Thursday, July 23, 2009

Patty Cakes.

So i made these today. They're chocolate patty cakes with orange icing and a walnut on top. :)

I shot those in a really bad light so they don't look as nice as they did in real life. lol

Unfortunately, i also accidentally used caster sugar instead of icing suger. eep. So the icing was gritty. :P

But it was a first try so i still did okay. :)

I like cooking. I just love doing anything that i can be creative with. I've always loved writing and drawing and stuff like that. And now i also love cooking and baking as well.

It took me a few hours to do. I had to wash and wipe everything (cos of my OCD). I obviously had to measure and make the mix for the cakes. Egg, milk, butter, s.r flour, caster sugar, and i think i put vanilla essence in. Then i did the icing, which was sugar and butter, and orange (which i grated the rind of, and also squeezed juice from). Then i cracked open the walnuts myself.

But it was all fun. And fun things are fun. :)



Tombi04 said...

It's great to see you having fun sweetie.

Much love.

Forsaken03 said...

They look pretty sweet =O. Maybe you'll be a chef when you grow older lol. sounds fun atleast

MartininBroda said...

It looks really nice. said...

...and sweet fun too.

Just in case you're bored and want to make bigger cakes, here would be another baking recipe.

Kevin Wilson said...

Cooking is fun and I've never had total success with a first try at something, but you learn for the next time.

You say the icing was orange? Pictures make it look a bit green. I'd still eat them though - they are cake.

Mirrorboy said...

Lol yeah it's crap lighting. :P

Mr. HCI said...

I love baking but only do it a few times a year. Your remark about washing and wiping everything reminded me of one of my favorite Saturday Night Live bits, Cooking with The Anal Retentive Chef.

Planetx_123 said...


Cooking is fun, but I suck at it-- keep it up!


goleftatthefork said...

grrr.... I'm supposed to be fasting for a blood test today and now I'm starving :-/

jlo said...

Nice looking cakes. I also find cooking a relaxing and creative pass time. love and hugs

Daily Dan said...

they look yummy.

Aek said...

They look delicious. :)

Though, I would've thought the icing was lemon and not orange from the color - what weird lighting.

Aahsazyl said...

fun things are fun

Tyler said...

omgsh mirrorboy. yum.

ps- are you angry/unhappy w/ me for threatning to drown ur cat? i've been worrying ever since i made that post o.O

annnnyways, nice ocean pics too! it's pics like that that make me wanna go live in aus.

worc verification: poing

James said...

Save one for me! >_< But take the walnut off, I'm allergic. :$

naturgesetz said...

I've always enjoyed cooking, glad you're having fun doing it.

An occasional mistake can be a real learning experience. And when the item is still edible, so much the better.


Seth said...

I'm concerned about the green "orange" icing - even with the bad lighting LOL


I'm happy that you enjoy baking and cooking things, its a good creative outlet *Royal Chef Endorsement* - just watch the thighs and tush!!



Jeremy said...

Those look good.. minus the walnuts on top :P

(I am allergic to nuts)

*hugs* :)

Ethan said...

I was told to come check out your blog and that I might like it
So I see nice ocean waves and then I keeping going and I see the cupcakes.
I'll be honest with you the first thing I said when I saw those was "Eww"
Bad lighting you say? Ok then make sure you uses spot lights next time lol

Mirrorboy said...

lol It's cos my digital camera tries to 'fix' the colour by itself. It fails and makes things ugly. I couldn't help it. :S lol

Ethan said...

Ick lol sorry but I can't help it it doesn't look appetizing to me.

If that is fixed then what in the world does the camera think broke is?

Sad it took me like 7 tries to spell camera right. ( Actually it went up one more)

G said...

Yay for Patty Cakes!!! :-)

So glad you did some baking again...


Mirrorboy said...

Psh. The camera tries to fix things that aren't broken. Like when i was trying to take pictures of Melbourne at night, it kept using its flash because it was trying to light things up, even though the buildings were far away. It was awful. lol

It's a stupid camera. :P

Ethan said...

Yeah you are right it is a bad camera

Col said...

Ok, so the colour's a bit dodgy, but chocolate, orange and walnut is a win, win, win with me.

Nice first try Mboy :)

Have a great weekend and take care,

ps. Great ocean pics too! :)

Key said...

I have the same habbit when I'm cooking, I'm always wiping the knife/fork or whatever as I'm cooking.

Even though I know I'm going to be using it again can be annoying when you run out of kitchen paper <.<

cvn70 said...


will you ship someof them to me but without the walnuts :) and look for that bakery job lol

take care and be safe