Friday, September 11, 2009

The Ball Started Rolling.

My first ever comment was from Jake Annonymous. He found me after i left a comment on his blog, which back then was called Boys Best Official. I think he made a post about not getting many comments, and i left a comment saying i got none. lol

I think we exchanged a few emails soon after that. Then we linked our blogs, and we followed what happened on the other's blog and commented sometimes.

That was really where it all started. Jake already had an audience, so with my blog link in his sidebar, i started getting a slow trickle of readers, and a few commenters.

I also made a couple friends on msn (the first was Lach) after they found me from Jake's blog. To me that was amazing. I finally could talk to people and be myself.

All of that was a big boost, in the way that it also gave me confidence that my blog could go somewhere. So i started emailing other bloggers hoping for links. Most of them simply didn't reply, but a few did. I got a few more linkers, and so more readers and commenters. I didn't feel like the effort i was putting into posts was wasted anymore.

Something that always really intrigues me is how one small action can have huge effects later on. If i hadn't found Jake's blog, and been linked and supported, many of you probably wouldn't be reading today. Lach, who was the first person to add me on msn, found me through Jake's blog. When i went to Melbourne back in April this year, Lach was the friend i met and hung out with.

There's more tomorrow. :)


Peter said...

Your blog was the first one I read :) I can't remember how I found you now tho...

*searches cobwebby filing cabinets in back of brain*

Oh! I was searching for porn lol so i think it was who linked to you. I followed it expecting porn, but I found something better :)

cvn70 said...


I have always been jealous of Lach for getting to meet you but it is a mazinghow little things can bring such changes in life

take care and be safe


Anonymous said...

And aren't I glad to be here. ^_^

naturgesetz said...

It's good that you're posting this. It should help people realize that all blogs start small. How popular they become depends on all sorts of things, some of which are beyond our control.

If you had found and commented on somebody else's blog, things might have gone in a different direction, as far as specific readers and followers, but you would probably have still found an avid readership, given the inherent interestingness of your blog.

WkBoy714 said...

You have a really good point :) Well done. I've always been shocked how the little things shape so much and you never quite know it at the time. It makes you think what a huge broad range of possibilities your life could have been like.

I remember yours was the first blog I began to properly read. And also the one that finally inspired me to make one. Good job :)

Kevin Wilson said...

From little things, big things grow.

(Google it)

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Happy anniversary! Like I told you, I am full of admiration for your perseverance - with *everything* - balls of steel =]

Mind Of Mine said...

Awh i remember my first comment. It was pretty neat, to know that someone out there that you did not know was interested in what you do or agreed with your beliefs is pretty special.

Benji said...

awww =D

Jason Carwin said...

That was a cool story. Like Peter, your blog was the first one I read. I dont remember how I found it, but discovering your blog allowed me to insert myself into the community that had built up around you.

Anonymous said...

One small step certainly led to large positave strides - very well done.
@Kevin Wilson - that is a great line and being an AUSSIE I'm sure you are aware a great song - I'm a Mega Paul Kelly fan - truly one of our great singer songwriters. I'm curious if the word bloody fits in between Kevin Wilson - if so I am a big fan and that KW has given me much laughter.