Wednesday, May 27, 2009


There's too much shit on my mind. I'm taking a break from blogging. I dunno when i'll be back. If anything important happens i'll post. I'll probly still be reading blogs as well.



Sebastian/school/dutch/ said...

Take as long as you need :)


Jonathan said...

Hey, keep your head up. Whatever happened and what may come, remember, tomorrow is a new day.


Deadwing said...

take your time, collect your thoughts, and take care of yourself. you need to do what is best for you. love you heaps. *hugs*

tom bombadil said...

Mirrorboy, take as long as you want, but know that you will be missed every second.

We all love you.

We await eagerly for your return, and I express the greatest sympathies for your situations.

I wove you. (L)

Be happier.


Pilgrim said...

Don´T leave. Take your time out, but han in here. Propz Pilgrim

Sethy said...

Much loves....


Spastic Fantastic said...

we'll all miss you, but get yourself settled in your new school and whatever, we'll still be wishing you all the best!



xthecouragex said...

Dear MBoy,

I loves you.


P.S. Take as much time as you need and keep your head up. I know things may seem tough but I know you are tougher. I know you are a strong person whether you'll admit it or not. I really do love you and hopefully we'll talk soon.

AJCon89 said...

Love you buddy...



cvn70 said...


my heart is also saddened by your pain. Maybe some time off will do you good but plaese dont let it be too long

i wish you the best and of course i wish that your break is a short one but take the time you need.

I hope you find the peace and strenght you need to come back to this world. Work hard and know people love you and care about you

take care and be safe, my friend



Planetx_123 said...

We'll miss you! I hope things get better soon. Lots of hugs-


Mr. HCI said...

I understand and I hope it's not permanent. You need to do what's best for you. I'm sending a hug your way.

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Sometimes when I get too much to think about, I go up the river on my kayak, or take a walk out on the mountain. I don't expect you will have the kuxury of that much free time, but taking a break from your habitual routine should also allow you to gain a fresh perspective on the things that bother you. I wish you well, and send my love, and hope to see you again in this place soon.
G =]

Key said...
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Key said...

take care of yourself

but dont you dare let those fuckwits beat you !!!!

Tombi04 said...

Love you. Hope you feel better soon.

J said...

I think Key said it all.


David said...

First AJ. Now you?

torchy! said...

take some time out to adjust to your new way of life. i really hope your new school is gonna be so much better than the old one.

if you run into similar problems, try to get help from your psych to help you deal with them.

you know that we're all here for you still, even if you're not blogging, and we're waiting for your next post, whenever that may be.

take care mboy
if i could package up and send you strength, i would.

goleftatthefork said...

we're not going anywhere - take care - Dan :-)

naturgesetz said...

I'm glad you stayed long enough to let us know of the recent positive developments. I hope you will make great progress in dealing with all the stuff you are facing.

Take good care of yourself.


God bless you.

Ray's Blog said...

Take care. We'll miss ya!


exalen said...


Peter said...


Jeremy said...

It'll turn out ok

*hugs* <3

Aek said...

Awww. Take care man, go do what you gotta do. Sometimes a break is good to get yourself in order. I just hope it doesn't take too long. :P

Best of luck with everything. *Hugs*

Rhythym Changes said...

Though it's been said before

I loves you!

I'll miss you!

Come back when your ready.


James said...

We'll all be here when you're back,

much love,


Col said...

Just read Jake's blog. I'm sorry buddy. I know it doesn't mean anything coming from somebody who actually knows nothing about your relationship, but I'm sure the last thing he wanted to do was hurt you. As for the timing; with your new school and everything else that's on your mind... is there ever a good/right time to break-up?

Take as long as you need to, we're not going anywhere, and if you need someone to shout/scream at, just listen to you, or whatever... you can always drop me line!

Take care buddy!

Loadsa luv,

Benji said...

oO' What ??? :'( !!! I'll miss you. Honestly. But if it's the right thing to do, then don't hesitate : your health is more important than ANY blogs on the world ! You get it ??
So big, big kiss.
By the way, long time no see on msn, what happened ? (xD) And when I think icame here to say I finally have my blog ... and i finally say you my last words, maybe ...
Oh, I really hope i'll see you again !!! I like you so much !!!!!!!!!!!

Peter said...

So this isn't really "bye" right?

More like "See ya later" right?

Anonymous said...


I think you and AJ are just quitters. That simple

Seth said...


Like everyone else said. And if u need to talk u know where to find me, and others.
But don't you DARE not come back and keep us updated or.... or.... or...... Seth will cry. :(


J said...

I just read your comment to Jake, and and know this couldn't have come at a worse time. While he may have shown no forbearance, I think there's something going on with him we don't know about and are in no position to judge.
You too have to stop beating up on yourself, otherwise your dark side will win. Please, please don't give up now.

tom bombadil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tombi04 said...

Re Anonymous: Screw you bitch.

Sammy said...

It hurts for a while, maybe a few of those. But it gets better, just wait.
Hope you'll be back soon, I've been addicted to your blog for forever, though this being the first time i say anything. Just couldn't stay silent anymore.

Take care


torchy! said...

ok, well i totally misunderstood what the problem was, so you might as well ignore the first 2 paras of my earlier commemt.

i've read your comment on jake's blog. i know you're hurting real bad, but you gotta be strong.

easy for me to say, esp as i've never had an online bf, but try to look at it objectively (and pls believe me that i'm not meaning to belittle anything) - you're only just 16 - you've got your whole life ahead of you. most relationships started at your age wouldn't last for a long time anyway. you will have *plenty* of other opportunities come your way, for real, 3D relationships.

please don't beat up on yourself, you're still an awesome guy. look at the comments you've got here - everyone who's prepared to name themselves is totally behind you. if we were real life friends you'd have a queue going right round the block, waiting to give you hugs.

take care mboy.

naturgesetz said...

I didn't know about Jake when I wrote my earlier comment. I'm sorry you've got that to handle on top of everything else.

It must really hurt.

All you can do is hang in there and, like a physical wound, give it time to heal. But since it isn't physical, also take time to grieve.



AJCon89 said...


Fuck you you bitch ass cunt face... Who the fuck do you think you are to attack me and Mirrorboy...

You know shit about either one of us or what is going on in our heads... so for you to make that comment is just plain stupid...

People like you are the reason why I dont wanna blog anymore...

so fuck you you douche bag...


Anonymous said...


That's the first thing you've written in over a month suggesting you're actually hearing what some of us have been telling you. At last, a sign of life!

Mirrorboy said...

wtf AJ posted 4 days ago.

tom bombadil said...


Screw you.

do you even have a blog? if not:
screw you
if so: tell us it.

BTW: screw you.

Anonymous said...

So perfect. A group of upset teens who can only think of venting their anger. Look, all I said was that they were quitters. Period. Actually, when you look at it, they did just quit. I didn't say "Fuck you asshole, you shouldn't post anything ever again." Nope. Not anything close. I just said they were quitters. In fact, I stated it in such a way that it would prod them a bit--as it indeed seemed to do. Of course, the rest of the gang decided to pile on. I didn't say anything to the rest of you, and I didn't say anything particularly offensive to the blogkeeper. But that sure hasn't stopped y'all from bash, bash, bash. The expletives, etc. And does it really matter if I have a blog or not? Maybe I've got more experience with such matters than you could hope to. Perhaps I understand how to get someone to consider a different view of reality. Just maybe I do such things for a living? Hmmmm, isn't that possible? Or is the Net now becoming a place for adolescents, mature and otherwise, to simply vent anger at anyone. If you want to be respected, be respectful of others. Again, I didn't attack anyone in an offensive way. But that the same could be said for you.

Mirrorboy said...

Maybe you were attacked because you called me a quitter.

I am NOT a quitter. You know what? I am a fucking fighter. I've been through so much pain as a 15 year old and younger, and i've made it through with my head up.

How dare you pass judgement on me you gutless 'anonymous' and call me a quitter, because i decided that my blog should take the back seat while i worry about starting at a new school with body dysmorphia and social anxiety disorder on my back, my boyfriend dumping me in a text and my best friend leaving town.

I'm making it through all of that SHIT. So if not posting makes me a quitter, then i'm a QUITTER. I'll post whenever the fuck i want to. But leaving comments on blogs of people who are already down! That makes you a prick!

Get the fuck off my blog.

naturgesetz said...

@ anonymous —
What mirrorboy's latest post reminds us is that blogging on the internet is not the whole of reality, and the only way anybody could possibly think that people who take time away from blogging are really "quitters" if they labor under the illusion that the internet is all there is. Otherwise they are falsely taking a single aspect of a person's activity and applying it to the totality of the person's being.

Planetx_123 said...

*pushes anonymous off the cliff*

*hi-fives mirrorboy*

*does a little dance*

Wow- mirrorboy that was AWESOME! And hopefully it felt good too :-)

You are absolutely not a quitter! And for this anonymous, arrogant motherfucker to claim that he/she is provoking you because they 'do this for a living'... silly and childish.

Lots of Love-


Anonymous said...

Interesting display of violence simply because of something I said. Wow. Did you ever hear of a guy named Matthew Shepard? He was killed in Wyoming several years back--actually tied to a fence and then killed--simply because he was gay and unwilling to be quiet about it. Someone voices a thought and you not only contemplate pushing me off a cliff but do a jig about it and a high five celebration. Sad. Really sad. I don't know where the violent urge is coming from, but I don't think I've said anything to merit that kind of violent response. I didn't manifest a voice of hatred, and I sure didn't suggest pusshing anyone off a cliff, never mind celebrating it. You want to defend someone, great, defend with thoughts and ideas. Don't use violence to triumph, because in the end, it never does. Just ask Matthew Shepard's killers or his parents.

Planetx_123 said...

Interesting display of naivete over something you mis-read. Please direct yourself to google and lookup "metaphor" and "hyperbole".

I don't think any normal person would mistake my comment for actually suggesting that you die from falling off of a cliff.

I was simply reinforcing the fact that you should stop participating in this blog; i.e. metaphorically 'pushing you off a cliff'.

There are PLENTY of other blogs and forums for you to self-indulgently spew your misinformed opinions and faux-intellect. Don't give me BS about 'thoughts' and 'ideas'-- I really don't need to justify myself to you. You have been asked to leave now many times; please stop wasting our time.

(not) Much Love,

Mirrorboy said...

Omfg lol. You are comparing yourself to Matthew Shephard, and my friend Steve (who was defending me) to homophobic fucked-up killer cunts.

Also, you totally dodged my reply, and instead focused on Steve because it was a chance to pick a fight...

Get off your fricken high-horse, talking about us like we're a bunch of immature kids. You know shit. You provoked me and AJ and you got a response, and then you act like 'oh noes! whatever did i do to deserve that!?'.

You do not deserve a voice on my blog. So if you leave a comment again, it will be deleted.

*pushes anon off cliff, leans over and waves goodbye*

And anon was never seen again. :)

naturgesetz said...

LOL at "leans over and waves goodbye"

Planetx_123 said...


I thought it was funny too!

Anonymous said...

Yo, different Anon here. MB, are you taking a break from all your blogs?

Mirrorboy said...

Now that i've got more time, i'm updating my words blog more often.

x! said...

FUCK! I was suppose to be the 100th follower! >: /

x! said...

Totally disregard that last comment. XD

I am the 100th follower. <3

nick said...

Hope to see u post soon, you intrigue me. And don't think your ugly or anything. Not that u need to hear it again, but you have to convince yourself your attractive. By the way you describe yourself you seem manly, but enjoy feminine features. Anyway i got to go eat supper, stay cute.

garfield_aus said...

Jeeze Mboy... what a lot you have to deal with, but hey! What a LOT of mates you have here to help you through! We all love you and are behind you.

Don't EVER listen or even give the benefit of responding to these morons that put you down and bag you out. What the hell do they know? You're one tough kid, and I can tell you that I understand very much where you are coming from, despite the fact I'm a fair few years down the line from my own childhood horrors (turn 40 in OCT.) and I reckon you are bloody awesome. We have communicated once through email and I must admit I was surprised (and honoured!) to get a response from you. If I could, I'd give you a hug and hold you till the pain left. Please know that you are loved soooo much and soooo many people admire you.

Quitter? Not bloody likely!

Hang tough dude and we'll see you back soon. Lots of love from a funny cat in Brissy! e.g. Garfield! Hugs! (Cats FTW!!)

Tom said...

Hey im Tom,
I just wanted to say I think u dealt with anonymous really well.
Your blog is yours and if you want to do stuff or not then u should,
No one has the right to tell u whato do.
Just do wats best for you mate.
As Torchy sed (that lad is a hero i think i have a cyber crush) ou got loads of poepl here to support you, so metaphorically u can push as many of the annonymous w**kers off the cliff as u want.
Think im gonna have to get me an account so im not doin this semi annonymous nemore, but ill never rite a blog, just dont have the confince that neoone wud read,
Catch u son mate,
Thinkin of u

Hurley said...

Come back soon boy, we'll miss ya, really, i know that when you have a lot of thinks inside your head, think about everything and put the "house" on order it's difficult, but you can do it, we know.
Hope one day we can talk online.

BrazilBoysOnline said...

Hey guy, keep your chin up. Always remember that there ARE many many people out here who love you and wish you nothing but the very best!

Love and hugs! XXX

Seth said...


*more hugs for Mboy*

ps: u shld jst Dlete the anon cmnts


Jonathan said...


I miss you. I miss coming to your blog. I miss hearing about your day, and most of all, I miss thinking that it's okay to be different.


Anonymous said...

u may not like this comment but I hate the commenters here who claim to be your best friend and all.They never even met you, how can you be a good friend then?.pedophiles around their fifties I assume, pretending to be your age.I think this blog got out of hand since the pervs took over and the blog is not an expression of things that happened, but a self-fullfilling prophesy...a boy from Holland.