do if 'my story' was out there on shelves - out there amongst everyone, for anyone who was looking to find and read.

It wouldn't be written the same way as my blog, of course. It would be semi autobiographical, mainly about my coming out, and how i've tried to deal with it and my experiences to do with sexuality.

Of course, i can't actually write it yet. I'm still going through my journey... but perhaps one day...

Don't forget, i AM a writer. I pour most of my life into writing. It might not be that much of a stretch. :)

Here are today's music links. I was only gonna post one, but it was a sad one, so i figured i'd post another one as well. :) Don't listen if you're in a fragile state. It ain't gonna help. Especially the start. Then it moves to what i feel is like desperation and crying out. But that's my interpretation. Gets a lot faster and upbeat further on. :)

Don't forget to comment about the songs, plz? *puppy dog eyes*


cvn70 said...


the second song was better to me cause it had movement and was upbeat the first song was depressing and it sounded more like whales moaning then any crying :P

On your new book idea i think that is great but what about a book that included coming ot stories from you and several other bloggers combined. I have always thought that that would make great reading also.

take care and be safe


Anonymous said...

Publishing the book and having it sitting on shelves won't be as useful as a blog or an online book that's freely available.
If you felt embarrased to pick up the book before you came out, it will be the same for other teens. The book won't do them much good if they are too scared to be seen reading it.
I reckon the best option is to publish it online or do it via a blog... kinda like what you are doing now.
Just my two cents.

Mr. HCI said...

Books for gay/bi teens are definitely a burgeoning market. You write well, so I think you'd have a chance at getting published. And there will be a market for coming out stories until there is no longer any stigma attached to being something other than straight.

@Anonymous: not entirely true! I used to pick up and flip through books at the bookstore all the time when I was a kid, as soon as no one else was in the same aisle. I must've read the (short) chapter on gay fantasies in Nancy Friday's Men in Love dozens of times, for example, and my fingerprints are no doubt in countless copies of The Joy of Gay Sex, which was published when I was 13. Then again, those were pretty much the only two books I could find when I was younger with anything positive to say about homosexuality.

Seth said...

"Anonymous" has a valid point. Especially since kids in the future are not even going to know what a bookstore IS, since paper books will go the way of the dinosaur. So an online version might be the best future option LOL.

All kidding aside, its a great idea - maybe you can edit a compilation of people's blog stories from all of us wonderful bloggers, including your stuff. *shameless promotion* :)

ps: I didn't listen to the first song. Too fragile. LOL.

pps: the second song is so trance-y. And like... it sounds like the soundtrack to a nintendo game or something. LOL. It's ok, but give me house music any day.


torchy! said...

re the book, i'm probly with anon #1. re the music: 1st = moody/ambient, didn't find it depressing - soothing if anything. 2nd - really enjoyed it, deffo my style.


David in Boston said...

Mboy, I came upon this post in a blog called Picture Perfect. It made me think of you and your situation. I thought it had an air of hope about it and thought perhaps you would enjoy reading it.

David in Boston

cant think of a cool one said...

meh, talk to me some time if u want on msn plox?

Poisoned Happiness said...

Don't tell me you haven't seen 'Pulp Fiction' before. It's classic!!!

Also you might want to check who borrowed this book before, maybe there are other gay students at your school? Or ones with doubts about their sexuality? You wouldn't be alone then.

Planetx_123 said...

Pulp Fiction == Awesome. I have a signed script by Quinton T. himself (brushes off fake dust on shoulders)

I agree that a book is a great idea, but I think you should at least intermix blog posts with the story. I think that would create a text that is a bit unique and fresh. There are tons of novels-- and while it may be a gimmick it might make for a more interesting read.

First song- I love. Ambient electronica is probably my favorite genre--I listen to it every second I am at work, because it helps me think.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Goeiedag maat, yes you should put many products out there. You have enormous talent, much finer and greater than you probably realise. Also consider doing poetry and some oil painting. Only beware, too much oil paint inhaled and on the skin can give multiple sclerosis, if one is prone to that.

You are much like these by Robert Frost:

Baie liefde en groete uit Suid-Afrika.

Landyn said...

Since you said the first one is sad, I didn't listen to it...didnt anna ruin the one happy afternoon ive had in a while haha

Loved the second one though

I think you should so do something like a book or a "journal" that you publish...or something.
I'd buy it :)

...I had something clever to say, but jake might get mad if i said it hahaha

Love you man,
Landyn <33, my word verification is "dortswag" hahaha thats a fun word to say

ハラ said...

Happened to come by your blog and listened to the music links you gave. I prefer the first piece to the second one. =D

Kevin Wilson said...

The great thing about this technological marvel called the internet is that it does allow people to get out and publish real books without the fuss of having to find a publisher who is willing to take a chance.

Certainly a lot of other people have made money by reconfiguring their blogs into books but there is more to your idea than making money even though I think you could get away with recycling a few of your blog entries and expanding on them a little.

Will be interesting to see if you decide to go in that kind of direction.

Aek said...

I like the second song a lot. :)