Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Butt Was So Wet.

I can't really be stuffed writing all about this twice, so i'll just post it from a convo i had with Joshie. :)

Joshua says:
how's you?

Mboy says:
im k :P

Mboy says:
i went for a run in the pouring rain

Mboy says:
beeg mistake

Mboy says:

Joshua says:

Joshua says:
you get all wet?

Mboy says:

Mboy says:

Mboy says:

Mboy says:

Mboy says:
with the music blaring in my ears (from my iPod)

Mboy says:
and as i had to focus on where i was stepping (with puddles and stuff)

Mboy says:
the wind roaring

Mboy says:
and the rain pouring down

Mboy says:
i was oblivious to the pain

Mboy says:
and i pushed myself beyond what i was capable of

Mboy says:

Mboy says:

Joshua says:

Mboy says:
when i got home i was hurty in more places than i thought i had :O

Joshua says:

Funny thing is though, my foot was really sore before i left. It had been hurting for days, and like, it was so painful i had a limp when i walked. Like i'd hurt a muscle in it or something.

Now, it feels perfectly fine. :D

Funny. Anyways. I love running. It's awesome even when im getting pelted in the face by rain. :P

In other news, i baked pink scones yesterday. :O

They didn't turn out as pretty as i envisaged. lol

But they were really nice
. :)

And i've been hanging onto this for a long time, but haven't gotten around to showing it. :P

Completely random. lol.

is all. :)


Tombi04 said...

Pink Scones FTW!!!

Jake Annonymous said...

Fuck you hoomo

goleftatthefork said...

yummy ... and just in time for my breakfast

MartininBroda said...

Sorry I can’t stop laughing I was randomly at your blog (btw. we should exchange recipes) and for a moment I thought, the confirmation word was literally “hoomo”, seems you like to fool your readers. I should avoid myself to look at your blog. Have a nice day. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your foot's fine because you get an enorphin high from running

Joe said...

they look very tasty and I'm hungry now!

Aek said...

Woah, those pink scones look DELICIOUS!! May I have one?

*Throws you a towel in exchange*

Pilgrim said...

Pink scones? I don't even like them. Propz Pilgrim from Ireland

Planetx_123 said...

Oohh you should sell your pink scone recipe to starbucks! But you missed gay month by one... I'm sure they would've loved to market pink scones to coincide with many pride festivals.

And jogging in the rain-- I've never tried it, but I think I would like it. I will try it next time it rains.

Micky said...

gay scones?

~mikeyboy said...

lol I love scones yum yum! Oh and running in the rain O.O you've got more balls than I do... That sounds weird lol considering I have 2?

naturgesetz said...

That scone with the butter and jam on it looks soooo good I think I'll drop in and let you bake me some next time I'm in your neighborhood. (Which will be the first time — and may never happen. So don't sit at home waiting for me. LOL)

naturgesetz said...

Oh, and your foot just needed a nice pavement massage and stretch, I guess. Sometimes that happens.

Jeremy said...

Hoomo. lol :D

I want some scones! *bribes* ;D

Tom said...

Mirrorboi can I try did they taste as nice as your ones the other day?

Benji said...

Whit wich joshua you spoke with ?? i know him ??
And i'm hungry now -_-'

Sasha (Malchik Gai) said...

They do look good. Is the pink from a flavouring or just food colour? Just curious. Now my sweet tooth is screaming for satisfaction.

Mirrorboy said...

It's a secret. ;)

And this is Joshie. I meant to link his blog to 'Joshie' but i forgot. :P

Kevin Wilson said...

I'm glad you're still committed to your running even in the rain, but you should watch getting a chill - we don't want you getting sick.

I can't cope with the idea of pink scones - it's just not right. Scones should be left as nature intended them - nakedly natural.

Oh, speaking of running, I have decided to do the City To Surf in Sydney next year. I have a year to train.

cvn70 said...


pushing your self beyond what your capable of is growth whether it is mentally or physical. Never stop growing, always push your self and see what yo can accomplish

take care and be safe

bob said...

If you keep writing how much fun this running is (even with a soaked butt), it could be that I might give it a try.

LJ said...

damn my allergies. can't eat scones *cry*

Deadwing said... scones.... *drools

running?! good for you! i am thinking of trying running again. walking isn't doing much anymore. I do ride my bike a lot, but i think running would be better exercise. Keep it up!!