Sunday, August 2, 2009


Ehhh i hate doing this.

But it's over now. :) lol

So i've gone through all the links in my sidebar and put them in their categories.

My favourite bloggers go in the top category (My favourite blogs). Mainly because i read blogs by going through my links, and i keep my favourites at the top so i can find them easily. :)

Bloggers who i think do a great job and i like reading go in the next one (Great guys).

Then all the other blogs that are worth checking out go in the next category (Other cool blogs).

A blogger that doesn't post for 3 weeks, without a reason, or one that posts only every few weeks or months, ends up in the very casual blogs section.

When a blogger doesn't post for 3 months, or has officially stopped blogging, they go into the final category of finished or disappeared.

I know that i started blogging because i was alone and i was reaching out. So it's sad when you see other people who couldn't break into the blogging community and gain that readership. It's also sad when someone that you'd been following, disappears with no reason.

Anyways, if you want a link from my blog all you have to do is leave a comment or send me an email. It's win-win for both people. :)


Benji said...

woaw its 12am for you ^^'
Big, big hugs from paris !

Aek said...

That's a good system of categories. :)

I agree it's sad when a blogger disappears or fades away without saying goodbye. :(

Seth said...

Hmmm interesting system. Yay for m-boy ratings!!


It disturbs me when someone "can't break in" as you say - bothers me deep down, because we all start there.

Anonymous said...

My word that is a lot of blogs
Kudos for doing that

naturgesetz said...

I feel hon(u)red to be among your great guys.

And I agree that it is sad when someone you've grown to care about disappears without even explaining why or giving us a chance to say good bye.

Anonymous said...

*dances to be in favorite blogs*

Tyler said...

it's so nice knowing im in the third section, down near the bottom


lmao jks jks


Mirrorboy said...

That's what you get for wanting to drown my cat, Tyler. ;)

J said...

I've gotta ask, do you miss Jake?

Planetx_123 said...

I thought these categories had existed for a while...?

Daily Dan said...

love u babe

Mirrorboy said...

@steve - Yeah they have. I was just explaining what they mean. :)

@j - Why do you care? lol

AJCon89 said...

I want a link!

Oh wait... nevermind :-P

Kevin Wilson said...

The only problem now is that you will have to write extremely long blog entries to encourage people to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list.

Is there a competition now to see who can race up the list the fastest?

Anonymous said...

I suddenly realised I'd never got around to Following you or to linking. So I've put both things right.

Thanks for including me in your bloglist!

J said...

I hate it when stories end like that.

Mirrorboy said...

No I don't miss Jake.

cvn70 said...


hey good to see you update your links and i for one would like to thank you because when i was reading i primarily used your links to find blogs and im sure many people still do

btw "curious wolf" we spoke today and he told me he is not blogging again but you may be able to find him him on youtube in the future

I do think its important to support these new guys and i hate to see anyone leave but its life i guess

take care and be safe


J said...

Are you hiding a steel fist inside a sequined glove?

Jeremy said...