Saturday, February 7, 2009

Life sucks.

I'm doing everything i can to change my situation.

I'm not going to post about it now. I'll post as i make any progress. I will say i did tell my Mum about my situation though.

Egh. Yeah. Life just sucks. I'm trying to stay strong, though i don't feel like the same person i was a week ago. Gone are the happy dayz for me.

Well this post is just to let you know i'm still alive and life is sucking... really... bad... and i'm almost falling apart but i'm trying my best to change that.


AJCon89 said...

I love you buddy... Please stay strong (I know you will)

I am so proud of you for being proactive about this...

Love ya and miss you real bad,

cvn70 said...


thanks for letting us know you are among us and still fighting. i hope your mum can help and things can better.

stay in one piece and stay strong lien on jake and others for support as you have been a pillar for them in the past.

life is long and it will get better. i am sorry you are facing these struggles. Wishing you well

take care and be safe, my friend


torchy! said...

there's a big cloud of co2 on this side of the planet coz we've finally been able to let out our breaths. phew.

hang on in there buddy, i am sure you're doing the right thing to get adults involved. hopefully your mum can take some action which will start to change things for the better.


Anonymous said...

nice to know that you're still alive :) you don't have to tell us anything, but know that everyone on here will only provide you support.

it's good that you're staying strong and working to change things. it's deffo a step in the brave and right direction.

good luck and know that nothing is permanent. for better or for worse, things will change :)


Col said...

Thank God you've at least told your mum. I can only hope that it has helped, or will help you in the very near future.

I know you'll try your very best not to fall apart... because you're strong. I'm very proud of you!!!

Love and hugs,

Mr. HCI said...

Just an update let's us know you're still there . . .

Glad to hear you've told your Mum and are doing other things, as well. You'll make it!

Planetx_123 said...

Sorry to hear-- but thanks for letting us know you're still alive!


naturgesetz said...

I'm sorry that things are going so badly.


*hugs again*

I'm really glad to read your first two paragraphs, that you're doing what you can about it. That is so much better than just enduring it all passively. I'm sure your Mum will do whatever she can to help, and I hope it is one bit of consolation just to know that she knows what you're going through.

Hang in there. You know that things will change.

God bless you.


Steevo said...


xthecouragex said...

all i can really say is I love you and I miss you. I know you'll get through this, your a stronger person than I will ever be.

we'll still be here when you get the chance to get on again.

Wishing you the best...


Aek said...

Hey, everyone's already said it. We're proud of you for doing something and holding up the best you can. I know it's not easy, but you are getting through this. If it helps, just think that all of use are thinking of you and wishing you well all over the world. :)

Lindsay said...

Even though it doesn't feel like you are winning this battle, you are...
It is slow and painful but you are winning.
To succeed in any battle, you need good resources, strategy and a band of people fighting alongside you for the same cause.

The cause in this battle is the right for you to be you and to be able to live your life as the unique individual that you are.

You have a band of people here fighting for you as best we can.
The more troupes on the ground where you are the better.
You've recuited your Mum, that is a good start. Keep recruiting.

MB, you didn't ask for this battle.
It came to you.
You have been forced to defend yourself, and you will, because you have the right to.

You will win.

You have the intelligence, passion, humour and heart to make a unique contribution to this world and to the lives you touch.

The following you have here for your blog is a testament to that.

And you are only 15....!!!

Enjoy and savour those things in your life that are still good at present, it is a good reminder of what is important and worth fighting for.


exalen said...

Hang in there, mate.

Poisoned Happiness said...

Good you told mom about your situation. You will now have real support by someone who is close to you. I wish you best and I know you will survive and win this fight. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Mirrorboy, bless you son. I hate the saying which says "this too shall pass", but I use it often to get past the bumps in life.

You are not the only young man to come out and have problems with those around you.

Glasses or not, you are a fine young man, sensitive, carring and with a big heart. And beautiful.

Son, we learn who our real friends are, and we learn who they are not. Those who stay with us, through thick and thin, are the Real friends ... friends who last a lifetime.

Ha ha, I was 39 years old when I came out. I thought I had friends, but, in many cases, found they were fair weather. My sons took it very hard, we had a very difficult road to hoe but we survived and are stronger than before. I have grandsons about your age, they are beautiful and so are you. My oldest came out to me first. He was worried about what his friends would think. Some have held onto him, some have not. He learned the lesson as I did. De ja vue. He's ok. And he is okay with life as it is.

He is also very self conscious of his looks ... must be a gay guy thing ... gg. BTW, his nose tip turns down instead of up - it is a family trait LOL.

Love you and hugs your way.


Anonymous said...

i used to love your site and you but you now are becomeing a winging i watched the news on the bushfires and the many sad stories comeing out of there...makes your trouble look small...i know u will delete this thats ok...wish u all the best 4 the now going to delete this site from my list of favs.

mirrorboy said...

A wingeing bore? ...A WINGEING BORE!?

What would you do as your life comes crashing down? As every day as you step outside, your heart races for fear of what will happen to you? As your future is in doubt as you don't know if you can keep going to the same school and resist falling apart, but can't afford an education elsewhere? I'm trying my best to be strong. I'm trying my best to fight. I'm trying my best to hold it together and not sink into depression. And you leave me a comment telling me i'm a wingeing bore.

Thanks a lot. Just... UGH. Go. I don't want people who make me angry reading my blog anyway.

Tombi04 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tombi04 said...

Oh! Em! Gee! Don't listen to that dick, he obviously has never had to deal with anything similar.


Love ya Mirrorboy.

Col said...

Unfortunately, some readers only want to read the happy and amusing stuff Mboy. You have an army of dedicated followers who will be here for you through thick and thin, happy and sad etc. Whatever's going on... WE WILL BE HERE!!!

Good luck tomorrow!

Take care,

Poisoned Happiness said...

Ignore him Mboy, you are much much better person with lot of friends here.

Lindsay said...

The Victorian bushfires are devastating.
The loss of life - tragic.
The loss of homes - heartbreaking.
The fact that some of them are deliberately lit - incomprehensible.

But, none of that diminishes the struggle and suffering that Mirrorboy is facing daily.

Generous souls have compassion for all those who suffer.

Mean souls use the suffering of others to justify their moral high ground.

Thankfully, here, the generous out number the mean.

It is best that he is gone.

Mirrorboy, as you enter school tomorrow, we all enter with you in spirit - you are not walking in alone.

kiwi said...

Hey man

I haven't been reading for long, but I sympathise with your situation. Urgh.

Have you tried attacking Universes again? I dunno if that's the last thing on your mind at the mo, but maybe it will help you to take some focus off the asswipes at school and get some stuff off your chest.

I always found writing helped me to process stuff, to get it out and deal with it. But you probably knew that anyway.

Stay strong man, you're walking an incredibly hard path, but a path of honesty and integrity, which is more than can be said of many of us. Hopefully you will one day look back and decide it was all worth it, coming out when you're still at school and being honest about who you are. I really hope so.

lots of platonic love from across the tasman

James said...

Always are your friends here loving you and supporting you and praying for you and thinking good thoughts toward you. In the long run that's got to count for something.

Just keep in mind, you don't go to school every day alone. We are all there with you, right behind you and sometimes at your side holding your hand if you need it. You just imagine that when you get down. I hope it helps some.

KCEmpath said...

Do let us know how you are. Not everybody is a dipshit you know, and I doubt anyone worth their salt will kick ya in the butt.

Ya take care, and may the wind be at your back.


mike h said...


There is always someone out there trying to knock you down to make them feel better about their pathetic life. Ignore them! I've been on this earth now for 47 years and have ran into these jerks a lot, and I'm sure I'll run into more.

What is nice is that you can delete the entry and forget about it.

There is a new trend here in the US that anonymous blogging is not going to protect you from the law. A Judge has ordered an ISP provider to reveal any and all information regarding an anonymous blog that went beyong reasonable free speach.

We love ya and hang in there!!


x! said...


naturgesetz said...

Just want to let you know that I'm still thinking about you and hoping that you're beginning to find ways of coping with your situation so that you won't keep hurting so badly.