Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oi! Guess What.

I turn 16 tomorrow. :)

The only thing interesting about that number, is that it's also the age of consent for my state (even for gays). Woot woot.

Suck on that, other countries and states! lol

Of course that means nothing to me anyway. I've got no one to mess around with. :(

Anyhoo, i'm not doing anything special (other than another psychologists appointment. woot woot). I doubt i'll have a party, and i'm pretty sure i won't be getting many presents.

And for all the people who have been asking, there isn't really a way for you to send me anything. I'm pretty sure Amazon won't send here (the credits i already have i will trade for real moneys with Bob once i get a paypal account). So don't worry about it.

I guess you could buy me some porn. haha

That's all. :)



Rhythym Changes said...

Yay birthdays! I got my own car (handed down) for my 16th b-day.

I hope you have a great one even if you don't have a big party or lots of presents cause you're an amazing individual! (see rainbows flying in the background)

Consent is always fun too!

Deadwing said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I wish i could be there to throw you a party and give you lots of presents. :) *hugs*

Sethy said...

Happy Birthday! Have a cool one :)

16 is legal here too lol...

Joe said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow.

I hope you have a fantastic day :):):):)

Lots of love,

J xxx

Daily Dan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hope its a good one. loves u babe

AJCon89 said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

I love you so much... you are the best...

I cant wait to give you your present... lol


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,


Nik XX

cvn70 said...


for what its worth it's 16 in most US states, and i am sure someday soon that some one will be there in your life.

thanks for being out there and helping everyone you do. and i hope you have nothng but happiness tomorrow buddy, ANd get that paypal account set up lol

take care and be safe


Spastic Fantastic said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the virtual party and hopefully the real one too!

Mr. HCI said...

"Suck on that"

Freudian slip?


Happy Birthday in advance!

I actually did a bit of research several months ago on age of consent laws, after someone claimed countries with same-sex marriage had lowered theirs. It was total bullshit; none had. For most countries, it was 16. One country, though, was 16 for b/g and g/g but 18 for b/b. WTF? And the age of consent in Spain is 13 (creepy) but it used to be TWELVE.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mate. Live long and safe, lots more where they came from too. Hope you have a great day.

Baz said...

Happy Birthday!

Luv, Baz

billy said...

You can get your learners now. Then get Nan to give you lessons. A car is a great way to get out of town!

And ... *waits for midnight* ... happy birthday!

PoisonedHappiness said...

Mirrorboy is turning.... OLD :P

Btw. 15y/o is legal here

naturgesetz said...

*sings* Although it's been said many times, many ways,
Happy Birthday to yoooou!

*stops singing*

Enjoy the day. May it be the beginning of a wonderful 17th year, and may you have many, many more happy birthdays and good years.


Aek said...

Happy birthday!! :P

My birthday (today) is rather . . . meh. :-/

Col said...

Happy i6th buddy for tomorrow! I wish I could send you something nice, but love and hugs will have to suffice :)

Take care,

Jeremy said...

Happy Birthday! :DDD

:( I wish I could go visit you ;)

Yeah, go learn how to drive :D


Benji said...

Yeah . Happy Birthday !!!!
And if you need me , i'm here :D
In france, legal age, is 15 and 3 month, so :P
With Love,
Benjamin. :D

Sebastian/school/dutch/ said...

Happy Birthday mboy :D

J said...

Happy birthday, Mboy. I know you can consent, but be careful not to cast your pearls before any swine, and be safe.

Drew said...

Happy Birthday Mboy!!!

MartininBroda said...

Happy Birthday to you, seems you’ve a talent to collect a bunch of fine people, 16 is a time for good dreams, keep them.

Peter said...

Yay! Happy Birthday!!!

Andrew said...

Happy Birthday!! Have an awesome day! :)

Tyler said...

happy birthday :)

i made a bday post just for you :D

David K. said...

Happy Birthday! 16 you say.... :D

Lach said...

Happy birthday fagmo

exalen said...

Happy Birthday mate!

Anonymous said...

Spakonya Rajdehnia!!!,(I bet you can sort out what that means);P Birthdays are to be toasted, so To You! with my cup'o'joe.
Hugz and many many happy returns

Tim said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

w00t w00t Happy Birthday.

Kevin Wilson said...

Happy Birthday from an exceedingly wet and miserable Sydney - it's like living in Melbourne at the moment.

It was a good day when the Aus government did away with the discriminatory age of consent differences between straights and gays. At least they got one thing right.

Amazon will send to anywhere - my brother in Tasmania gets stuff.

Planetx_123 said...

Happy Birthday!!