Friday, July 10, 2009

Black Eyed, Trees.

It's cold. It's windy. It's raining. I'd be in bed by now, but noooooooo...

I was outside trying to get the cat to come home. hmph

When she finally came to the door, i went to grab her, but she ran off, and up a tree. lol

Don't forget you can click pics to see bigger, clearer versions.

On another note, a couple days ago my mid-70's Grandma was going to the supermarket. On the way in, she tripped over and hit the footpath. She hit her head and scraped her face and her glasses and her hands, and she got a huge black eye. Someone came up to her and told her that her face was bleeding, as well.

Me and Mum went grocery shopping today and she was with us. Seeing her like that... battered and bruised... idk. It just tore my heart up. :'(

I loves my Grandma. :'(


Deadwing said...

aww...i hope your grandma is ok. your cat is naughty...running up a tree. :P you climbed the tree to get her, didn't you?

Tom said...

Hope yer Grandm is ok, it can be hard when a loved one gets hurt, I felt the same when it happened to my nana, but she has picked herself up from it, U can be strong for her and make her feel confident cos she might have lost some confidence.

All the best Mirrorboy.


WkBoy714 said...

Cats always jump up treeeees. Why I wonder?

Ohh sorry to hear about her :( but charmed by the love you have heh. She'll get through anything with love like yours behind her :)

Len said...

MB, she is lucky that she has a caring person like you around. It is never good to see our elderly bruised and battered no matter how it happened.

I hope when I am old that my kids do the right thing and look after me. Good on you mate.

AGENTK007 said...

gr8 big hugs to u an yur granma. my heart goes out 2 u an ill pray for her speedy recovery.
it sadens me to hear stuff like this happenin to the ones most precious 2 us.

Planetx_123 said...

When I was a 1st grade, I went to the store with my grandmother. She was walking up and did the exact same thing. She fell face first in to the concrete. In first grade, I didnt really know what to do bit I started adults. She was ok but we all had to go to the hospital. I remember getting to ride in the front the ambulance and thinking I was cool for it!


Kevin Wilson said...

I hope your grandma is okay - a fall can really start to mess up seniors.

I don't think my cat has ever climbed a tree to not have to come into the house - in fact, she climbs the screen door to get in.

It's hard to stay mad at cats though.

cvn70 said...


hope your grandma is ok and dont forget to give her some extra hugs.

see this is another reason i like dogs they cant climb trees lol

hope you are having a great day

take care and be safe


jay.osa said...

i hope she gets better soon

Louie said...

Poor grandma! I know what it's like, it sucks I know. My grandpa once got attacked by two pitbulls... yeah, that was scary. He was alone, so we assume he was able to fight them off or something. Pretty incredible how strong old ppl can be, your grandma should be alright, specially with all the family support you will and have given her. wish you the best!

Mr McCabbage said...

Cat wants to play rough :) Careful never go up after them not even with welding gloves. The fun is to throw you out of the tree, serious.

When oldies start falling, make sure that she drinks enough water in general. Not tea etc - plain water, and together with something salty. Hydration helps. When their face is injured, not arms and hands .. it may have been an Airbus moment, and may happen again. Of course, tell her to make good use of old age. By carrying a cane she has a better chance of VIP treatment.

You can also transfer life force to her, useful to learn. Just picture who she is and imagine sending energy. It feels a bit like peeing from the mind. If she needs it you will feel it going, when enough it will stop naturally. You may find that some unknown guide accepts it, to pass it on, which is good. This works even better for cats - should they ever run into trouble.

naturgesetz said...

I hope your grandma will be fine. It's good that there were no broken bones or anything else to keep her down.

Well, let this be a lesson to us all: when the cat comes to the door, let her walk through on her own. If she doesn't do so within five minutes and 43 seconds, nonchalantly walk around behind her; and when she stops looking at you, push her through the doorway. Never try to pick her up from in front. ;)

Aek said...

Aww, silly cat. :-/

I hope your grandma's okay!!


Jason Carwin said...

aww, I hope she is feeling OK.

Jeremy said...

Aww I hope your grandma is ok :( I would be sad if that happened to mine.

And as for the cat... meh you'd have to wait for her to want to come home probably. I remember one time my cat was gone for 2 days. We thought she has been hit by a car or something. Turns out she was stuck in the neighbor's tree and couldn't get down, so we had to go get a ladder and help her. We were happy she was ok :)


Randy said...

I heard to the grape vine that cats cant get themselves out of a tree... is this true? ive never had a cat.

James said...

Bad kitteh!

*hugs for your grandma and you*

naturgesetz said...

@ Randy — Some people claim that cats can certainly get down from trees once they really want to. In support, they ask, "Have you ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree?"

Actually, I think sometimes they have trouble figuring out how to get back down.

Seth said...

You need indoor cats I think a couple other times you've posted about running around chasing kitteh(s) in the wilderness LOL

That's so sad for Grandma, thank goodness she is ok though - elderly person falls often can be much worse.

*hugs* for you and Grandma, and no treats for kitteh.


Antony said...

Ha ha naughty cat!

Sorry to hear about your Grandma. I know what you mean. Last time I went to visit my granddad the TV was on really loud (which wouldn't have been too bad, had he not been watching world war 2 documentarys - all the explosions, made me jump repeatly).

It made me realise he's getting older and more vulnerable. :D So I am making the effort to see him more.


A x

Brett said...

Aww, *hugs Mboy's Grandma*
Hope she feels better soon.