Sunday, July 5, 2009

It Was Awful... But I Liked It.

Last night i had one of the strangest dreams i've ever had, and i've had some pretty bizarre ones.

It evolved throughout, but the same main plot stuck.

My Mum and i were at home. I think we were eating dinner at the kitchen table. There was an explosion noise of sorts, and smoke started drifting down from the vents in the roof. We heard a fire truck, and the firemen put out a fire somewhere. Then they told us that someone had put a bomb in our roof, and it was poisonous. If we had breathed in the fumes, we would have died.

The firemen were gone, and me and my Mum were in the kitchen again. I saw that there was a car in the driveway, close to my house, and 2 people were sitting in it. One had goggles or binoculars on their head. The car had been there for a while, and the people were staring straight through the window into our house. It scared the hell out of me. I just had this overwhelming feeling of fear. We both hid behind the wall.

Some of the rest is a blur. I think one time when my Mum left the house, she was attacked and someone tried to stab her.

One night i left the house at nighttime (perhaps to go for a run). I did the usual stuff and locked the door and left. When i returned, the security door was broken and the other door was open. Someone had broken in. I came inside, and there was a light on in the lounge room. When i went in to investigate, i found that the room had been ransacked, and stuff was everywhere.

I heard a noise, and as i turned around, through the doorway to the lounge room, i saw a woman run from the kitchen to the front door and leave. I ran after her into the night

I caught her, and i knew she was one of those responsible for terrorizing my family. I wanted revenge. (The next part is a bit strange.)

Apparently my next door neighbour is an evil sexual abuser. (In real life he's big and cuddly lol.) Anyways, i ransacked his garage and smashed stuff, and framed the woman by leaving her in there. He found her as he came home, and the rest faded to black like a scene in a movie. (I guess you can figure it out for yourself.)

The details in the story changed now. There was still one person left, who had tried to kill my Mum. My Mum, though, had turned into my wife, and i was a celebrity.

I returned to my house and called the police. Somehow i ended up on the phone to a French Restaurant and we all started speaking French...

I know. Strange.

Then i was out having dinner at a restaurant (perhaps the same one). I was walking around, when at the window, i spotted a woman sitting alone. I knew this was the other person who had tried to hurt us, and i confronted her.

Somehow i got her to confess, and i found out she was a crazed fan, who had tried to kill my wife in an attempt to have me as her own. She ended up in tears, and realised that what she had done was crazy. The police arrived, and the dream ended there.

Anyways, there were lots of other things that happened in that dream that i can't remember, but i know they were there. When i try to think about it, i find what feels like distant memories, and those memories go in hand with intense fear.

While it played like a nightmare, it was actually exciting. I enjoyed it. lol

Then i had another dream.

I went down to a dock. There was a group of people. I asked someone something in a whisper, and he pointed me to a blond boy standing a few metres away. I approached him and he smiled in a friendly way. He was really gorgeous.

I bought cocaine from him. Then we talked. I talked a lot about random stuff. I confessed it was because i was nervous. He said it was okay. I felt a connection to him.

As we were at the dock, a helicopter appeared. A horse was being carried in a harness by the helicopter, and it was lowered onto the deck.

The end.



Anonymous said...

vivid dream mboy, i cant remember mine that good but yeh strange:P

you should get a hold of 'the book of dreams' it interprets dreams for you (if you believe it)


naturgesetz said...

Yes. Well …

The attackers are "anonymous" the troll.

Freud would say marrying your mother symbolizes marrying your mother (which supposedly every boy wants to do).

And the horse is virility.

I hope that clears it all up for you. LOL

cvn70 said...


Im just glad i dont have dreams like you do lol, man they are intense

Ill leave the interpetations to others but im concerned about this cocaine thing

take care and be safe


Planetx_123 said...

very interesting... I laughed out loud at the mom/celebrity segue.

So one thing I'm curious about: I wonder if its possible to have a character in a dream that you have never seen IRL. For example, have you ever had a dream involving an internet friend that you had never seen before? What would they look like in the dream? I guess we all have 'pictures' in our minds of what we think each other looks like... maybe that would suffice.

Does anyone know if blind people dream? (i.e. blind from birth-- no concept of vision)

I know there are lots of studies that show brain activity while waking, remembering things, and dreaming. What's interesting (although I guess expected) is that when you experience something- you can see a particular 'pattern' of electrical activity happening in the brain. Then when you remember the same event, you see 'similar' patterns of activity, but just slightly skewed. It's just slightly less resolved. It's not really interesting, but at least re-inforces that memories and our cognition are intimately connected. Also, it gives me hope that they will one day have a real life 'matrix' where I can 'plug in' and have Jesse McCartney or Mitch Hewer as my boyfriend sailing (nude) on a yacht somewhere...

one can dream... (see how I brought it all together there... a regular bill fuckin' shakespear over here :-)

Much Love,

Aek said...

You do have some wild dreams, hehe. Dreams are pretty cool regardless though. :P

Kevin Wilson said...

Weird dreams indeed, but weird is all part of the job. I had a weird dream last week that I was a teacher at an exclusive private boys school teaching French. Halfway through the dream, I wasn't teaching a class anymore, just one young boy.

Dreams are funny that way. There was another odd dream last week, but it involved nudity so you probably wouldn't be interested....

Anonymous said...

That. was intense. I can't say I've had such exciting dreams, but I do remember a time where I found a baby killer whale in our washing machine... weird.

Andrew said...

lol @ the horse!! i burst our laughing when i read that :D

Anonymous said...

No more midnight snacks for you young man...

A Poor Student said...


Your post reminded me of this video on youtube that I watched that was on DMT which is the drug which makes us dream... its so crazy, I posted it on my blog so you can see the one Im talking about.


B xo

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm lay back on the sofa and lets talk about some things at $90 an hour. Simple... Those dreams represent a lot of things, but mostly they represent anxiety. Its just your brain rushing around trying to solve all your problems and fears and dreams all at once and it ends up as a circus of goofy stuff. Relax, you're fine :)

Cheers Tristan

Anonymous said...

ya horse - hope he was ok S

Mr McCabbage said...

Do keep a journal and write down as much as possible, in the mornings. It encourages the process, and you could work it into creative writing. I often end up speaking other languages in a dream and having a hard time doing that - so stupid.

Jeremy said...

You had a dream that you had a wife o.o

lol how much french do you know? Did you understand anything you/they were saying in that dream with the restaurant? :P

The horse is...random lol
You have weird dreams :P


Aahsazyl said...

that many straight women can do weird things to people ^_^
and bugger all that shit about symbolism
just enjoy the dream for what it was
an exciting adventure :D

~mikeyboy said...

Lol reminds me of my vivid dreams I have been having although they almost all involve hot boys!

Key said...

O.o the fuck was that about!

Probably the strangest thing I have ever read haha :)