Saturday, July 4, 2009

F*ck You. ^____^

I don't usually post vids, but i love this song. I love Lily Allen. ^_^

There's a liiiiiittle bit of coarse language. lol

That is all. :)


southern said...

Love it - S from Aus

Planetx_123 said...

Yea I love this song too!!

See now I'm going to be singing this all day, mirrorboy! And I have to go to work, and be around other people. Im sure more than once Ill catch myself muttering:

Fuuucck you... Fuck you very, very mu-uu-uu-ucch


Much Love,

kelisseou said...


That explains why I haven't heard it on the radio. ;P

goleftatthefork said...

I don't get why she has so many haters - I think she's fun even if I can't play her music in the house because of the young ears around

sr said...

Thats ok mirrorboy I don't mind that word. Actually out of all the curse words fuck is my favorite. Theres another video on you tube that I really like. Sue Simmons what the fuck are you doing. She's a well known local newsanchor in my area. Whenever I'm having a bad day I always watch that one. lol funny. Good song too. *thanks* for sharing.

TR said...

Yay Lily Allen!

Antony said...

I think Lilly Allen is a secret gay man that's experienced homophobia.

Think it would have been a much better song if she'd cut the language and actually used constructive words.


A x

Spastic Fantastic said...

Mboy, always with the profanity ;)

~mikeyboy said...

lol never heard this song but it's kinda catchy!

Aek said...

Hehe, that's kind of cute. :P

I hope all is well with ya.

Tom said...

Hey mate wondered what was going on there for a second.
Hope u doin ok.
Is hte weather at your end of the globe as hot as here, think im gonna die of heat, HEHE i have been gloating about the heat but its not often we get to enjoy it in the UK, 3 days of 30oC and then rain for the rest of the year.
Hope you keepin well anyway.