Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Over.

If you haven't been following me on Twitter this is the story.

I got sick of being ignored, feeling like Bitboy didn't care about me at all, and being on the absolute bottom of his priorities list, when he was supposed to be my friend, so i blocked him on msn. Bitboy got pissed off and sent me an abusive text.

I called him the next day and we spoke about it and we both said that we'd been feeling hurt by what had happened. We agreed that we needed to sort things out so that we could remain friends. The last thing he said before he had to go was that i should unblock him on MSN, presumably so we could talk.

2 days later with no contact and i text him. He doesn't reply. The next day (today) i call him and get his answering service. I say that we need to talk so that we can sort out what happened and move on. No reply. I sign on to MSN later and a mutual friend tells me that Bitboy has blocked me on both MSN and his phone because he wants no more contact with me.

It confuses me. He always told me he wanted to remain friends. He said he would always love me. He used to say i was the best thing in his life. He said we were soulmates.

We had a misunderstanding. I tried to fix things but he won't let me.

It doesn't add up.

And now it's over.


Planetx_123 said...

Sorry MB. Maybe you can re-connect and be friends in the future, but I would be wondering if the pain is worth it at the moment.

I haven't had too many relationships to begin with, but I've been thankful that so far I've never had a really bad breakup. The last one wasn't great but we're still friends. I don't know how I would deal with something so traumatic and mean. Im really empathetic to what youre going through.

Much Love,

WkBoy714 said...


Kevin Wilson said...

Sometimes it is best to make a clean break rather than struggle to maintain a friendship when a relationship breaks down.

The problem is that you will never forget what happened and that would always have been in the back of your mind whenever you talked with Bitboy and would have clouded any future friendship you had with him.

Your time with Bitboy helped you come out of your shell a little so take the positives that you got from your brief time with him and build on those and take each day as it comes.

Don't let a negative experience deter you from taking new steps to meet new people or or get closer to people you already know. To me, it looks like everyone who follows your blog and comments here wants you to be happy and seem to be prepared to do their best to help you achieve that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that happened to you.

In my experience it is almost impossible to "be friends" when there is an non-mutual breakup.

You are also learning that what people say is not necessarily what they mean. And sometimes people change their minds, and don't have the courage to say it.

And all of it means that you are free -- at least you have the potential to be free. Free to be available for someone else. So long as you stay attached to BitBoy, you are not free.

Rhythym Changes said...

I wouldn't try to re-connect with him. He's made his decision and burned his bridges and now you should probably just move on.

I hate that feeling, but trust me, I've been there too.

naturgesetz said...

I agree with Kevin Wilson and and Anonymous and Rhythm Changes.

Letting go is not easy, and from other posts it seems you hadn't let go. Not surprising — you really hadn't had much time to. But "just friends" means you're not obsessing over each other. The best way to stop obsessing is to have nothing to do with him. So maybe he's done you a favor in the long run.

As I think I said earlier, you will never entirely forget him, but the ache can subside. It will subside faster if you don't keep reminding yourself. But how can you not remind yourself when he is all you care about, when he automatically comes to mind? The only thing is to occupy your mind as much as possible with other things. Give yourself enjoyable experiences, read books, write, play with the cats, anything. Because the more time you spend involved in other things, the less you'll think about him.

Be patient and the hurt will fade.

Meanwhile — *hugs*


Jason Shaw said...

Oh what a trial and pain for you. You did the right thing trying to sort things out and you've gone way above and beyond the call in trying to do so.

It's horrible when things like this happen, but you, are far more important, you have to strive forward and leave the past behind you.

If he can't be bothered to speak to you, then he's not worthy of you.


J said...

Kevin is right. Nothing good will come of your continuing to punish yourself in that relationship. Move on.

Anonymous said...

Relationships are sometimes like glasses. It is better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together. :(

omochan said...

I've been around this block before and all I can tell you is not to blame yourself. There's only so far you can go and if someone won't meet you there, the good thing for them and for you is to walk away.

For you because your energy should be spent loving people that return that love.

For him because if he doesn't want to be involved, he should be free to leave and also because if he regrets this course of action, he will learn to love people better. Especially people like you.

Aek said...

:-( That sucks.

Do you think his parents may have been involved in all this? I think the first time you said something like this happened (way back when you two were together), his parents intervened and something similar happened.

In either case, there's not much you can do on your end. :-/

Mirrorboy said...

His parents didn't have anything to do with it.

Hope said...


Im so sorry hun.

Thats sooo sad. I just want to come give you a big BIG hug. >.<

Well..they say things always happens for a reason maybe this is for the best. Some one else is in store for you. Dont worry, hes just another fish in the sea..and well its a big ass dont worry.

I know none will be like him. But think of that as good. You can get new qualities that he may never have. Try to look at this as positive..because if he truly cares..he wont want to end it all or block you. =[

Good luck hun.

Again Im very sorry.

Love ya,


Asch92 said...

Take comfort in this: Bitboy, if he wants to end things, has probably lost the best thing that will ever happen to his puny, boring and short life.
He's not worth the heartbreak.
You're a great guy, so get up and find new hearts and rules to break.
Be strong dear.
Much love and respect.


cvn70 said...


Sorry to hear but but Im glad u have come to this conclusion. You dont deserve to be treated this way.

I hope in time you can move on completely and find the happiness that is out there for you

take care and be safe


MartininBroda said...

You got a lot of good advice here, so I can say in short, remember the good feelings and forget the rest. But I'm sorry for you of course.


Sounds like e jerk and u deserves better. I had a "friend" like that. Almost the exact same thing happened. It was awful :/

Seth said...


Anonymous said...

Hey bud, It looks like it might be best for you to move on and put this all behind you.
I dont keep up with all your posts but what terrible thing happened between you both while bitboy visited you? Clearly something drastic happened that seemed to change everything. Was there a compatibility problem? You even mentioned how kissing was gross, as you put it.

I meant to ask you this in your last questionnare as I dont think anyone wanted to ask you this. And you barely posted up anything about your time with bitboy during that last visit.

But all the best anyway.


Mirrorboy said...

Nothing bad happened. We got along fantastically, then he broke up with me the night before he went home cos he wanted to experience girls or somethin.

My Time said...

this must hurt. I just hope you 2 can be friends/mates some day and I hope everything will work out for you.
Best of luck
x x T

Jeremy said...
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