Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mini Break.

It's that kind of time again.

I'm gonna take a break from blogging, and reading blogs and commenting, and reading emails and replying.

I've got a bunch of homework i need to do. After school and homework i also need some time to relax. There are some other things on my mind i need to think about as well. I won't go into detail but it's nothing bad, so don't worry. :)

I'll be back soon. Till then, love.



Mr. HCI said...

I can certainly understand, said the man who's still in the midst of a temporary slowdown, himself.

Hang in there and see ya' when ya' return!


Rhythym Changes said...

I'll be missing you!

And perhaps it's time I took a break as well... blegh maybe not I dunno.

jlo said...

we'll miss you hurry back love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Take your time man, we all do when we need to.

Aek said...

Take care Mboy!! You better come back soon, lol. :D

Planetx_123 said...


I sure hope its nothing bad-- take your time.

Much Love,


AJCon89 said...

Love you and miss you already...


Anonymous said...

Yes school 1st blog 2nd lol catch you later bye

cvn70 said...


take your time and make sure you are ok

but dont ever forget to come back to us, ide be lost

take care and be safe


naturgesetz said...

Deffo take the time you need for the more important things. The internet, in all its manifestations can become overwhelming.

Thanks for letting us know that things are okay, so we won't worry.

Anonymous said...

Just when I finish making my new blog you go away for a few days. uggg now that sucks. Hmmmm now what do i do? I was hoping you'd add my blog to ur blog and I'd add ur blog to my blog or something like that. Anyhow here's my blog;



Tombi04 said...

Can't wait for you to get back sweetie, but make sure you take as long as you need. Love you.

Jeremy said...



Kevin Wilson said...

Work hard, be nice to people you don't know.

Pierre said...

Hi, I'm new to the blogging world. My blog is and any feedback would be great!

Brett said...

Mmmkay. Take care =]