Thursday, July 23, 2009


We were at the ocean the other day and we took the camera. My Mum loves whales so i had to try to get some pics.

There are also a few pics taken on recent days, when the weather was better. And they're prettier. :P

And there are a few just of the ocean too. :)

You'll notice that the weather goes dark and light. That's cos the order of the pics got messed up as i uploaded them. lol

It may be a shithole of a town but at least it's pretty. :P



billy said...

Once in a while I go down to a west coast beach, Port Campbell or Castle Cove or somewhere, just to feel the icy water on my feet and the clean, fresh salt air from across the Southern Ocean. It's as free from human influence as you can get on this planet.

Pilgrim said...

I would´ve taken the surfboard along. :-) Propz Pilgrim...p.s., all the best to your cat

Kevin Wilson said...

I prefer to look at the ocean and take photos of the shoreline rather than get down on the sand. Don't get me started on why I won't actually go in the water.

I found out today that during the season, they run whale watching trips out of Sydney. Might be fun to go on one.

WkBoy714 said...

Pssssh. It is beautiful. *falls in love*

Planetx_123 said...

Wow- those last two especially are amazing. You are a good photographer!

Much Love,

Aek said...

I love the beach. It's so . . . peaceful and relaxing on a nice day. It's cool that you got some pics of whales (though they may be dolphins?).

Benji said...

Oh, your pics aren't beautiful. THEY ARE WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!
Awwww <3

Micky said...

Super pics

Don't get a lot of whales in the Derbyshire Peak District!

Thanks for all your efforts.

James said...

Wow, simply sublime. :)

Ty said...

looks familiar man.

mind you i have ridden my bike along the whole coast by now so dont worry i couldnt say which beach it is :P

you are lucky to live in such a beautiful place :)


MartininBroda said...

That’s wonderful, especially the last and I like the broken wave too.

Seth said...

It's absolutely beautiful, even for as you describe the town :P

naturgesetz said...

Thanks for posting the pics.

Lucky you to be able to whale watch without having to leave the land.

And it looks as if the land is high enough that even with a few meters' rise in sea level from global warming, your town should still be high and dry.

Mr McCabbage said...

When I was your age I also ended up in beautiful places over here - vast mountains and coastlines, not a human in sight - while all I wanted was a boyfriend and a future.

Jason Carwin said...

that last picture was absolutely beautiful. I love the beach.

G said...

Wow... you've just made my day!
What beautiful pictures.

Thanks for sharing them with us.

Sorry you've been sick, and all the best to your cat (perhaps take the dear one to a vet for a check up?)

Hopw your weekend turns out to be spectacular.


Tim said...

It's a beautiful place.

Benji said...

OMG it's the 5th time today i come here. and i woke up 7 hours ago. =D
I think i'm more addicted to you than i thought i was. and it's already a lot.

S said...

Wow. If only we would have beaches like that in Finland. Someday I'll travel to Australia and get to see that kind of beautiful beaches.

cvn70 said...


hey how come there are no houses near the shoreline there bt it is a beautiful place

whenever i want to be clm i go look at it its amazing the ocean and the color of your seas i rememebr so it doesnt matter the what your camera deos :P

hope all is wel my friend take care and be safe


Wet Kyle said...

Great photos. Our beaches are covered with condos and commercial development. It's nice to see beaches that are still natural (with wooden stairs for access).

Key said...

thats some awesome scenery :)