Wednesday, July 8, 2009

300,000 Views. ^_____^

Congratulations, me!

*pops open a bottle of cheap champagne, breaks light with cork*


Anyways, i wanna thank all of you who read my blog, and comment, and email me. The effort you put in just to contact me, lets me know that people are actually reading and caring. If it weren't for you i wouldn't be blogging at all. :)

I know i said i'd post about my coming out experience, but i realised that the post would take a huge amount of effort, because it is a long story, and lately i've been really busy. I seem to have many responsibilities around blogworld recently. I just don't really have time to make a post like that. Sometime in the future though, yes.

This is just a thank you post, and a celebration post.

Blog mascot, Fatcat, gives his love and fanks. :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats Mboy!

I LOVES YOU!!!!! hahaha

WkBoy714 said...

You have the best mascot =D
And congratulatios :) it's amazing what you've achieved yourself as much as your loyal fans hehe

Anonymous said...

Gee! Someone must love yer afteral!


Deadwing said...

congrats on 300k!!!


*drinks all of your champagne

lol :D

lots of love!

AJCon89 said...

fuck! you made it there before me... :-P

congrats buddy!.

Love yas...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations ! :P And your cat is very cute :)

Tombi04 said...

Yay Mboy!!!

Congratulations on a whole lotta views sweetie.

Loves You!!!

Seth said...

*takes away champagne from youngster*

*replaces with sparkling cider*

*replaces lightbulb*

*super Congratulation Huggles*


Brett said...


Fatcat xD How cute. Hehe.

Mr. HCI said...

Congratulations! Woohoo!

*Smacks Seth and replaces the sparkling cider with sparkling (white) grape juice.*

Kevin Wilson said...

Congrats on 300,000. Fat cats are always better than skinny ones.

Anonymous said...

Yay! :P Congrats on coming this far.

Anonymous said...

Seth - you should have yanked away the cheap champagne and given him a bottle of Cristal - no reason such a great boy should suffer through the cheap stuff!

Rhythym Changes said...

Whoot whoot! There's a reason you have so many views, everyone must love you tons! Or it's one guy, going around to thousands of computers a day just to log views... Nah, everybody loves you

Including me!

*smacks Seth and Mr. HCl and replaced all drinks with gingered ale*

sr said...

Congratulations. I like your blog alot. I hope everythings ok. *hugs* and *thanks* for sharing.

Planetx_123 said...

Well I hope you make time is your busy schedule soon-- I really look forward to that post.

Much Love,

Aek said...

Have I ever told you how much I <3 your cats? LOL

I really like that cat pic, it's so cute (just like you I'm sure)!! ^_^

Congrats. I think it's going to be quite some time before I reach 300,000 views, hehe.

naturgesetz said...

Congrats Mboy!!!

*gets another bottle of champagne, opens it, a drinks a toast*

*pets blog mascot*

*hugs Mboy*

*pets blog mascot some more*

Randy said...


cvn70 said...


Yea on 300K and you've always had a lot of responsibilty in the blog world

Take care and be safe


Jeremy said...

Congrats :)


Anonymous said...

And we're all glad you're here with us blogging. ^_^

loves and hugs

Spastic Fantastic said...

Yay Mboy!!!

that's alot of posts :P

Luv Ya :)

Benji said...

hehe congrats !!
P.S. oh, and i love you :p !!!

Key said...

Thats one cool, relaxed kitteh :)

Jason Carwin said...

Congrats! My blog has all of 50 views. I applaud and envy you. :)