Thursday, July 16, 2009


'Fag Girl' dumped me, like i expected she would. Meh.

On the plus side the school week is over and i can relax now. :)

Also, two new bloggers just joined our community and need some support.

A Day In My Life

Kringe's Blog... of DOOM

Instead of a post from me you can read one from one of those guys. lol

I'm too tired to post.

g'night y'all!


WkBoy714 said...

Hurah relax time. :)
Let the silly girl go away. Just replace her with a boy :)

cvn70 said...


sorry to hear about this and hey don't give up the ship yet keep it floating :D

hope tomorrow is good, take care and be safe


Tom said...

Im sorry about that mate.
I have dedicated a post to them
Luv ya mate

naturgesetz said...

Oh well.

I mean, it's kinda too bad, but what can you do?

Just hang in there. Maybe someone will strike up an acquaintanceship, maybe not. Eventually it's onward and upward anyway.

Micky said...

You don't need a girlfiend anyways up!

Think onit as a mixed blessing.

There will be other to make friends with - maybe you could be a tad less convinced it's not going to happen? Maybe you're putting out bad vibes?

Just a thought becoz I care.

Rhythym Changes said...

Psh you too good for any stinking "fag" girl. Yay for school week being over!

eric loves,


Aek said...

Awww, Mboy. *Hugs*

Hurray for the weekend, don't worry, you'll make some friends. It just take a little bit of work to say "Hi" is all. :)

Forsaken03 said...

Oh noes =(
Well doesn't sound like your exactly devastated, So that's good atleast =) And thanks for the mention.

Tyler 綽

James said...

How does a girl dump a gay guy? o.O Well, *hugs* anyways.

Jeremy said...

Naww who needs girls anyway :P


Wet Kyle said...

Is fag girl something like a fag-hag? From my own experience: Stick with guys.

Kevin Wilson said...

I can tell you're really upset about fag girl... oh well, her loss.

Enjoy your long weekend.