Friday, September 18, 2009

I Need Head.

A Blog Header* oops

Considering it's been a year with the plain Black & White Header "Mirrorboy's Blog" i figure it might be time to replace that with a picture. It would be more colourful and engaging.

But i need some ideas. What should the first thing people see when they come to my blog, be?


goleftatthefork said...

How about a picture of you? Ok, maybe next year :-)

Ryan said...

Your header needs to be a one shot, BOLD statement of who you are.

It needs to shout out "This is Mirrorboy's blog and it's cool and you should read it!"

Also, simple is better than gaudy.

I think A semi-transparent background of where you live or Australia (that is where you live correct? lol) would be cool.

Also, I think on one side a rainbow flag or waveing fabric that is slightly less transparent than the location image.

Maybe a tri image, starting with a rainbow on the left, then your location in the middle and something to do with writing on the right side?

Just my thoughts. I have done some graphic design work before, so if you want me to make up something let me know. Just to have until you get something better!

Anyways, congrats again and lots of love,

Aek said...

I rather like the title banner you currently have, just change the words around a bit. But perhaps make a collage of your cats of sorts? And a mirror? :P

J said...

What you have now is nice. And thanks for being a fighter, a survivor and a role model for all the young people who've had to walk the same path as you. Shitsville has become their Lourdes.

Tyler said...

dibs on giving mboy the head!


head*er* ...


Steevo said...

@tyler: get in line. lol

enzo65 said...

I like tghe sound of Ryan's suggestion lol Whatever yuo choose will be good, but an Aussie flavour excelent!

naturgesetz said...

I agree with Aek. Either keep what you've got (the teddies and kitties and bunny rabbit) with wording announcing "Mirrorboy's Blog," or a picture or pictures of Tig and Jim. Superimpose it on a map of Australia or Victoria if you want to fancy it up.

WkBoy714 said...

*Joins the line* :P Dammit hurry up!!

I'll resist asking for photos of you/cute boys..

make it something unique. :) And apart from that, whatever you want to express is good.

Benji said...

We need to see .... YOUUUUU !!!! <3

Jason Carwin said...

How about something to do with a mirror. You are, after all, the mirror boy.

cvn70 said...


I do like the idea of including something Aussie in the banner. But other than that im useless on this

take care and be safe


@ steevo you should be ashamed of you self :P

naturgesetz said...

On further consideration, now that you are out — and going around town with gay-friendly thingies for shopkeepers to display in their windows — you might as well show your face. Sooo…

A mirror photo of yourself with the cats. Perfect!

Or, to use the word from my word verification — preciess.

Steevo said...

@cvn70: no WHAT

Tombi04 said...

How about hair? ;P

Seriously, you must have boys with cute hair in it.

Landyn said...

I think Jason is on to something when he says something about a mirror. After all, you have made it apparent why you chose it as the name of your blog, and have discussed your love/hate relationship with the mirror. Idk, I think that might be cool.

In my personal opinion, I think a rainbow flag or something is kinda cheesy, contrasting with your very heartfelt blog. I figure the header should "reflect" a little something about the writer, without being over the top, I guess.

Love you <33

Mirrorboy said...

Rainbow flags = definitely too cheesy. lol

Cats = Well i don't want to be seen as the 'cat blog'. lol

Australia = My blog isn't really about anything Australian. lol. Kind of misleading. :P

Cute boys with hot hair = Giving people the wrong idea. lol

Mirror = Well that makes the most sense. But what sort of picture could i use? *thinking face*