Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meh. lol

Last day of my break from school was today. Back to it all tomorrow with increased hours. I think Monday goes from 9am till 4pm. It's easy to get out a few mins early, and i'll have to cos my gay group starts at 4.

I'll be leaving at 8:45 with my Grandma, and i'll be walking home so i won't be home until about 6pm. That's one hell of a first day back. lol

I've had a reasonably good past few days. I made friends with this really cool kid (a blogger) online a few days ago and we get along well. Making friends is fun. :)

For some reason, people seem to consider me as famous, and they get too shy to talk to me. Idk why people treat me differently just because i get lots of views. I'm still the same person. lol

Anyways my head's kinda blank right now. I got up at 6am this morning to reset my body clock for the early-ish rise tomorrow, and i'm really tired right now.

That's all... i think.



Tom said...

Good luck tomorrow,
I think im going to take a day of work,
I feel a really bad tummy problem coming on
Not at all alcohol induiced.
Catch up with you later.

Tombi04 said...

Good luck cutie.

Loves you.

Jeremy said...

Back to school D:
School is no fun, but at least it will keep you busy :P

I've been working at a school even during my break so no complaining lol.

Yay I like making friends too :)

And have fun with your group! Good luck getting out of school early :P


Tyler said...

i've always to too nervous to chat with you... *blushes* ... cuz i think you've got like a billion pple trying to talk to you... and i dont wanna just come and drown you..... and i've always thought u had enough pple to talk to i guess and didnt have time or anything for newbies.. : /

maybe i should add u..

cvn70 said...


I hope you enjoyed the break and i hope going back to school is a good thing :P Long days are fun lol

And meeting people online can be a nice thing especially if they are nice like you :D

take care and be safe


Spastic Fantastic said...

good luck on your first day back, hope it goes great for you :)


Aek said...

Hehe, Mboy the celebrity. ^_^

Wow, long days. Sounds a little like my days when I have class . . .

Landyn said...

i loved talking to u last night :) havent talked to u for that long in forever.

How's ur grandma doing? feeling any better?

Loves ya buddy

James said...

Well, school might not be that fun, but at least you have the group afterward ... yay!

naturgesetz said...

Hope the new routine and the new term go well.

Key said...

well just to cheer you up a bit I wont be back till mid september =D

AGENTK007 said...

wow skewl all year! idk if id like that. kinda like my summr off. Be thinkin of u tomro. GL. hope u dont get to busy first day, no quizzes an such LOL.

HUGS excelsiur,

Zanar said...

Good luck, mboy.

Brett said...

Ahhh, school. Yuck xD
Hope your first day back was good.
Haha - within the blogging world you are famous!

Brett =]