Saturday, August 15, 2009


A job, please.

So as i said the other day, to pass my Work Skills class i need to axly do work experience for a minimum of 8 weeks to pass, and our teacher wants to get us out there ASAP. Full steam ahead kind of thing.

So on Thursday in class i looked through the phone book for places that i might be able to do work placement at. The one i wrote down first, was our local newspaper. Long-time readers might already know that i want to be a journalist.

Now asking this newspaper is quite a big deal. It's not a small thing. It's a very professional paper. It does local news, state news, national news, international news, all news. In a work placement book i saw at my old school before i left, it said they only took year 11 and 12 students, preferrably those studying Journalism as a subject.

Now i'm 16. Definitely not studying Journalism. Little experience. I mean how do you even get experience as a journalist without axly working at a newspaper? And it didn't say anywhere that they had any sort of openings either.

Anyways, it's a long shot. I'm trying not to get my hopes up but that's hard to do. This is gonna be 8 weeks of my life. I want it to be something important to me.

I wrote up the quick application in about 45 mins and got it to my teacher and she said she would post it. Cross your fingers, toes, legs, balls, anything. I want this bad, and it's a very long shot. :(

If it doesn't work, my other 2 choices are the local radio station or a bakery.


cvn70 said...


I got everythng crossed and yeah a job is always a good thing. Are there smaller papers to apply too or even magazines.

but hey good for you putting yourself out there. And even if its a long shot you are shooting for something you want

hey keep trying my friend and someday something will work out

take care and be safe


WkBoy714 said...

I crossed my fingers, toes, legs, balls, anything else (except whatever was in use hehe). Best of luck with your job. You've inspired me that I should do that too.

You have a good eye for making the 8 weeks worth it though, again best of luck and speak soons. :)

Jeremy said...

Good Luck! There's no reason they shouldn't accept you :)


Mirrorboy said...

No Bob there are no smaller magazines or papers to apply to.

AJCon89 said...

Balls crossed... check...

It would be amazing if you got it... and I am sure you will find something cool to do.

I miss you buddy.

Love ya.


Mr. HCI said...

Best of luck!

You ask how to get experience in journalism at your age? Well, does your school have a school paper?

Another thought: journalism isn't just print anymore. You might consider starting a news blog and writing about subjects you would want to tackle as a real world journalist. This would show initiative to prospective employers and give you practical experience writing articles on a regular basis.

My fingers and toes are crossed for ya'!

billy said...

Any chance of someone connected to the youth group having a contact at the newspaper or the radio station? The local gay mafia? lol

Spastic Fantastic said...

Def keeping everything crossed fir you!!!

and yay you for going after a job that matters to you :)

Daily Dan said...

I'll cross everything I have for u babe. I miss u lots. Still getting married I hope....

Tombi04 said...

Good luck sweetie. If they're lucky they'll take you.

And if Journalism is what you really want to do, keep trying, even if you don't get this. You're a good writer, and I would read any paper you wrote for, and not just because you're so cute ;P

J said...

Don't just apply. Take some of your creative writing and the best of your blog posts to the paper's personnel office and tell them how much you want to intern there. They are not likely to hire a non-college graduate for a reportorial position, but internships have a way of making it easy for you to get a job after your formal education is over.

naturgesetz said...

Good luck on getting the job at the paper. Hopefully something in your application will tell them you're special.

But even if they decide to stick with their self-imposed rules about whom they'll take, this doesn't determine your career, and I'm sure you can get some good experience (even if it's only a "learning experience") somewhere.

Here's hoping for the best.


Aek said...

Good luck, I'll be wishing the best for ya.

Do you have any copies of short pieces you've written? Works of fiction? A report? A news article you wrote up? It might be good to have a portfolio on hand so they can see what a great writer you are.

PoisonedHappiness said...

Hope you get job you really want

Col said...

Wishing you the very best of luck Mboy!! :)

Take care!

Love & Hugs,

Jason Carwin said...

Best of luck. I hope your cover letter stated why you wanted this job. An employer always likes to hear that an applicant is genuinely interested.

MartininBroda said...

Good luck, it's great you make big goals, even nobody would say here journalism is a big issue, maybe you can give a better example.

Benji said...

im happy for u :p
i hope you'll get the Journalism thing you want !!! =D

Jake Annonymous said...

Not saying the paper isn't important or anything, but today's top story was-
City favours (Town Name) for new livestock centre.

Followed by- Mall would spell 'disaster' for CBD

A shopping mall in my city is bigger than your CBD :D

Good luck sexy boy !

Lunario said...

Maybe you'd increase your chances to get that job if you sent some of your work, like an extract of your book or self-written articles about any matters to the newspaper office.

It would definitely make a good impression; Firstly, they would be impressed by your efforts (sending a second mail with additional information) and secondly they would surely be overwhelmed by your writing skills. ;)

Good luck, mirrorboy! :)

Anonymous said...

Always wishing the best for you my man. Here's praying and hoping you get a job, preferably with the newspaper. *hugs*

Mr McCabbage said...

As for journalism - I just have to post this somewhere: Iraqi Gays Targeted, Brutally Killed, also Anti-gay attacks on rise in Iraq and Gay men attacked, executed in Iraq .. Thx Mboy, take good care.

Tyler said...

awww, Mirrorboy the Baker. lol, how cute :)

i'll cross everything i can :P hopefully you'll get the job!

lol, maybe we should all email the newspaper company recommending you! :P lol

Anonymous said...

Dont you love me anymore? Sent you my holiday pic.
Maybe check your junk folder.


Bloggy Bear.

Dean Grey said...


Be thankful that your school is trying to get you a job.

Here in the U.S. I never found high schools that concerned about finding students work. They kind of just send you on your way once you graduate.

This might be a divine opportunity to make some business contacts to fall back on in the future.

Let us know how it all goes!