Sunday, August 30, 2009

'Sup Me?

Oh hai y'all. ^_^

I haven't got that much to post about. Life is going pretty steady for me at the moment. I'm keeping it together pretty well, which is a change. lol. A nice one.

Though if life was turning to shit then i'd have something to post about. :P

- Haven't heard anything back about the jobs yet. It's no biggie though. I'm sure i'll find something soon so don't feel the need to comfort me. :P

- School is going okay. Lots of work to do but i can deal with that. It's a million times better than the other place i used to go to. 'Twas a school but i see it as more of a hellhole. :P But yeah things are going okay there.

- Practicing exposure with my psychologists. Now instead of sitting in a room talking about stuff we go out to a cafe or something and do it there. It's like, because being in social places makes me anxious and stuff, in a way it's trying to get me used to the situation. Also have to find a nice thing to say about myself every time i look in the mirror. That's hard to do though. Anyways they're really nice people. They probably know more about me deep down and what goes on in my head than anyone else. It's hard to explain what a difference they've made in my life so far, so i won't even try. But they're great. :)

Everything else that i care to think about is going okay. I've got school and homework during the week and i spend my spare time relaxing. Sounds like a decent plan aye lol.

On the blog side of things, well. Idk. Blogging has become way too high maintenance. I only read blogs that catch my eye now, and i only comment if i've got something important and/or witty to say. lol. There's just too many links in that sidebar to give everyone some of my time. I try to catch up with everyone on msn though.

I'm hoping i don't scare you all off talking to me now. lol. People seem to get the impression that i've got more important things to do than care about what's going on with them. That's untrue.
I just can't sit here for hours reading and commenting on dozens of blog posts. I still love talking to people on msn and i consider many of you good friends, and i'm still up for meeting new people (always am). :)

Hope everyone is doing okay. *love*

Because i'm doing okay for once some cataclysm is probably around the corner. lol


WkBoy714 said...

"Because i'm doing okay for once some cataclysm is probably around the corner", ohnonono, that's what your psychology friends are trying to teach you not to think. Of course there won't be if you keep at it. :)

I'm glad things go well for blogland's famousest.

And I had fun... catching up with you on msn, thanks.. :P

Planetx_123 said...

Well that's great that you are doing well, and I'm glad that you at least let all of us followers know. Yes, I am sure that you have more important things to do than talk to me on MSN so I'm not going to bug you :-)

I'm so glad that you are doing well!!

oh...and since you are a stickler for grammer:

"Though if life *were* turning to shit then..."

Much Love,

Tom said...

Glad things are going ok,

Aek said...

Don't jinx yourself! You're doing FINE!! :D

*Hugs* Hopes everything continues to go well.

Steevo said...

...sounds like u have 2 very good psychologists. Treasure them as in my experience they r few and far between.

I hope u have come to trust them and share the real Dusty w/ them.

Your last line is certainly pessimistic... but show good vocabulary!



James said...

I'd be up for meeting but it would require a long plane ride.

naturgesetz said...

Glad to hear all the positives in this post. Yay!

I understand about having too many blogs to keep up with. I feel the same way, and I'm not nearly as popular as you — but I've linked a lot of people and I follow a lot because I care about them. But you aren't obliged to read every post or to comment on every one you read. Your time is limited, and it's yours, so use it as you need to.


Ethan said...

I hope not. Hope things stay good for you.

I guess that's what happens when you have so many links but I'm sure people wont mind so as long as they hear from you in some way

John said...

A`h yes, the calm before the storm sort of ? lol
Fear not what ever comes you can handle it !
Look back (or not) over the past year and your still hang`n in there
Your a Good Man Charlie Brown !
See ya !

TR said...

Well it's good to hear eveything is going good for you. (:

Tales Gubes said...

i'm writing just to say that your blog is quite nice. Ok, that's weird, coming from a brazilian guy, but anyway ^^

writing seems, usualy, to be a waste of time, but I use it to talk with myself, so it helps to organize my thoughts...

well, sorry for this strange comment, i just wanted to say that i like reading you :o)

cvn70 said...


hey good to hear things are going ok and that school is better than your old hell hole :P

life is always evolving and things change but a little mboy is always better than no mboy so i wont get mad if you dont comment :)

glad to hear about your work with the doctors and hope that continues to help you.

hope all is well and i'll keep an eye out for you on MSN. take care and be safe my friend


Jeremy said...

I kind of feel the same way about the blogs- I've been slacking bigtime, it's difficult for me to sit here and read all these blogs -_-

Glad you are doing okay :)

Good luck with the job search


Mr. HCI said...

I'm so happy to read that you're liking your new school much better! It really can make a huge difference.

The psychiatrists meeting with you in public places to get you used to being in slightly more social situations is brilliant.

It's always great to read an upbeat post from someone I care about.


Anonymous said...

i love you

Mirrorboy said...

Won't be publishing any more of those comments anon.

Pilgrim said...

M.boy, you have a jealous boy on you! :-D but it´s true. View a good trime! Propz Pilgrim

John said...

About Annos. comments. I don`t know about anyone else but sometimes it`s the only way I can leave a post, not often but sometimes it won`t go through anyway except if I use it !
Just me or what ?

Mirrorboy said...

I can always use my blogger profile when i leave comments. :P

Jake Annonymous said...

*Dramatic horror music builds after last statement*

You wait until you get to your level of schooling like my year 12, then you wont even have enough time to read more than one or two blogs. Yours is the only blog I have time for anymore (Not to offend anyone else, im quite sorry)

Seth said...


Elliott said...

Nice to hear that you're happy! :) Keep it up.

John said...

About Anno. yes you can leave your bloger thing but were not all bloggers
you know ?
We are talking about the same thing aren`t we ?