Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcome To My Bedroom Of EVIL.

Rather than try to fix all the paragraphs when putting in comments on each pic, i included captions with each picture. You may need to click each one to see the bigger version and read what i said. :)


Anonymous said...

Very cool. I won't ask about the tissues or tissue boxes. :P

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, that's a lot of notes!

I've never taken so much notes in my life and I'm in college already.

Anonymous said...

Just amazing!
Really nice, specially the part of relationship trees and stuff :o) I do exactly the same before start writing ^^

Oh, and Sonic on the wall! I'm like "all love for Tails" :oD

Anonymous said...

Not a bad looking room

-lays down on the bed-

Looks a bit neater then mine

-cat jumps on my chest-

lol and yeah you do have a lot of cat stuff and I'm think it just gave me a evil look lol

So why do you have a stack of videos in your room that you don't know what's on them?

Jeremy said...


*likes these photos*

*ponders* I should post a sample of my handwriting

I still have to do a video games post don't I...


Mirrorboy said...

@Ethan... I don't know. lol

Jeremy, yes, yes you do. *glares*

Anonymous said...

@Mirror boy

Then you should watch them
Ok you can't get around this one since you brought it up, what's with the black guy drowning?

Aek said...

Nice room. :)

It certainly looks better than mine. Currently I just have a lot of papers scattered everywhere . . .

And man, you really ARE a cat person. o_O

Phil said...

I spy a Doctor Who Poster!
Nice room though, and I agree Super Smash Bros is best played using the old game cube controller.

Anonymous said...

lol @ Cat Statue, very creepy in the corner...

My rooms rather cramped than yours, but roomie enough to move around in. Has everything I need though including two TVs (one for the xbox while the other for watching TV) lol.

Mirrorboy said...

@Ethan - black is the only colour that worked against clay.

Tim said...

What a great tour of your room. I think it's really interesting to see what stuff other people have. I know I used to have drawers and boxes of random stuff... still do! Thanks for showing us the pictures.

Mirrorboy said...

My pleasure. ^_^

Spastic Fantastic said...

nice :)
i like your tiger blanket!

we should all try and guess what's on those tapes... *cough*porn*cough*

laterz :P

WkBoy714 said...

Baah Mirrorboy is rich :O
And has a cute finger :)
And awesome handwriting.
And a snuggly bed.

And just random crap and games,

Just, greatness. :D

(PS-the bed looked different to me in the dark last night :P then again I wasn't paying much attention to it)

WkBoy714 said...

PS again, you have Simcity 4! And Praetorians, and Sims -


Anonymous said...

So that was a really interesting post I really enjoyed looking at each picture. I might post something like this, maybe for the where I post from blog since I never did it before lol.

Mirrorboy said...

blog from post* :P

naturgesetz said...

Looks like a pretty good room and nice stuff you've got there. Thanks for the tour.

John said...

OK, thats all nice and everything
but where`s TEDDY ?
Yes THE Teddy !

Benji said...

<3333 !!!!!!!!!!

Key said...

that a tidy room O.O would put mine to shame (^^,)

n yes as alot of other people have said its always interesting to see what other people have. Even though they call it crap they still wont throw it out hehe =D

Anonymous said...

Go figure that would be the only color that works ah well it's pretty cool anyway

Mr. HCI said...

You asked for a grandma for your birthday?


Nice room!

Anonymous said...

I love tiger blankets! They're so warm. I totally used to put stuff in tissue boexes when I was younger XD

Kevin Wilson said...

It's really only the last two pictures that are evil - would you like to share some of it around?

Planetx_123 said...


What a cool post! And I like your room, especially the pink sheets and rainbow bracelet!

It's really cool how much work you've done on your story--I love that, and you will have that forever. Hopefully, you will finish it one day, and sell a billion copies :-)

Much Love,

Matt. said...

Haha cool idea for a post x

Peter said...

Woot! You've got SimCity 4 too *high fives* I <3 that game (and any other Sim game too), but I always go bankrupt lol

Eirik said...

Loved the post - made me smile, thanks.

Jason Carwin said...

I love the pics. I didn't know you loved cats. You cat is so cute.

John said...

WAIT theres something wrong with these pics !
I came back for a second look !
This is suppose to be a TEENAGERS
Where`s the dirty cloths ?
Where`s all the dust ?
Where`s the ashtray ?
Where`s the Foster Can(s) ?
Where`s the Porn ?
ME thinks this is an imposter !

Mr McCabbage said...

Thank you so much! Can't wait to see what you will do with a lot of those moneys. Which will be in the right hands for once. Some might think, not much fine art or classic books here. In time such things will arrive of course. Already each item contributes to making your room a masterpiece, unique and memorable, with the same essence as your writing.

Your pillows are the colours of the heart chakra. Many struggle to keep theirs working rightly, not knowing how its energy differs from other chakras. This room shows it well. Do get yourself a hand-size piece of pink rose quartz, from a rock shop - fairly cheap and it will soon attract a lover. Wash and program it once a week, and don't leave it in the sun (or it might fade). Perhaps someone in Melbourne can send you this by post.

I sometimes wear a band-aid too, from tying shoelaces. Understandable accidents :)

Glorfindel said...

Nice room!

Ray's Blog said...

MBoy, thanks for sharing! It's taken you a lot to share this with us! WOOT!

I like seeing your cats. I've always been a cat person since I was very young.

I just had my cat of 22 years pass away, and I miss her on occation. I keep wanting to feed and water her dish every time I walk by them.

You never did tell us what Jemima did to your finger.

Hug a cat for me!