Saturday, May 2, 2009

Home Alone.

Yeah. My Mum went on a trip so i've got the house to myself alllll weekend. ;D

And while Mum's away, Mboy plays... Yes. I made very good use of my time today! Muahaahaahaahaaaaaaa

I baked patty cakes. :D

I would take photos but my Mum took the camera with her so i can't.

But they are very yummy and i am a full boy. :)

Also, my friend is coming over for the day tomorrow. So i really won't be getting up to anything out of the usual. :P

I can only make one more post before my 200th special is due, so i might have to space it out for a while until i'm ready. haha. But i'm gonna make a post on MBWords soon and if you don't comment you're out of the family!

This guy keeps bugging me to plug his blog cos he doesn't have enough views. haha

He's actually a decent guy and he lives in New Zealand. And as we all know, New Zealanders are the most awesome people on the planet! :D


Oh, and i've had a few cool dreams recently.

One time my dream actually had characters from my story in it and it has given me a few ideas for settings, and the other time there was this cool way of attacking that i think i will adapt and actually put in my story. :D

I haven't been writing at all recently cos i've had way too much on my mind, so maybe this is my brain's way of telling me to get back to it!

I think that's all for now.



kinderfield said...

Oh u have a friend coming over when your home alone, sexytimes?

Use a condom son

G said...

YAY for more of the story!!!!

Sad :-( for having to space out the posts.
But we all understand...

You've just made me hungry, going to make something yummy to eat.

Have fun with your friend...

tom bombadil said...

Friend over, all alone...

dont blame me if I put the two together in a way you know im thinking :P

Aussi, I wanna bake with you :P

Well, have fun avec ton copain. Im off to MB words now.



Anonymous said...

Bloody Aussies

cvn70 said...


hmmm baking took an hour just what were you doing with the rest of the time :P I am sure revising jake's english paper bahahah

finally had a nice dream good to hear that. Oh and Seb aint a bad little guy. :)

hope that mind of yours is clearing up these days and all yor dreams are sweet, be good whiles mum's away

Dont do anything i would do lol

take care and be safe


Seth said...

For some reason I don't get the feeds of your other blog. Meh. Stupid google reader.

*idly twirls a pair of scissors*


Planetx_123 said...

'...and if you don't comment, you're out of the family!'

I like a stern mirrorboy, and I certainly don't want out of the family (where will I send my xmas cards?), so I will hurry over there now.

Good luck this weekend, don't burn the fucking house down.

Much Love,

Jeremy said...

Home alone, friend over :D

Good dreams are good :)


J said...

One day soon you will be able to turn to your friend, run your finger from his nose to his lip, and down his neck, and never worry if your mother will find you. All you will need fear, if fear it is, will be the sound of the rain on your roof.

Kevin Wilson said...

While the cats away I guess....

A Poor Student said...

Yay! NZerz really are awesome! lol ;)

B xo

Anonymous said...

I found a couple of photos that reminded me of the bit you wrote about you and your kittys, so I posted them and mention you in it. If you follow the flickrlink below the posts you'll find a whole bunch more photos of boy with kittys.(the title of the group is in french something like Jeunes & echats) So, idk, your 200th post was thought of later when a photograph was seen. :P