Monday, February 23, 2009

Drama in Blogland.

So there's a decent argument over on AJ's Blog about points of view which i seem to have gotten myself involved in. I seem to always end up in comment fights. lol. But someone said something to me in particular which really got me going and brought me in. So i didn't start it. Honest. :)

Also, over on Steevo's Blog, there was a gay-hater spreading the usual crap on Steevo's latest post. Gave me another opportunity to swear. ;)

Don't forget to go comment on Landyn's Blog too, with some love. Please? For meeeee??

Sadly, my gay youth group was cancelled for today because the organiser is sick. So i'll have to wait for another week to get to go again... *sigh*

That was disappointing.

On a decent note though, i seem to have gotten over my writer's block and in the past couple of days have written over a thousand words. *high fives*

I haven't got much else to say, so i'll leave you with some links to a couple of songs i like. All my music needs are satisfied at

It's one of my favourite websites. You can listen to and download music, and also play games and watch animated movies.

For those of you who keep asking what sort of music i like, here are a few tracks. All you have to do is click, and if you've got decent internet speed, it'll play without even any load time. :)

(There is a pause button to let it load next to the tracker if it's slower)

I hope you listen to some but i know you're all lazy bastards. :P Simply piano and a heartbeat. Video-gamish remix. Kind of clubby/dancey. A bit gay. lol Something with a lot of kick that takes a couple minutes to get to the good bit - 2:30. Definitely one of my favs though. :)

I dunno if i should bother posting these links or not cos i don't know if people will even bother listening. So comment to let me know, please. I might put in a link every post or something. :)

K that's it. love.


James said...

I hope we can all support Landyn!

Steevo said...

mb... spitz is spitz... not all mentally ill people can get hospitalized.


mirrorboy said...

There's no hope for fuckers like him.

x! said...

It scares me how much e-drama happens here.

cvn70 said...


and wasn't you who said weekends are boring in blog land :P

4 songs not one of them with even one word in it I do not understand that, but the last one was better than the rest.

happy to hear you are writing agian, take care and be safe


Peter said...

Finally someone who posts music that I will actually listen too. I hate songs with lyrics....except for a few.

I can't tell you which one I like best cos...well, I haven't listened to them yet :p

deejohn said...

The 'Just piano and Heartbeat' is kind of sad but interesting. It gives off images of all the mirrorboys out there when they're at their lowest and there seems no hope. So dont play it too much m/b!

Had to play that gay clubby tune to bring me back up again. Ah thats better.


victor the lazy bastard said...

drama is only good if you're in theatre. otherwise it's tragic. and ya, i listened to all the music. 'twas cool, the cats even liked it. so link away. and glad you're back to writing, both story and here. take care then.

Aek said...

I'm listening to them! :D

I (almost) always listen to music clips and such that bloggers post.