Sunday, July 5, 2009

Got Milk?

I got a text from the woman who runs my gay youth group.

'Hi all ****** you are invited to a free pizza and movie night tomorrow at ****** at 6pm. We will be screening the film Milk. Please let me know if you can make it. Cheers ****'

'I'll be there. :)

K lol i didn't actually call myself 'Mboy' but you know what i mean. :P

Should be fun. :)



Tombi04 said...

Have fun cutie.=D


cvn70 said...


What has hot you more excited the free movie or the free pizza :P

have a good time out with your friends and enjoy your self

take care and be safe


Brett said...

Sounds like fun!
I want free pizza... and a gay youth group. =]

J said...

You'll have a chance to see just how great an actor Sean Penn is.

Jake Annonymous said...

Free milk! ****** Bargain.

goleftatthefork said...

Is anyone else reading posts like this, on this blog, and feeling like we have a totally different person here? Have a great time MB - free pizza, free movie, free environment... what's better?

Planetx_123 said...

Grrr... that is SO AWESOME and I am so jealous. I swear I have to find something like this in Memphis... *scans phonebook*

Is the youth group in your city or do you have to drive to another city? I recall you saying you lived in some small town-- Im surprised it has a gay youth group.

You have seen Milk, right? If not, it is amazing, and I think its mandatory to cry during the movie. I did... but Im an overly-emotional boob when it comes to movies.

Or maybe you'll just be 'that guy' that just makes out with the cute guy in the back the whole time... I hate those guys in the theatre-- I wish it were me!! :-)

Let us know how it goes!


Benji said...

Have you seen it ?? It's cool ^^
Then have a good ttime, with your friends !! see you later, i hope !!

Rhythym Changes said...

Ahh! Milk is such a good movie! I quite enjoyed it each time I sawr it. And if you look carefully there are quite a few cuties in the crowd scenes too. ;-)

Oh and pizza is always good!



Aek said...

^_^ Enjoy the movie and free pizza with everyone there!!

James said...

The movie was very moving, I think you'll find that it is quite an experience.

Tom said...

*uck the film eat the pizza,

Louie said...

I heard the movie was good. Hope you enjoy(ed) it!!

Mirrorboy said...

@steve - Yes, the group is in my city. :)

No, i haven't seen the movie yet. :P

Landyn said...


Antony said...

Was the film any good, not seen it yet?

A x