Thursday, September 17, 2009


Happy Blog-Birthday Mirrorboy.

Thank you so much to everyone who's been my friend and supported me over the last 12 months. I can't begin to describe how much it, and all of you, mean to me.

I've come a long way. I almost didn't make it, but somehow i did. And now life is finally starting to look up for me.

The exposure treatment for my S.A.D with my psychologists is working. I'm more comfortable in social situations, i can do things on my own more, and my anxiety is generally lower than before.

My school is going well. The schoolwork is going fine, although i did get heaps of homework today. :P

I'm talking to the people in class, and most of them are quite nice. In fact they surprised me the other day. For the speech we had to do in English on a controversial topic, one of the girls chose same-sex marriage (she was for it btw). As usual, we discussed it afterwards, and the people are actually pretty accepting. I was quite proud of them to be honest. :)

I also heard back from the radio station today. They accepted my application and in 3 weeks i'll be doing work experience there.

On top of that, today was the last day of term, so i get a 2-week break from school. :D

The layout of the blog has changed. The blog links are updated. And a big thank you to deejohn for the bday present (the blog header). :)

And massive thanks to all of you for your continued support and love!


Ryan said...

Hats off!! CONGRATS!!! CONGRATS!!!! I know I am new on here, and not one of those people "thanked" for being supportive over the last year but I hope that will change in the year to come. Congrats to everythign you have accomplished. In honor of such a major occasion in blogworld I (as everyone else has!) made a tribute post on my blog for you so check it out.

Lots of love to you, a big hug and a toast to the year to come,

Anonymous said...


And good news about the jorb. :P

John said...

3 Cheers for MB !
Hip hip horay !
Hip hip horay !
Hip hip horay !

Your the Best !

Mirrorboy said...

Thanks. =)

Kevin Wilson said...

If I've ever learned anything from Kevin Costner movies (and I really haven't learned much) it is that if you build it they will come.

They have come and you're still here.

Happy Blog Birthday.

pinstripe said...

I'm so happy for you mcake ^_^

Tombi04 said...

Hey Mirrorboy, congratulations!!! Happy blog birthday. Love you.

cvn70 said...


Im so proud of you ans etting to know you. Congrats on everyting anc good luck withthe work exeperience. Talking to people in schol im so happy. Learning not everyone is a bogot in that town of yours must be good too

i realy hope it continues, going to california. Happy of bday

take care and be safe


AJCon89 said...

Happy blog bday buddy!!!!

Congrats on one year... but an even bigger congrats that so much is going well for you in your life. It makes me so happy to hear that.

Thank YOU for being my friend and always being there for me... you rock. I am so happy that you started blogging.... cause if you didnt I would have never met you.

Love you buddy.


Seth said...


*big congratulations hugs*

And yay! Bloggy Bear visited your blog!!

I am so happy for you dear, and glad you've pushed through some of those bad periods and stayed with us here in Blog-Land.

Here's a (non-alcoholic) toast to many many more years to come!!

*hugs* :)

ps: congrats on the radio thing, happy to hear things are working with the therapy, and some good things at school. Enjoy your vacation!!

WkBoy714 said...

Mirrorboy, many congratulatey :) It's been a good year yahh!!! <3

Anonymous said...

You're very welcome - and Happy Birthday Blog!

Great that you're got the radio station wk.exp - I did some in my last two years at school and had a great time!

Mind Of Mine said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

MartininBroda said...

Congratulations :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations ... what a difference a year makes!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mboy.

I know that your blog, and more importantly, you have changed my life for the better.

I know the last years been hard for you but bruises heal, and scars fade with time. I'm proud of you getting through it.

You're a great friend, I can honestly say I love and care about you.

So once again, congrats and hopefully talk to you soon. :)

naturgesetz said...

Happy Anniversary of the blog.

Love the header with the teddies and the kitties! It's perfect!

Congrats on everything.

And thank you for that beautiful picture of beautiful Tig. You know what I like! <3

The future lies ahead, and I'm sure for you it will be great.


Col said...

Some great news there!! Happy (blogging) birthday, have a great time doing your work experience and above all... have a great school-break!! :)


Anonymous said...

A wonderful day for a great milestone.
Great news about the job.
Regards from a fellow Victorian Stef.

Jeremy said...

:D *hugs*

I lol'd at your new header.. teddy bears :P

Congrats on the job and happy blogbirthday

*hugs again*

Wolf said...

I'm so pleased for you about the job and well everything else!

seriously, well done on the blog and we're all glad that you stuck through it all gritted your teeth carried on and are still with us.

- Wolfi


Aek said...

Happy blog-b-day! It's great to hear things looking up and congrats on the radio station!! You'll do great and keep looking up and forward.

And another amazing cat pic btw. :)

Benji said...

Happy Birthday :D

torchy! said...

congratz Mboy :)

really pleased things are looking so much more positive for you these days. i'm sure the job will be a blast too

take care

Mr McCabbage said...

Oooh get free Audacity and become a sound editor, seriously. Ask the radio guys how they shorten voice pieces, by removing short silences. This can't be done with video while a talking head is shown. Soon there will anyway be more a choice of multimedia than plain newspapers. You can also produce your own programs for radio or CD/DVD, making money. I've never found a CD of cats purring :) Audio and you, can help this world.

Anonymous said...

Hey Congrats on your blog and just think this time next year you will be celebrating year 2 until then enjoy your celebration this year and happy blogging


Planetx_123 said...

Smiles :-)

My birthday present is a few hours late, but another to add to the list-- I'm so happy for you and your job; that's awesome!

Much Love,

Deadwing said...

Yay!!!! I'm so proud of you! You have touched so many lives through your blog and helped so many people, it's just amazing. Happy blog birthday! I wish you nothing but the best for many more years to come! Lots of love! *Hugs*

Miles said...

Congrats on your blogbirthday... and well done on the radio job