Sunday, May 17, 2009

Plugs and B'days.

Oh hai!

Thanks for all the comments on my last post. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy. lol ^_^

It did take a week's worth of effort, so your comments made it feel worth it. Thanks. :)

Unfortunately while i was working on the super-post i couldn't plug any blogs and we've had a couple new ones join the community recently. In most cases, if bloggers don't get an audience soon, they'll just disappear, and we don't want that!!

These guys have only made a dozen posts each so now's a good time to get on board and make them feel welcome!

Coming Out (On The Net) - By AJ. He's 16 and bi. :)

Beneath An Orange Sky - By Joe. He's 16 and gay. :)

Also, there are a bunch of birthdays in May!

Jake - 8th.

AJ - Today! Happy birthday buddy!

Aek - 21st.

Me! - 22nd.

And i'm sure there were others... but i can't remember them at the moment. lol. Leave a comment if yours is in May and i'll add you to the list! :P

That is all for now. :)



Planetx_123 said...

Well Im glad the hard work paid off-- I certainly loved the fact post. You better start now for 300...thats going to take some creative thinking!

Hope to chat with you soon :-)


AJCon89 said...

thank you buddy!

I cant wait to celebrate your bday!

I love you.


Jeremy said...

:D Happy Early Birthday :D

My birthday is in October -_-
I think there was 1 other person with a birthday in october in my entire high school, it was weird :/


Aek said...

Hurray for May b-days!! ^_^

Jeremy, my mom's b-day is in October. :P

cvn70 said...


yo make us all feel warm and fuzzy
thanks for the links so what are we dong for your bday any way

take care and be safe


Rhythym Changes said...


I forgot what I was yay-ing about!

Oh well, have a good day!

AJ said...

Happy early Bday, and thanks for mentioning me in ur blog :) I feel special now
c ya AJ