Friday, July 17, 2009

Bye Jakey.

Jake of Jake's Home and formerly of the My Life On A Wall blog has left blogworld.

We've had some good times and some bad times together. We were good friends for a long time, and online boyfriends for a while and they were good times. Unfortunately when he broke up with me that resulted in bad times too. lol. But we came out of it okay.

Whatever happened between us, he was the first blogger to link me, and my first commenter, and one of my first friends online. If it wasn't for his support, i probably wouldn't even be here blogging today.

In leaving he had this message for me,

"I didn't want to do a lame attention-seeking countdown like Peter did that time."

Good luck Jakey.



Anonymous said...

Yes. thanks for sharing that.

good luck to Jakey and to others who are leaving or maybe leaving our blogging world at this time.

it would be nice if you each wanted to keep in touch through chat or mail or even the odd comment on a blog - just to keep the link a while longer while we shed a small tear and then try to smile so that rest of the world loves us.

Bye for a bit, 'our kid(s)'

Kevin Wilson said...

I'm glad that you and Jake smoothed things over after your break up and I hope that, even though he won't be blogging, you'll stay in touch with him and remain friends.

My internet friends have always been a great source of support for me.

J said...

What a shame.

Forsaken03 said...

I didn't know him, but he sounds like a really good person. And atleast you can remember the good times you guys had, and reflect on what went wrong =)

Tyler 綽

Pilgrim said...

To quote Jake too; Mboy classified me in to the "average blogs", which was the last nail to my coffin." ...Mboy, are you so biased or just too young to see the damage you left behind? No bad blood though! :-) Have a nice weekend! Propz Pilgrim

naturgesetz said...

Best wishes to Jake.

Peter said...

He always did hate me...

cvn70 said...


After landyn, you and jakee were the next i talked too and both of you were so kind and caring people. I am sad to see jakee go, iwas sad to see what happened between you two also but life does move on. for jake i wish him godspeed in his adventures and noting but good luck in his life

take care and be safe my friend


AGENTK007 said...

i no u wont say it. i no u wont ask for it.
but u need an deserve it.

thinkin of u. <3 K

ps postin from lineup in CW. wish u was here so i culd cheer u up :)

Mirrorboy said...

Yes Pilgrim i am young, biased, and naive.

It has nothing to do with the fact that Jake was JOKING.


@Peter - lmao

Anonymous said...

Pilgrim you are such a dumb fuck at times.

Planetx_123 said...

Yea I still can't figure out if Pilgrim (a) intends to come off as rude, (b) doesn't understand that his comments often read rude, or (c) this is just normal for the French :-)

But this is only from a VERRRYYYY narrow view-- I am basing this only off of the comments I remember...which are likely atypically mean sounding.

Much Love,

Seth said...

*checkup hug* for m-boy