Friday, August 6, 2010

Still Here. :P

It's only been a couple weeks but i figured i should post an update. Hopefully people still axly read this thing. >_> lol

I've started a new kind of treatment with my psychologist called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. It's about mindfulness and accepting the shit in your life and the things that you have trouble with, and rather than struggling with it and trying to fix it, you accept it and let it wash over you without fighting it and get on with what's important to you.

From Wikipedia (So it must be true :P)...

"As a simple way to summarize the model, ACT views the core of many problems to be due to the acronym, FEAR:

Fusion with your thoughts
Evaluation of experience
Avoidance of your experience
Reason giving for your behaviour

And the healthy alternative is to ACT:

Accept your reactions and be present
Choose a valued direction
Take action

"ACT commonly employs six core principles to help clients develop psychological flexibility:

Cognitive defusion: Learning to perceive thoughts, images, emotions, and memories as what they are, not what they appear to be.
Acceptance: Allowing them to come and go without struggling with them.
Contact with the present moment: Awareness of the here and now, experienced with openness, interest, and receptiveness.
Observing the self: Accessing a transcendent sense of self, a continuity of consciousness which is unchanging.
Values: Discovering what is most important to one's true self.
Committed action: Setting goals according to values and carrying them out responsibly."

If you're aware of your thoughts, you can't be your thoughts.

Obviously there's a lot more involved than what i wrote but that's the main aspect. :P

I like it a lot so far. One thing it has helped me with a lot is my writing. Writing is the thing i value most in my life right now, and i'd barely been writing much at all for a long period of time. It's helped me to get over my perfectionism and just get stuff down on a page. So that's awesome. :3 And of course it's helping with the anxiety too. We've tried a lot of different techniques in the past and this is the one that i think most fits with me.

A'ight well that's one aspect of my life caught up on. I might post about my writing in the next couple of days if anyone cares. :P

And i've got other stuff to post about too so see you soon. (:

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Rowan said...

"Hopefully people still axly read this thing. >_> lol"

Tut, of course we do :)

I only vouch truely for myself, however :P

I've never heard of this treatment but it does sound rather interesting and it helps which is most important of all.

It helps with your anxiety, which cant be a bad thing.

It helps with your writing too, and thats nice to hear you are writing well at the moment. I look forward to your writing post coz i do care (again, i only vouch for myself =P)

And the hint of other stuff you might post about too... XD

Sorry, i should go to bed now lol


Wet Kyle said...

Still reading.
Making up a new list of erotic questions!! JK. LOL
Hope ACT works for you.

Seth said...

Well that's interesting, it sounds like something unique to try. I hope it works for you.

Keep your chin up!!



Planetx_123 said...

very cool mboy! If I havent said it recently, Im really happy youre on twitter. its nice to hear from you frequently ;-)

Much Love,

Micky said...

Oh good! You are still around!

Kevin Wilson said...

I check on your blog every couple of days to see if you have posted - in a way, the randomness of your posting makes for a pleasant surprise when I come in and find something new.

I hope that your new therapy does you a lot of good and makes you feel better about everything.

Hope to catch up with you on MSN soon - I don't do twitter.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a psychologist's version of buddhist mindfulness meditation. Pema Chodron writes a lot along these lines. Check out works like When Things Fall Apart.

Mind Of Mine said...

I am glad you seek such solace in writing, I often find my worries evaporating when I put them to paper.

I imagine it like I am transferring the worries from my head to the paper.

John said...

O`h PLEASE! If anyone cares
no we care not! We just come here because....
The new treatment thing I was thinking bad thoughts about it BUT if it works for you I loves it to death!
Twitter a`hh no thanks.
Remember I`m the one who still uses a dial phone
aka rotory phone and I`ll bet I`m not the only one it would be funny if I was though!
Well kiddo glad your making progress thats great news please TRY and post a bit more?
See ya, John

WkBoy714 said...

I'm glad you is continuing to improve :)

Mirrorboy said...


cvn70 said...


thanks for sharing that and it seems like a positive way to move forward without letting every little thing hold u back

glad to hear you are writing again


take care and be safe


AndyK said...

Stay strong buddy.

jaygeemmm said...

I still axly read this thing. And I just signed on to follow you on Twitter. AANNDD, I think your psychologist with ACT is dead-on accurate.