Sunday, August 22, 2010

News. O:

I have a boyfriend! :P

We found each other on twitter first, and tweeted back and forth for a few days. We started speaking on MSN and ended up speaking for the entire day. I got his mobile number and we've been constantly texting all day since then as well. We've started playing WoW together too.

We just really clicked. We found out we had so many things in common and that we really enjoy being together (even if it is online). We didn't make a conscious decision to be boyfriends; it just happened. Like i told my psychologist, as we got to know each other, our relationship just naturally progressed down the boyfriend path. To use a very tired expression, it was like we already knew each other. :3

Here's his twitter if you're interested. (Used with permission) :P

We have just about everything in common that we could possibly think of. He's much more mature than my ex and treats me a whole lot better too. He's smart, he's sensitive to how i feel, he's honest and selfless... Okay i won't blab on about that stuff. :P

I told my Mum and she didn't take it very well. In our usual sort of argument she yelled over the top of me and wouldn't let me express myself until she'd blasted her opinions into my face so much that i left the room. (This happened inside a takeaway restaurant while waiting for food...) She thinks he's going to hurt me the same way Bitchboy did and says i haven't learnt my lesson.

Of course if there's anything i've done from that it's learn. I can't be hopelessly devoted to someone and wrap all hopes of my future up in our relationship. I can't let someone be mean to me just because they cuddle me at night. I can't rely on someone to always be there to make me feel good, because they just might leave.

And my psychologist agrees with me. She suggested that i write a letter to my mother telling her how i feel as talking to her isn't an effective way to communicate. :3 And i will, and i expect it to work because i know i'm right.

Anyways, the plan for now is to have him come down to visit me in a month's time, because that's when my 2-week school break starts. Should be good. ^_^


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, MB. But I think you should see him IRL before you start saying its real. But glad you are upbeat and positive. Good luck. I hope it works out better than BB.

Mirrorboy said...

Ya i'd agree with that. That's why we're meeting asap. :P Thanks. <3

Lightning Baltimore said...


J said...

You only know this fellow online, so for god sakes don't wear your heart on your sleeve again, or be anyone's victim. Go slow, for your own sake.

Aek said...

Awww, best of luck with everything!! :-D

JP said...

Yay! Best of luck and I bid you smooth sailing from this point on!

Billy said...

Awww, Kakistos!!! I was hoping when his blog was deleted that he had moved on to happier times. It looks like he has!
Good luck to both of you.

Kakistos said...

I appreciate the criticisms just as much as the well wishes, and I understand your desires to protect Mboy's best interests, as he is very important to us all =)

I don't willing hurt the people I care about, and if I do without realising (as we all make mistakes), there's no length I won't go to in order to make things right.

So thank you to everyone, for your input, and I hope I can live up to your expectations of someone who is deserving of Mboy's affection.

Lunty said...

meh i totes saw this one coming :P now Warwick will be even more jealous XD this shall be epic!!! on a diff note... Congratz D! hope u and K do well Xo <3 <3 <3

Kevin Wilson said...

I do hope that this works out well for you and it is a good thing that you are going to meet in real life sooner rather than when it all gets deeper.

I can understand how your mother feels. She loves you and just doesn't want to see you get hurt after all the progress you have made in the last year. The whole bitboy thing is also probably all too fresh in her mind. Her methods may seem harsh, but that might just be the way she copes with things.

Take it slowly and really get to know him before you declare him to be the one.

Call me Scott said...


congrats on your good news, i hope that you have the same chemistry in real life.

be sure to save all the gossip :D

Planetx_123 said...

YAY and Im happy that I get to see you two on twitter :-)

See! aren't you glad you joined twitter!!? :-) :-)

Much Love,

Rowan said...

Happy for you Mirroboy, you lucky so and so :P

Never knew Twitter was used as a place to hook up, but there ya go.

Hope things go smoothly (in more ways than one :O) when you both meet!

I'll go hide now, k?



Key said...

Can't remember where I heard it but its along the lines of this I think :/

Whats the point in being so afraid of losing something that you arent going to give it a chance.... Not even sure if I got that right but you do get the general idea???

Fucking go for it I say \o/

Mind Of Mine said...

Should be really committing to someone and calling them your boyfriend until you have met them.

Anonymous said...

This sounds great! And your post tells me you have grown since the last episode. It's a much more mature sounding approach to a relationship. One of my best friends met his wife playing a text-based RPG, and they moved to WOW, then marriage (after plenty of international dating - she's Canadian). So meeting people online is a viable way to meet people who are like you. Good luck, keep us informed, and remember that your friends will be here if something does happen that isn't as happy as you are now!
Jay <3

Anonymous said...

@Kakistos - you don't have to live up to OUR expectations, you have to live up to Mboys'!

Kakistos said...


That goes without saying.

Kakistos said...


Also, i met 5 of my best friends "in real life" (as they say), online (playing WoW in fact), and we could not get along better, we've been "hanging out" frequently for over 3 years now, and i couldn't imagine life if i had not met them, so online is very much a viable way to meet like-minded people, as you say =D

naturgesetz said...

JMO, but it seems to me that calling someone a bf is pretty meaningless until one has met them. It's not just you, other people do it as well. I don't see how it is possible to truly have such a relationship with someone one has never met.

Maybe I'm just quibbling about words, because you do go on to say, "I can't be hopelessly devoted to someone and wrap all hopes of my future up in our relationship." The pattern at this point seems a lot like what happened when you met BB online and first told us about him. But as long as you realize that there is a possibility that it won't work out, you are being more realistic this time.

Well, it's normal enough for teenagers to readily become infatuated and to fall in love. Heck, even old people can do it too. The internet has given new ways of meeting people, but the basic reality is not too different from years ago. Your Mum cares a lot about you and only wants the best for you. I can't care as deeply as she does, but I do care too. But at some point adults have to let you make your own decisions, even if they turn out to be mistakes. I hope you aren't rushing into this too fast with expectations unreasonably high after a limited acquaintance. But above all, I hope you will have what is good for you.


Mirrorboy said...

"But at some point adults have to let you make your own decisions, even if they turn out to be mistakes."

Is exactly the point i'm trying to make to my mother.

And the online=>boyfriend=>meet irl etc. pattern may be the same, but i'm in a totally different headspace than i was before and i believe i'm able to see things in a much more rational way.

rob02190 said...

Congrats MB I hope you two have some tender moments mixed with Hot times.

Ame < 3 said...

Congratulations mirrorboy! ^_^

Austin said...


The only piece of advice I'll give, and it's true for everyone:

Accept whatever the relationship is for what it is, not that you think it could or should be. If you meet up and only mildly hit it off, you've still got a new friend. If you get along great but can't keep it going long-distance, you've still got something.

Just take it - and enjoy it - for what it is, however much that ends up being. That's the secret of innocence.

Anonymous said...

"i'm in a totally different headspace than i was before"

I've seen that in your posts since then. This is cool for you!


hahaha: word confirmation: trophydr! You got a trophy!

Paiige said...

Kakistoss is my bestest friend in the whole wide world and you could not have picked a better person.

I am excited for your meeting! :D

Seth said...

Please do be "careful" in the sense that you do not step into another situation like with the former bf. I know you're being all positive, and that's great and I am totally happy for you (YAY *happy dances*) but just keep in mind it's a long-distance relationship, and there are unique circumstances to those.

I know you learned some hard lessons the first go-round and I'm sure your Mum is just trying to be overprotective (and so am I, and probably many others although I didn't read the various comments) but still don't let yourself get hurt again.



Steevo said...

hey, naturgesetz. BF has different meanings these days for different groups of people. And in the olden days, even before you were a kid, people courted via Pony Express. LOL Mail-order brides anyone?

MB sounds in good shape. I am happy for him.