Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hai But Bai.

Okay, so here's the thing.

I've gotta a lotta stuff to do at the moment. I need to write an essay on a book we read in English, and also do an assignment on the book (It's called The Divine Wind, it was really good axly). I also need to find articles for a speech i have to do about a topic i chose (human euthanasia). And there's more stuff to do with my Work Skills class. I kind of need to... find a job and do work experience to pass.

I also need to get other stuff sorted out to do with turning 16, which was a while ago. Bunch of other stuff too. No point going into it.

To be honest, i haven't even read the majority of e-mails i've received in the past couple of weeks. And those of you with my msn may have noticed i've barely been on. I think it'll stay like that for a while. I went on it last night after being away for a while, and while i was on i was hurt. So what's the f'ing point, ya know? I'm just gonna be a ghost now, for a while at least.

I'm sorry to all the owners of blogs i haven't been reading and commenting. But you've all got your own lives and problems to deal with. I simply can not get involved. Right now, i need to focus on me, my life, and my own problems. That's all i can take for now.

And i may or may not be on msn occasionally. If i am it won't be for long.

Right now i will go and respond to all the e-mails in my inbox. If you e-mail me after this, don't expect a quick reply. Sorry.

I will try to post when i can. I do still have stuff to blog about. It's not the blogging that has made me have to do this, it's everything that comes with it.


Mr. HCI said...

I'm bummed to see you bummed out and especially bummed to hear someone hurt you on MSN.


Hang in there!


naturgesetz said...


I've never understood where people on msn and other IM sites find the time to be in contact with large numbers of people. I know I write slowly because I wordsmith everything; but it's all I can do to follow and comment on other people's blogs, post occasionally to my own, and chat on line with a couple of people.

So IMO there is no reason you should feel at all bad about reducing your internet time and concentrating on your real life needs and responsibilities. We don't own you, and nobody should feel dependent on cyber-contact with you.

Best wishes.


AJCon89 said...

I miss you buddy :(

Hope everything is Ok.

Love you.


Rhythym Changes said...


Bubye for now then, I'll miss you like a lot. But I know how things get busy and all that.

I hope all goes well.

I loves you!


Aek said...

Take care Mboy. I hope the dust settles quickly for you.


Kevin Wilson said...

Don't let it all overwhelm you - take your time and get everything you need to do completed. Everyone will see you when it's finished.

Brett said...

Take care! I'll keep an eye out for you.


Planetx_123 said...

I echo everyone else.

Love Much,


cvn70 said...


dont you disppear for ever or ill come find you over in Aussieland :P

take some time get your work done and then come see us again. you are all about love to me and i need some of your love every once in awhile

take care and be safe, my friend



Randy said...

Take it easy, chin up

Spastic Fantastic said...

Hai Mboy :)
sorry to hear ur stressed and busy :(
hope it's nothing too major and you work it all out, good luck with ur schoolwork and all...
take all the time you need for yourself of course, that should always come first, plus i'm too lazy to update my blog recently anyways so your not missin much there :P
anyway i'll be thinkin good thoughts of you and someday i'll bore you to tears on msn again :)

*massive hugs*

oh yah and F whoever was mean to u, they obviously suck, and not in the good way u deserve :P

jlo said...

what everyone else said plus take care and take your time come back when you are ready We will be waiting love and hugs

Jason Carwin said...

Sorry that everything is getting crazy right now. I hope things cool down soon.

Steevo said...

hey, MB

It's all good. Seriously. Blogging may have served its purpose. AND along th way... you have helped i bet 100s of people in small and BIG ways.

You got famous being you, quirks and all. Your Writing is so good and so real that people connected to you.

As you went thru shit at the old school u had a place to go here.

Now maybe u have outgrown this space. And really that is a very good thing. Makes me happy and proud to have had some small part in that happening.

So take care of Dusty now. He deserves it FFS!

Drop by once in a while if you can. We care and of course are a buncha nosey queers too! LOL



Landyn said...

i already miss you man, and will continue to miss you. i hope that we can find a time to talk again soon.

<3 you

WkBoy714 said...

Mirrorboy ..
firstly your "axly" is cute to the point it makes me laugh :P and I use it in real life now. To the confusion of my family.

But anyway. I'm missing you on MSN as I'm sure lots of others of us guys are. If you need time away then of course, take it, there's no law to be here. It's our privelage, not right. If some idiots are choosing to hurt you though, then they are not worth your time, and if you ever read this then you can know you can always talk to me and I'll listen, do my best, without hurting you. Safely and surely.

All the best in sorting out whatever is dragging you down. And hope you focus on, and enjoy all the support left for you from me and others :) Good luck. We are all here waiting and hoping, and should you choose to share or ask, listening too.

Hope to speak soon, to a happier and more clear-minded M'boy *hug*!

Seth said...

GOOD for you - get off the computer and do the important things, Yes, miss ya love ya stay safe and all that, not like you're going away or anything - but make sure you focus on what needs to be done. Don't feel pressured to respond to a zillion emails and read a zillion posts - good that you can see that you need to spend time dealing with your own life before other bloggers.

But do keep us posted and pop your head in once in a while. *hoards hair pictures for future use*

*wink* :)

And poop on whoever made you feel bad.


ps: could you pick a slightly more cheery topic for your speech? j/k

Jeremy said...

*gasp* someone hurt you? D: I will beat them up D:<

Good luck with your school stuff... especially that finding a job part.